Baby Jogger City Elite Review: Convenient And Comfortable

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Sometimes in our search for the perfect stroller for our growing family, we happen across a model that checks every box. However, we later learn that the company has discontinued the model and can’t purchase it anymore.

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Many have run into this issue with the Baby Jogger City Elite. It was a great stroller while it was manufactured, so people stumble across it in their search. Although they were discontinued, you can still purchase them from previous users and third-party sources.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Jogger City Elite

One of the critical things to know going into your City Elite purchase is that it is not a jogger. I know, confusing, right? The brand name of the stroller is Baby Jogger, so one would think it’s a jogger.

But in actuality, it is just a convertible stroller. The City stroller line that Baby Jogger produces is not meant for running or jogging but does come with all-terrain wheels and capabilities.

With that information, if you are looking for a legitimate jogger stroller, it is best to look for a different stroller model.

If you are a mom that has a stroller need for different scenarios, the Baby Jogger City Elite may be precisely what you are looking for in a stroller.

The all-terrain durability allows you to use the stroller on nature trails, fields, and dirt roads. Additionally, it can just as easily navigate city streets and grocery store aisles.

Folding the stroller for storage and opening it for use is a straightforward one-step process. This stroller is a budget-friendly option that fits a variety of needs.

Baby Jogger City Elite Product Overview

The City Elite is one model in the Baby Jogger City stroller line. Others in the lineup include:

  • City Select
  • City Mini
  • City Premier
  • City Tour

The City Elite comes with many premium features, including plush cushioning, ventilation, and an extended canopy. It is made for all-terrain adventures, as well as local outings to the park or grocery store.

Things We Like:

  • Comfortable padded seat to accommodate long periods in the stroller
  • Canopy ventilation to keep air flowing to your child on hot days
  • Several options for storage

Room For Improvement:

  • No extendable footrest to adjust as your child grows
  • It cannot be used as a jogging stroller
  • Discontinued for sale in 2016

Features and Benefits

The Baby Jogger City Elite has many characteristics that make it a preferred option for a stroller. Many of these cool features allow parents and caregivers to go about their day’s events with ease.

Some of the most popular benefits in the City Elite include:

  • The hand brake
  • The canopy size, window, and ventilation
  • Folding the stroller with one hand
  • Having an all-terrain capability
  • The convenient design

Hand Brake

On most strollers, the foot brake is located at the base of the stroller frame. To operate the braking system, you typically push down or pull up the lever with your foot.

This motion is one to be expected by stroller users. However, it can be painful under certain circumstances. For instance, if a person is wearing sandals or is in bare feet, pulling up on the lever can cause injury to the skin and foot.

One of the best things about the City Elite is the parking brake placement near the stroller’s canopy. This location allows the user to operate the brake with their hand instead of their foot.

Not only is this more convenient than the alternative, but it reduces the chances of accidentally kicking the lever with your foot, in turn locking the stroller wheels.

Canopy Size, Window, and Ventilation

It is rare to find an extended canopy on a stroller. Typically you have to turn to high-end options to acquire this feature.

Many parents desire to have an extra-large canopy to provide complete coverage from the elements for their child.

Whereas most canopies will partially protect a child from whatever comes their way, an extended top will allow parents to feel comfortable knowing that their entire baby is fully guarded against the weather.

The City Elite also has a plastic viewing window in the canopy. Having this addition allows parents to check in on their children as they go about their walk.

Being able to look in at your child is always an advantage when you’re trying to get sleepy babies to stop fighting a nap.

Lastly, the Baby Jogger brand is great when you and your child are out in high heat. Having a baby covered in a cocoon is not always the safest option to avoid overheating and dehydration issues in the summer.

The City Elite stroller incorporates a ventilation system in the canopy. This system allows airflow to get into the stroller and circulate within the seating area—one of the biggest concerns in hot weather centers around the lack of access to fresh air.

Having the ventilation in place allows for peace of mind for parents and caregivers.

One-Handed Stroller Fold

Depending on the type of stroller, getting the equipment ready for storage, whether in a trunk or at home, can take several steps. At times, you have to remove attachments and accessories and devote both hands to folding up the stroller.

One City Elite model feature that parents greatly appreciate is the one-handed stroller fold. You can fold the equipment into a compact size for storage by grabbing onto a strap located in the center of the stroller seat and pulling up.

You can then store the stroller vertically or horizontally, depending on your available space. Additionally, you can use the center seat strap as a carrying handle after folding the stroller. This ability makes it easy to carry the stroller to your trunk or storage area.

All-Terrain Capacity

Parents and caregivers can use the City Elite in various settings. Although it cannot be used as a jogger, it is an all-terrain stroller that you can take on nature trails, dirt roads, fields, and grassy areas.

The versatility provided by the stroller and wheels allows it to be used in many conditions, meaning that you don’t have to second guess the direction that your adventure takes you. The world is yours to explore, and the City Elite will help you get there.

Convenient Design

Having a design that works for families that get a lot of use out of their strollers is highly beneficial. The City Elite model provides several features within the stroller’s framework that are valuable to all involved.

One of the best features is the plush and comfortable seat padding. Having a high level of comfort is necessary for long walks or frequent use.

Not only is the material thick and accommodating, but the seat itself reclines to several different levels, even to a flat position. The adjustment levels allow a child to nap easily in a position that mimics sleeping in a bed.

Ample undercarriage storage compartments to hold necessary items are an additional benefit that parents love. Various pockets and pouches allow you to store your keys, phone, and other essential items for safekeeping.

These organizational areas on the stroller will enable you to travel without bulky bags or attachments while still toting needed materials.

Alternatives and Conclusion

We have given you an outline of the Baby Jogger City Elite’s most beneficial features during this comprehensive review. These include:

  • The hand brake’s location
  • The canopy size, window, and ventilation
  • One-handed stroller folding
  • All-terrain capability
  • The convenient design, including thick seat padding and storage options

However, not all of these features are beneficial to some families. Whereas specific options can be essential to some parents and caregivers, others will get little to no use out of them during the life of the stroller.

In this case, many other brands and models are available on the market that may be a better fit for you and your family. Several options for convertible strollers include:

Bugaboo Donkey 3 Stroller Model

Cybex Mios Stroller

Chicco Urban Stroller Model

If a jogger stroller is what you truly desire for your lifestyle and overall need, then there are many valuable and highly-rated models available for purchase, including:

BOB Ironman Stroller

Thule Urban Glide Stroller Model

Although Baby Jogger has discontinued the City Elite model, it is still available from secondhand stores, third-party retailers, and online marketplaces. Additionally, Baby Jogger has other models available in the City stroller line with similar features and benefits.

Picking the best stroller for your growing family can be stressful at times. With all the different options to choose from and each type’s functions, it can become overwhelming.

However, the Baby Jogger City Elite provides many features that can prove beneficial to families and caregivers and is an excellent overall option that fulfills various purposes.

Baby Jogger City Elite Review: Convenient And Comfortable
Baby Jogger City Elite Review: Convenient And Comfortable 1

The Baby Jogger City Elite stroller is an excellent overall option that has many features and fulfills various purposes. Check out our review!

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