Armadillo Flip XT Review: Safe And Affordable Stroller

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Whether on a simple walk to the grocery store or a hiking excursion for exercise, it’s important to have a stroller that easily allows the baby to tag along, too. Taking babies outside especially in the first couple of years can be very stressful, therefore, any safety measures are always appreciated. This means that strollers are something you’ve got to put a lot of thought into.

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A long search for the safest and most affordable stroller to buy led us to this gem: the Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT. Intrigued? Read our review to find out all you need to know!

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Travel System Stroller

For busy, working parents, most daily endeavors depend on a lot of vehicle rides, so mobility and convenience tend to triumph over all else. If you, too, are looking to make your trips with the least nuisance and fuss possible, you might want to pick a travel system ready stroller like the Armadillo Flip XT.


A child’s safety is for sure a top priority for any mother, so make sure your travel system stroller gives you the sense of security you’re looking for.

First, look for a stroller with a seat that reclines flat. This feature is important, as a flat position gives your baby the spinal support and oxygen amount he or she needs in the first 6 months of life. Not to mention, it provides the comfort and snugness needed for a little nap.

Second, good brakes are essential! You want brakes that can be locked easily and don’t dwindle with time — running after your stroller isn’t much fun!

Lastly, always check the harness! You want one that is firm enough but still allows your baby a little room to shift in his sleep. A six-point harness is the absolute best out there!

It includes two shoulder belts, two lap belts, and two sub belts; there’s no way your baby isn’t held in place with all these security means.

Weather Protection

Whether it’s the scorching sun of July beating or the heavy rain of December; we’re always worrying about shielding our babies from harsh weather. This is why we should always keep the canopy in mind when searching for the right stroller.

Choose a stroller that comes with a rain cover, otherwise, you’ll need to look for one that’s compatible with your stroller and purchase it separately. A mesh layer to screen your baby from the beating sun is also a good idea. Babies are soft and sensitive, so be sure to have them protected at all times.

Parent’s Convenience

Product manufacturers who go the extra mile for the sake of the customers are always appreciated, so look for things like a handle that adjusts to suit you and your partner’s height.

It’s natural to instinctively seek a little glimpse of your baby every now and then, so look for the stroller that allows you to see your baby, whether through a peek-a-boo window or with a seat that flips to face you. These two features save you a lot of worries.

Sometimes even the smallest of things make your life a lot easier, so don’t give up on your peace of mind.

Travel system strollers are focused on aspects like easy fold technology, car seat compatibility, and an ultra-compact fold. These features, for many, are what make a stroller work!

Product Overview

The Armadillo Flip XT is Mamas and Papas’s upgraded version of the Armadillo Flip. The added mesh netting is a superior addition, providing extra protection against bugs and mosquitoes and allowing better airflow to your babe, too.

It also has chunky wheels that guarantee a better balance without sacrificing a smooth ride. And for the parent’s comfort, the company made sure to add an adjustable handle that’s covered with leather.

A few of the Armadillo Flip XT models suffered a minor technical issue with their seats, however: they tipped a bit backward when pushed. Despite the issue being slight, and completely harmless; the company made sure that the issue was solved, and all newly manufactured models no longer have this defect.

Things We Like

  • It has an adjustable footrest and handlebars.
  • Easy to assemble
  • It’s the best in compact storage, so it can fit anywhere without a struggle.
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Sturdy

Room for Improvement

  • The net for storage should be stronger to withstand the weight without sagging.
  • The seat base isn’t supported well, so toys could slide off easily.

How Does the Stroller Seat Provide Maximum Comfort for your kid?

Is your kid a sound sleeper at night who likes to perk up in his stroller and stare at the world around him? Or do you have a stroller naptime kind of child? Either way, you’ll find the right position for his or her comfort.

The seat unit is quite roomy and flexible, and it can be positioned straight up, half reclined, or even flat down. It even has a two-way flip system.

It’s compatible with car seats and could be used as a carrycot. The seat’s six-point harness is padded for your child’s comfort and provides the safest transportation possible for your little one.

All About the Canopy

The Armadillo Flip XT stroller has a UPF 50+ hood that is so big to the point it will cover your child’s knees. It’s provided with air vents and a mesh layer to allow the fresh air to pour in. It even has a little window from which you can check up on your baby without disturbing his sleep.

Wheels for the Win

One of this version’s biggest upgrades is chunkier wheels. This ensures better endurance and balance. When it comes to rough roads, it is extremely easy to maneuver, and there is no need to feel anxious when it is cold outside since the stroller still stands well through icy roads.

The wheels are removable, also, to allow for compact folding, and there are rear and front suspension system to keep the tires in contact with the road.

The Armadillo Flip XT’s Weight and Weight Capacity

This stroller weighs in at 30.6 pounds. This is a bit heavier than earlier versions, so you might find it difficult to get up and down the pavements. However, it’s considerably small in size and when folded takes up little space.

The weight capacity of the stroller is a child from birth to 50 lbs., so there’s a good chance this stroller can support your child till around 4 years of age.

The Folding System

We’ve saved the best feature for last — the folding system might just be the biggest perk of this stroller.

The Armadillo Flip XT can be folded easily with one hand, and it can even be folded in one quick step with the seat, cocoon, and liner attached. So, you’ll never feel the hassle of folding the stroller in million steps again!

Alternatives and Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a stroller that allows your baby to observe the streets yet easily turns towards you when your babe needs reassurance from mommy or daddy, then look no further than the Armadillo Flip XT.

The Armadillo Flip XT can be your baby’s companion from day one, and through it all, it will be spacious enough to have him sit happily and safely as he grows.

There’s no need to worry about it taking up all the space in the car or about lugging its heavyweight around in buses and trains. That’s because of how perfect it is for compact storage. It also worked well as a shopping cart and bags carrier.

All in all, the tons of features from weather endurance, stylish designs, parent-baby friendliness, and overall superiority over other strollers are why this stroller is much loved.

However, if you have two kids or if you’re always enjoying the outdoors and maneuvering rough areas, you’ll more than likely find your dream stroller in the next paragraph.

If you’re looking for a double stroller, look no further than the Britax B-Lively. It’s made of aluminum, which guarantees durability to handle both your babies’ weight and your baggage. It also has one of the perks of the Armadillo Flip, as its seats recline in many different positions to best meet your little one’s needs,

The B-Lively stroller will support your kids till they’re around the age of six, and you can rest assured that for these six years they are protected from all the harmful sun rays by the stroller canopy of UPF 50+!

Another great option is the Baby Trend Expedition stroller. This particular product is a jogger stroller, perfect for our more active parents. This one is made of steel for immeasurable strength and boasts large tires that roll on almost any surface. Plus, its wheels lock when not in use, making it a safe bet for any jogger.

Although it takes a big space when tucked away, it’s easily folded. It also comes with a large basket and a protective canopy for your convenience.

Whatever stroller you choose, whether it’s the Armadillo Flip XT or some other alternative, remember to do your research. With a bit of digging and dedication, you’re sure to find the perfect product for you and your mini-me to cruise around in.

Armadillo Flip XT Review: Safe And Affordable Stroller
Armadillo Flip XT Review: Safe And Affordable Stroller 19

Our Armadillo Flip XT review will share the information you need to check if this is the perfect product for you and your baby to cruise around in.

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