Cybex Stroller Review: The Luxurious, Convertible Balios S

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When it comes to higher-end stroller models, there’s a lot to navigate when it comes to features, accessories, and ease of use. After all, you want to make sure the model you choose is worth the money.

Which is why we’re taking a closer look at the Balios S stroller, the second-tier stroller from industry giant Cybex. Our in-depth review will help you decide whether this stroller is right for your family.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Luxury Convertible Stroller

Cybex’s strollers fit in a few different categories. However, their Balios S is best suited to the luxury convertible stroller category. Convertible strollers are top-rated for convenience, as you can switch out the seat for an infant carrier or a bassinet. Plus, you can move the seat to face either forward or backward.

But a luxury convertible stroller takes the features a step further. First, Cybex’s convertible strollers easy to customize for your baby’s growing needs. Second, they also have a smooth ride that’s ideal for newborn babies through toddlers.

Of course, there are plenty of other convertible strollers that allow parents to customize their babies’ riding experience. However, Cybex stands out for its luxury features above all else. The Balios S stroller folds compactly despite the reversible seat. Also, it becomes a three-in-one travel system with the addition of your baby’s car seat.

Overall, a convertible stroller with extra comfort and smooth-riding features is great for parents of fussy newborns. They also work well with older babies who like to be able to see mom while riding in their stroller. Additionally, convertible stroller that lays flat is ideal for younger babies or those who enjoy napping on the go. Here’s more on how Cybex’s Balios S fits the bill for these types of needs!

About the Cybex Balios S Stroller

CYBEX Balios S Stroller, Lava Stone Black
  • 3 IN 1 SYSTEM: The Balios S stroller frame can be used as a 3-in-1 travel system. Simply attach the matching Cot S, the matching seat unit, or one of the renowned CYBEX and gb infant car...
  • ALL-WHEEL SUSPENSION: Contains smooth all-wheel suspension that helps you get anywhere while navigating bumpy terrain
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Is equipped with a pull-out UPF50+ sun canopy that eliminates sun and wind for ultimate child protection and overall safety

The Balios S is one of Cybex’s many luxury stroller offerings, and it’s part of their Gold collection. The Gold category also include the Eezy S Twist stroller. Meanwhile, the Platinum collection features the leading luxury strollers, the Mios and Priam, and the Silver is comprised of the Agis M-Air4.

On one hand, the Mios offers highly breathable fabrics and a 4-in-1 travel system, along with more luxurious color combinations like rose gold. However, the Balios S focuses on features like all-terrain wheels and a one-hand folding mechanism. These thoughtful features provide smooth suspension and added convenience.

The Balios is the in-between when it comes to providing both a range of convenience features as well as elements of comfort for your baby. The stroller itself comes with only the seat. But, there is the available Cot S for use with infants, along with a Kid Board for older kids.

Things We Like

  • One-hand folding mechanism
  • All-terrain rubber wheels and suspension
  • Reversible seat
  • One-hand recline to near-flat position
  • Folds with the included seat attached

Room For Improvement

  • No built-in storage console for parents (available separately)
  • Limited car seat compatibility, and adapters are required (even for Cybex’s car seats)
  • Basket is difficult to access depending on seat position/recline

Features & Benefits

The Balios S is Cybex’s mid-level convertible stroller. But, it still offers plenty of features and benefits that make it a great pick for parents and babies. And in addition to those handy functions, Cybex also provides plenty of fabric color options to customize your stroller.

CYBEX Balios S Stroller, Lava Stone Black


Our favorite feature of the Cybex strollers is their convertibility. And the Balios S doesn’t disappoint in terms of flexible seating options. The seat reverses and reclines nearly flat, plus you can add your own infant car seat if removing the stroller seat.

To use your infant car seat, you’ll need Cybex’s adapter, which is included with the purchase. Note that some seats are not compatible with the stroller, however, so you’ll want to check that ahead of time, unless you’re purchasing a Cybex infant seat to go along with the new stroller.

If you have an older child, you can also purchase a separate accessory which allows them to ride along with their younger sibling in a skateboard-type fashion—a helpful feature for older children who sometimes tire out before the trip is over.

Reversible Seat

Although you can switch out the seat for a Cot S or your child’s infant car seat, the included reversible seat means you can customize your child’s seating arrangement to suit any needs. If your child is older and likes to be able to see out, you can turn the seat facing forward.

For smaller babies, you can reverse the seat, so you can see your little one while walking, which not only helps your peace of mind but can also aid in bonding with your baby when they’re awake.

CYBEX Balios S Stroller, Lava Stone Black

The fact that the stroller seat reclines to nearly flat is also desirable for parents of newborns or babies who like to nap while on the go. This eliminates head slump, so babies can be comfortable while you’re out and about. The recline is also infinitely adjustable as well, so there’s a comfortable recline for babies of all ages.

Ease of Use

Because Cybex concentrates on both function and looks, you may find that some of the buttons on the Balios S are in different spots than other brands. However, once you get the hang of it (Cybex offers video tutorials on how to assemble and use your stroller), the design is more than intuitive.

See the below video for details on how to fold and unfold your Cybex stroller with ease.

Consider the single-handed recline function for converting your baby’s seat to a napping surface. It only takes one hand to adjust the seat back, whereas other strollers have a more complicated design for reclining.

Also, collapsing the stroller is simple, too, thanks to a one-handed folding mechanism. That same function helps pop the stroller up when you’re ready to use it in a move Cybex calls a “self-standing position.” This feature is extremely helpful when you have to hold your belongings—or your child—while putting the stroller away or getting it ready for use.

Folds Compactly

Along with the one-handed folding mechanism, the Cybex Balios S also folds compactly to fit in smaller spaces. At the same time, it offers the features of a full-size stroller, including dependability and durability, so parents may not expect much in the way of collapsibility.

CYBEX Balios S Stroller, Lava Stone Black

But the Balios S folds down with the seat in place, making folding streamlined and convenient when you’re in a hurry. Being able to stow the stroller without removing the seat or a wheel, for example, makes packing up quicker than it would otherwise be with a bulky full-feature stroller.

High-Chair Height

One of the most desirable features in the Cybex line is the height of their strollers. Instead of carting along a separate high chair when dining out, parents can push the Balios S up to the table where children can sit at the proper height for dining.

Not only is the height convenient for mealtimes, but it also gives parents peace of mind as children are higher up off the ground and therefore farther away from germs or other dangers.

CYBEX Balios S Stroller, Lava Stone Black


The Balios S—and all of Cybex’s strollers—earn top marks in maneuverability. Thanks to the all-terrain rubber wheels and an all-wheel suspension system, the Balios S can turn in tight spaces. Whether it’s a city sidewalk or a bit of gravel, the stroller remains stable and offers a smooth ride to your tiny passenger.

The stroller’s narrow profile also means you won’t be bumping into obstacles while moving through tight spots, which is helpful for both your child and the people around you.

Adjustable Handlebar

Although the height of the stroller is high-chair level, the handlebar is adjustable thanks to a telescoping feature. This means mom or dad isn’t the only one who can feel comfortable pushing the stroller; other caregivers can adjust the stroller’s handle to the proper height for a smooth and comfortable experience.

Conclusion & Alternative Picks

Cybex’s Balios S is a high-quality stroller with plenty of features to take your child from newborn to toddler age in comfort. The utility of the convertible stroller and its many accessories means there’s a comfortable position for everyone—caregivers included, thanks to the telescoping handlebar and easy-to-use folding and recline functions.

Of course, the Balios S isn’t right for everyone, and there are a handful of drawbacks to choosing this model and this brand. For shoppers looking for a more affordable stroller, there are other budget convertible strollers with similar features at a lower price point, such as the Summer Infant 3Dflip Convenience Stroller.

There are also other lightweight reversible strollers for parents who may be looking for other features in their convertible pick. For example, a travel system like the Baby Trend Snap N Go EX offers wider compatibility with infant car seats for parents who already have an infant seat they know and love.

Similarly, if you like the style and features of the Balios but want more parent storage built in, the Graco Literider LX offers a parent tray with two cupholders plus a snack tray for the kiddos.

Of course, there are a few tradeoffs in terms of maneuverability and bulk, but as much as we’ve tried to find one, it’s impossible to pick one stroller that suits every family’s requirements. But that’s what we’re here for—to help you find the right fit no matter what your family (or your child) needs.

CYBEX Balios S Stroller, Lava Stone Black
  • 3 IN 1 SYSTEM: The Balios S stroller frame can be used as a 3-in-1 travel system. Simply attach the matching Cot S, the matching seat unit, or one of the renowned CYBEX and gb infant car...
  • ALL-WHEEL SUSPENSION: Contains smooth all-wheel suspension that helps you get anywhere while navigating bumpy terrain
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Is equipped with a pull-out UPF50+ sun canopy that eliminates sun and wind for ultimate child protection and overall safety


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