Valco Double Stroller Review: A Look at the Light, Full-Service Neo Twin

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Congratulations — you’ve got twins! Now, how are you going to carry around not just one baby, but two? Double strollers are a godsend for a parent who wants a convenient, functional way to show their double bundles of joy around town.

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Unlike your twins, not all strollers are created equal. To know you’re getting the best stroller for your money, we’ve reviewed the Valco Baby Double Stroller.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Double Stroller

As the name suggests, the stroller holds two babies. The stroller would also be good for holding only one baby and a bunch of baby items next to it that resemble a baby (no one will ever know!), but it’s functionally the best for children within a similar age.

For learning more about double strollers, check out this article for the best strollers for twins, featuring high and low prices and different family needs.

Double strollers can come in Tandem (one child behind another) or side-by-side (one child next to another) styles. The Valco Baby is the latter, so you can always see both children at all times.

A side-by-side double stroller allows you to closely monitor your kids while allowing your children to see you at all times. Visibility is good for young children with separation anxiety and who like being constantly comforted by their mother.

While you build rapport with your children — and likely keep them out of trouble with each other — a double stroller takes up twice the space of a regular stroller. If you live in a city where sidewalk space is minimal, you may find it best for yourself and others around you to keep space usage on walking spaces to a minimum.

If that’s the case, a Tandem double stroller might be best. But if your city has enough space, a side-by-side double stroller is the way to go. And the Valco Baby stroller is a practical one for mommies on-the-go, jogging, or casually walking around town.

About the Valco Baby Double Stroller

Valco Baby Duo Trend Double

The Valco Snap Duo has taken the world by a storm by being one of our most lightweight double strollers on the market! The Snap Duo’s luxurious features and super easy inward fold make your everyday lifestyle that much easier.

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Valco Baby sells three double strollers: the Neo Twin, the Tri-Mode Duo X, and the Snap Duo Trend. Each is comparable regarding performance and durability, though each has special features making them unique.

The Neo Twin stroller is one of Valco Baby’s most popular strollers. The Neo Twin comes with double stroller seats, fabric covered padded front bars that swing from the side, an extendable canopy, adjustable handlebars, and a changeable footrest for the child.

Other top double strollers come with less padding and flimsier material than the Neo Twin and other Valco Baby strollers. Also, Valco Baby has unique, fabric wrapped front bars as opposed to ones enclosed in cheaper foam. If your child gets restless, foam tears easier and comes apart easily when bitten.

Valco Baby promises the Neo Twin as one of the lightest, full-service rugged strollers money can buy. Looking at the stroller’s specs, they just might live up to their word.

Things We Like

  • Low weight — the Neo Twin comes in at 27 pounds.
  • Air-filled tires to handle different terrains.
  • On- motion fold with a lock.
  • Near silent magnetic peek-a-boo windows.
  • Independent recline seats, full coverage canopies, and adjustable footrests.

Room For Improvement

  • Steep price tag.
  • Hard to put together out of box.
  • Bottom storage space might run small for some parents.

What Makes it Great?

The Valco Baby Neo Twin is one of their most popular models. For an in-depth review of the Neo Twin, check out this review by the YouTuber Perpetual Mommy.


Valco Baby Duo Trend Double

The Valco Baby Neo Twin is an all-terrain double stroller weighing in at only 27 pounds. Parents or even children can push the stroller one-handed, aided by the smooth air-filled tires. When folded, you can pick it up with two hands and haul it into a car, closet, or underneath a bed without an issue.


The tires allow the stroller to handle grass, rock, sidewalk, and hiking trails with stability. Your child won’t be bumped or jostled around while you walk.

Standing Fold

Valco Baby boasts that a mommy needs only one hand to push the stroller closed, but most users found closing the Neo Twin much easier with two hands.

Once closed, the stroller can stand up on its own with the handlebars and wheels as its base. The stroller folds into itself, enclosing all the fabric that touches your child. This feature helps protect your child from coming in contact with outside germs.

The Neo Twin stroller even has two handles underneath the seats to allow you to transport the stroller more easily. Whether you’re moving it into your car, out of someone’s way, or storing it for later use, transportability is what Valco Baby excels at.

The stroller can be popped open in one fluid motion when unlocked, saving you time and energy when on-the-go.


Not only is there a sizeable bottom storage unit to hold any diaper bags, food, or other things, there are many pockets and other methods that make transporting child necessities more convenient.

The pouches behind each child’s backrest allow you to quickly store thin objects, such as papers, snacks, and some purchases you acquire while shopping. Hard backrest lining protects the pockets, so no stored item should dig into your children’s heads or backs.

If you don’t want to use your pocket, you can roll them up and secure them with a small bungee cord so that they don’t swing while you move.

While it’s not recommended to hang bags or other things from the handlebars, the handlebars are sturdy enough to support a small lunch box to improve the speed you can feed your children.

Large Canopy

The canopy has a zipper that can extend it a few additional inches. When fully extended, the canopy covers the front of your children, which will protect your kids’ heads.

No need to worry about forgetting the sunscreen or sunglasses for your children. The canopy improves the children’s safety in the elements while also giving them a cozy place to take a nap.

Valco Baby Duo Trend Double

The back of the canopy has a peek-a-boo window secured with a magnet. If your kids like to bicker with each other, you can silently check up on them without either child catching on. The silent magnetic window is especially useful when you want to see if your child is sleeping without noisy Velcro or buttons disturbing them.

The peek-a-boo window is made from black mesh to improve airflow in the carriage. The window’s flap can be drawn back with a small bungee cord.

Adjustable Footrest

With a slight push or pull, your children’s footrest can lie vertically or horizontally. Laying it down vertically aids your child’s sitting position and lets their feet dangle. They can get out some energy by kicking their feet with their improved range of motion.

The footrest laid horizontally lets your kids rest their weary legs after a long day of walking or playing. If they get tired, a horizontal footrest also makes it easier for your kids to nap, as discussed in the next feature.

Ability to Recline

The child can sit in an upright sitting position, letting them see their surroundings, or recline down to lay flat. When the canopy is drawn down, the child has a dark, secluded place to sleep or quietly play with some toys.

The reclining positions are independent of each other, so one child can take a nap while the other is alert to the world around them.

Is a Valco Baby Double Stroller Worth it?

Valco Baby Duo Trend Double

The Valco Snap Duo has taken the world by a storm by being one of our most lightweight double strollers on the market! The Snap Duo’s luxurious features and super easy inward fold make your everyday lifestyle that much easier.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you

A Valco Baby Double Stroller, no matter which model, isn’t cheap. They run anywhere between $500 and $600.

Based on the stroller’s foldability, transporting your children in and out of it, storing items for your children, and maneuvering rough terrain, the stroller’s features are well worth the price. This is especially true if you plan on having multiple young ones.

However, as mentioned before, the biggest drawback to the stroller isn’t its features but how its constructed. A side-by-side stroller isn’t feasible for some parents who live in crowded areas. In such a case, we’ve recommended Tandem (vertical) double strollers that make taking up less space the priority while still transporting two children. Some of the strollers on the list are even half the price of a Valco Baby stroller.

If you’re intrigued by an all-terrain double stroller — some still much cheaper than Valco Baby, check out our article here.

A Valco Baby stroller is expensive, but still not one of the costliest double strollers on the market. It’s a sensible investment for parents who plan to have multiple kids and wish not to have the headache of a broken stroller or a stroller not fulfilling the parents’ needs.

If you can afford its price tag, a Valco Baby stroller will stay in your family for multiple years for its high-quality construction and ease of use.

Valco Double Stroller Review: A Look at the Light, Full-Service Neo Twin
Valco Double Stroller Review: A Look at the Light, Full-Service Neo Twin 1

Toting around one baby can be hassle enough, but two? That's a nightmare without the right stoller. Avoid that with this Valco double stroller review.

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