Cybex Mios Review: A Platinum Collection Convertible Stoller

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In the world of luxury strollers, the German-made Cybex Mios is a standout. Their lightweight, compact stroller leaves nothing to chance: it’s not only stylish but also highly functional and safe.

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Strollers are an expensive, critical purchase. We’ve thoroughly researched and reviewed the Cybex Mios to help you determine if is the perfect stroller for you.

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What to Consider Before Buying a Convertible Stroller

The Cybex Mios is a convertible stroller. Thus, you know the seat can quickly adapt to the demanding needs of baby life.

Convertible strollers offer a range of seating options. The full recline allows you to lay your newborn baby flat on their backs. Then, once they’re older, the stroller seat can convert to a more upright position.

Parents also love that you can change the orientation of the seat to face toward you or away from you. Some convertible strollers even support the addition of an extra seat or a ride along board that your toddler can stand on.

What makes them so fantastic is that most come with a car seat or are car seat compatible. That feature allows you to use your convertible stroller as a travel system.

What Types of Families Can Benefit from a Convertible Stroller?

Given their versatility, this type of stroller is well suited to a number of families.

Convertible strollers are great for families on the go, especially urban families that move around a lot on foot. They’re also great for first-time parents looking to make just one stroller purchase, as convertible strollers will take your baby from infancy to their toddler years.

Sound like they might be right for you? The Cybex Mios is just one option, and we recommend researching others before making a decision. Our guide to the best convertible strollers takes an in-depth look at a variety of strollers in all price ranges.

About the Cybex Mios

CYBEX MIOS Stroller Frame and Seat in Black/Chrome
  • Light Aluminum Frame: Stable, light and easy to use
  • Height - Adjustable Handlebar in premium leather look material
  • One-hand flood transforms it into a compact stand alone package

Promising to be the perfect companion for parents out and about in the city, the Cybex Mios is designed to go wherever you need to go. It comes with the stroller, car seat adapter, the Mios color pack and comfort inlay, cup holder and a rain cover.

The new version features a 4-in-1 travel system (a step up from the 3-in-1 system on previous models) that makes it a fierce competitor against brands like Bugaboo and iCandy.

Things We Like

  • Its beautiful and sleek design will get you noticed
  • The ample canopy provides UPF 50+ protection
  • Its lightweight design makes the stroller easy to transport and maneuver
  • The Cybex Mios has a higher weight capacity (55 lbs) than most strollers, meaning you’ll get longer use out of it

Room for Improvement

  • The high price means that this stroller will not be in every family’s budget
  • Cybex Mios is only compatible with Cybex and GB car seats, forcing you to buy those (not-so-cheap) brands if you want to use Mios as a travel system
  • Assembly can be complicated, and some users reported difficulty putting together the canopy

Features & Benefits

The Cybex Mios has a ton of amazing features designed to make your life with baby easier. This tutorial provides a great overview:


With an easy click, the Cybex Mios seat converts from forward to rear facing, and a simple one-handed lever allows you to recline the seat to four different positions. We like that the fully reclining seat permits newborn use, meaning you can use this stroller from day one.

Though not necessary, some parents prefer to switch out the standard seat for a bassinet or infant car seat, and it’s easy to do that as well.

The footrest is also adjustable, a handy feature for growing children.

Car Seat Compatibility

The Cybex Mios can function as a travel system. As mentioned, the Mios is compatible with Cybex and GB car seats, and you can also remove the seat and use the Cloud Z car seat with the chassis if you prefer.


The canopy on this stroller is fantastic. The UPF 50+ canopy is more extensive than those on most other strollers, and it provides lots of protection by coming down past the bumper bar.

CYBEX Mios Inlay Stardust Black

It also features a mesh peek-a-boo opening that promotes air circulation and allows you to see your baby.

Handle Height

The Cybex Mios comes with a height-adjustable handlebar (in faux leather) that goes from 38 inches to 42 inches.

Climate Control

For parents who live in hot climates, the breathable mesh fabric on the seat (revealed after removing the padding) is an ingenious way to reduce the baby’s heat development. Coupled with the mesh detailing on the canopy, the stroller can help keep your baby cool in hotter weather.

Conversely, you can quickly attach the padded comfort inlay for more warmth when the weather cools down. And you won’t have to worry about your baby being cold because the cot is made with wind-stopping material that protects against the elements.

Cybex has designed the seat with two windows that open and close independently, a fun feature that allows for lots of ventilation and lets your baby see out of the stroller.


As is standard on most strollers, the Cybex Mios includes a footbrake that completely immobilizes the stroller. It’s easy to use regardless of the parent’s footwear, with many noting that the footbrake is flip-flop friendly.


This is one area where the Cybex Mios truly stands out. Finding a lightweight convertible stroller can feel like mission impossible, but Cybex has managed to design a stroller that fulfills this goal.

At 19.2 pounds, it’s one of the lightest out there. We like that its slim design doesn’t affect handling.

Wheels & Maneuverability

The wheels are 5.9 inches in the front and 6.3 inches in the back and made from rubber. Mios boasts total suspension for a smoother ride for baby, and the front wheels swivel 180 degrees, which you can lock in place if needed.

These features make for a smooth ride that’s easy to maneuver. Mios is not designed to be an all-terrain stroller, but it does seem to be able to handle small bumps and soft, uneven terrain.

CYBEX MIOS Stroller Frame and Seat in Black/Chrome


The storage basket holds up to 11 pounds, and some users reported that it could be difficult to access. It’s not one of the biggest baskets available, but for its lightweight design, it does the job.


Parents like how easy it is to fold and store the Cybex Mios. With the press of a button, the stroller folds down for storage or transport. Not only does it fold easily, but its collapsed dimensions are also great for maintaining a low storage profile in a crowded house.

We also find the one-handed fold with the auto lock to be extremely useful in making sure the stroller stays folded.


The Cybex Mios is available in a number of gorgeous colors that you can personalize to your liking, as well as the “Black Birds of Paradise” collection.

Other Accessories

Cybex sells a number of different products to go with the stroller including a seat pack, changing bag, footmuff, carry cot, snack tray, and cup holder.

Final Thoughts

The Cybex Mios offers its customers luxury, comfort, and ease. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a stroller at this price range and of such high caliber.

We like that this stroller is well thought out for both parents and babies. Parents can’t get enough of the features that make cruising around town a breeze, and babies ride in total comfort and safety.

While the Cybex Mios would be hard to improve upon, it may not be right for every family. Families looking to add a second child soon after the first, or parents expecting twins, would do well to look into a double stroller as the Mios only accommodates one child.

Alternate Choice

If your growing family will need a double stroller, there are plenty of options available. We recommend UPPAbaby Vista, a sleek, high-end convertible stroller with many of the same features as Cybex Mios.

Like Mios, the Vista can be used from birth, and even includes a bassinet to use for those first few months of your baby’s life. You can also use your UPPAbaby Mesa car seat directly on the chassis, or use adapters with other brands for an instant travel system.

For growing families, where the Vista outshines the Mios is in its ability to function as a double or even triple stroller. You can purchase a rumble seat for babies older than six months, attach it to the chassis, and voila! You’ve got a double stroller.

Expecting twins? You can purchase the Vista and the rumble seat together.

And if you have three young children, your oldest can ride in the back on the PiggyBack Ride Along Board.

The world of luxury strollers is all about offering parents stylish, functional, and well-designed models. No matter what brand you choose, you’ll be riding around in a sleek buggy with tons of features that are built to last.

CYBEX MIOS Stroller Frame and Seat in Black/Chrome
  • Light Aluminum Frame: Stable, light and easy to use
  • Height - Adjustable Handlebar in premium leather look material
  • One-hand flood transforms it into a compact stand alone package
Cybex Mios Review: A Platinum Collection Convertible Stoller
Cybex Mios Review: A Platinum Collection Convertible Stoller 1

In the world of luxury strollers, Cybex's models stand out. Read this Cybex Mios review for more information on this lightweight, compact stroller.

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