UPPAbaby Vista vs Vista V2: A Model Comparison Guide

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The UPPAbaby Vista is one of the most popular strollers in many urban and suburban neighborhoods.

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The Vista V2, which came to market in 2020, debuted some clutch upgrades to the brand’s iconic flagship stroller.

In this UPPAbaby Vista vs Vista V2 guide, we’ll dive into what makes the V2 model unique, and how the brand has enhanced this stroller year after year.

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UPPAbaby: A Stroller Powerhouse

UPPAbaby started selling the Vista in 2006. Their convertible stroller model that accommodated a toddler seat, infant car seat, or infant bassinet was innovative and unique in the early 2000s stroller market.

Parents were instantly drawn to the stroller’s ease of use, especially the way its different pieces quickly snapped in and out.

When they first rolled onto the stroller scene, UPPAbaby founders and husband-and-wife duo targeted a price gap between budget-friendly strollers marketed to the masses and much more expensive European stroller options.

According to Vogue, they aimed to create products that were sleek and appealing from a parent’s point of view. Thanks to smart design, high-quality fabrics, and a boost from some key photos of celebrities toting their UPPAbaby gear, they quickly catapulted into success.

UPPAbaby has expanded to produce three full-size strollers, four lightweight strollers, three car seats, and a pack-and-play. Their products are consistently on the higher end of the price spectrum, but many parents find them to be worth the investment. 

UPPAbaby consistently uses high-end fabrics and finishes on their strollers, creating products with durable comfort and a sophisticated, modern look.

Extended three-year warranties on all strollers and superb customer service set them apart from other stroller brands.

The Rundown on the UPPAbaby Vista

UPPAbaby Vista V2

The Vista is UPPAbaby’s flagship stroller model.

It’s a convertible, full-size, luxury stroller meant to last parents through the years, from day-one outings with their first newborn to family excursions with three children of varied ages. 

Parents who purchase a Vista stroller receive a toddler seat with sun canopy and bumper bar, toddler seat bug shield, toddler seat rain shield, infant bassinet with sun canopy, bassinet storage bag, and bassinet bug shield.

The stroller can accommodate two seated children with any combination of a toddler seat, rumble seat (sold separately), one or two infant car seats, and one or two infant bassinets.

A piggyback ride-along board can also be attached to transport an impressive three children total with one standing.

The Vista has innovative four-wheel suspension to create an extremely smooth ride for your child. This is one of the factors that sets it apart from other strollers in its class and makes parents fall in love when test driving it at the store. Large rear wheels incorporate technology from athletic shoes for superior maneuverability on varied terrain.

Parents love how adaptable the Vista is for comfort and growth, including reversible seats, multi-position recline, adjustable calf support, height-adjustable sun canopy, and extendable telescoping handlebar to accommodate mom and dad.

Several convenience-focused accessories available for purchase make everyday strolling a breeze.

What’s the Same since the First Vista?

The founders of UPPAbaby have stayed true to the goals they set when first creating this stroller.

Since its first edition in 2006, many elements have remained the same. According to Boston.com, this includes multiple factors that contribute to the stroller’s excellent maneuverability, like high-performance shock absorbers, never-flat tires, large rear wheels, and a sleek aluminum stroller frame.

The first Vista also had a height-adjustable handle, which has been a lifesaver for taller parents.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 handlebar

The stroller’s creators have consistently prioritized a giant storage basket to appeal to American shoppers and purposefully made the stroller taller than most so it can be pulled up to a table without the need for a high chair. 

The Vista has always been on the larger, heavier side for a full-size stroller, with some minor changes in dimensions over the years. Its toddler seat has had a 50-pound weight limit since the start, making it a long-lasting choice for families.

Compatible car seats have largely remained unchanged.

Parents with older versions of the Vista stroller can purchase various replacement parts for those no longer compatible. The UPPAbaby website even shows parts available for models as early as 2008.

As expected since its debut in 2006, the cost of the UPPAbaby Vista has slowly climbed. Initially priced at $500, the stroller now starts at about $1100 for potential customers.

What’s New for the Vista V2?

folded UPPAbaby Vista v2

The most significant recent changes to the Vista stroller came in 2020 with the release of the UPPAbaby Vista V2

An updated sun canopy has thick material which now zips out to cover your child completely and reveals a mesh peekaboo window for added ventilation.


The UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller is uniquely designed to adapt as your family grows. Boasting an extended canopy, luxurious fabrics, and full-grain leather details, this premium stroller can transport up to 3 children while strolling like a single.

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The stroller’s storage basket also received a sleeker look with the deletion of snaps and the addition of an organization pocket. Neither the V2 sun canopy nor the basket can be interchanged with earlier Vista models.

The toddler seat now has a no-rethread harness system, saving parents the hassle of undoing and redoing the straps to increase their height. The seat back itself is also one inch longer with a deeper footrest to accommodate taller children.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 footrest

The stroller’s final functional changes include wheel upgrades and improved suspension. The front-wheel lock on the V2 has a visual indicator, and all four wheels are softer than any previous model.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 brakes in the front wheels

The frame has an enhanced spring-action shock absorption so it bounces back when pushed on, creating a smoother ride and greater maneuverability.

As UPPAbaby has done almost every other year, 2020 brought new color schemes and a price increase for the Vista V2, whose starting price was increased to over $900, with some finish choices costing closer to $1000. 

Vista Models Through the Years

The overall structure and frame of the Vista have remained unchanged since 2015, making seats compatible among stroller models through the years.

Let’s take a closer look at notable updates each year since then, according to the UPPAbaby website, to see how the brand has steadily improved its convertible best-selling stroller.


The 2015 Vista received a frame update with dimensions slightly larger than today’s Vista, measuring 26.5” wide and weighing 27.5 pounds (compared to today’s Vista which is 25.7” wide and 27 pounds).

The 2015 strollers did not have any leather accents, but parents with this stroller version were later given the opportunity to buy leather covers for these areas.


UPPAbaby did not make any changes to the stroller in 2016, but in 2017, released an updated wrinkle-free material for the Vista sunshade. The sun canopy also received a toggle to secure it down for overnight sleep mode in the bassinet. 

At this point, the cost of the stroller was around $900, and UPPAbaby released more modern, muted colors, some of which now included 100% full-grain leather details.


With the 2018 Vista came an extended infant bassinet (2.5” longer) to accommodate growing babies, new stroller colors, and leather accents on all Vista color options.

The brand added a powder coating to the stroller’s frame to help resist scratches and added an updated tread design on the front wheels.


In 2019, UPPAbaby added some unique fabric details (including a plaid color scheme!) and leather tones to their color choices, which were again revamped compared to 2018.

At this point, the price of the stroller remained around $900, with some colors costing more due to the use of specially textured fabrics.


2020 introduced the UPPAbaby Vista V2, with new colors and improvements to the stroller’s sun canopy, storage basket, larger toddler seat, hassle-free harness, and wheels discussed in detail above.


The Vista underwent no functional changes in 2021 but did receive the addition of new fabric choices and a price bump to around $1000.


This year brought an additional $100 price increase and the discontinuation of one of the stroller’s fabrics. See UPPAbaby’s website for the stroller’s current colors.

The Upshot on UPPAbaby Vista V2: A Workhorse Year After Year

Since its introduction to the stroller scene in 2006, UPPAbaby has stuck to its goals of creating a sleek, modern, sophisticated stroller with the Vista.

It is easy to use with many add-ons available and has received numerous color updates and feature upgrades through the years.

Although almost impossible to find a Vista on sale, shoppers can sometimes find discounted older versions of UPPAbaby strollers online, so it’s helpful to take a close look at what has been changed to see how it would impact your everyday use of this flexible stroller.

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