Mockingbird vs UPPAbaby: Better Than Vista or Cruz?

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Whether you’re looking for a stroller that can accommodate one growing child or a convertible option that seats one or two children, Mockingbird and UPPAbaby are two stroller brands that are sure to crop up in your research.

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As a new mom searching for the perfect stroller, I was blown away by the huge range of prices and features out there before settling on the UPPAbaby Vista V2.

In this Mockingbird vs UPPAbaby guide, we’ll help break down the primary differences between these two brands and the pros and cons of each.

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The Skinny on Mockingbird and UPPAbaby Strollers


Mockingbird began making and selling strollers in 2019, bringing the direct-to-consumer model to the stroller market and offering luxury stroller options for a significantly reduced cost.

Customers can order the product directly from the brand’s website, although select Target stores do also carry Mockingbird strollers. 

Although some shoppers prefer to test out different strollers at the store, many prefer the direct-to-consumer method because it can cut costs and allow for easier shipping and returns. Mockingbird offers free shipping for their strollers with a risk-free 30-day trial period and a lifetime warranty. If caregivers are unhappy with the stroller within the 30-day window, the brand helps them return the stroller for free and receive a full refund.

Mockingbird Single Stroller

Mockingbird sells two strollers: the Mockingbird Single Stroller, which accommodates one seated child, and the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller, which can be expanded with the purchase of add-ons to accommodate two seated children. 


UPPAbaby has become a top stroller brand since its entrance to the stroller scene in 2006. There are seven different stroller options, including two full-size luxury stroller options, a jogging stroller, and four different lightweight strollers, as well as three car seats and a pack-and-play.

UPPAbaby began with the goal of creating strollers that were sleek, modern, and sophisticated from a parent’s point of view, while also being fun and easy to use. Although prices are on the higher end of the spectrum, UPPAbaby strollers are extremely popular because they are so high-quality and durable.

UPPAbaby strollers are carried at many popular baby gear retailers, allowing parents to benefit from additional customer support throughout the shopping process. This also makes it easier to visualize and test out the strollers in person before buying.

UPPAbaby itself has superior customer service and an extended three-year warranty on all strollers.

Product Overview: Full-Size Convertible Strollers

While UPPAbaby also makes a jogging stroller and lightweight stroller options, their two full-size convertible strollers are similar to Mockingbird in appearance and functionality.

The Mockingbird Single Stroller is comparable to the UPPAbaby Cruz V2, which seats one child, while the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller is comparable to the UPPAbaby Vista V2, which can seat two children with the necessary adapters and accessories. 

UPPAbaby Cruz V2

The Mockingbird Single Stroller and UPPAbaby Cruz V2 are both full-size luxury strollers that can accommodate an infant or toddler in an infant bassinet, infant car seat, or reversible toddler seat. A second sibling can join with the purchase of a ride-along board on either stroller.

The Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller and the UPPAbaby Vista V2 are slightly larger and heavier than their single stroller counterparts. As the Mockingbird name suggests, they can convert to seat two children in an array of infant and toddler configurations and have the impressive ability to transport three children at once when the ride-along board is added.

All four strollers have a sleek, modern look and come in an array of beautiful fabric colors. To see how they function daily, check out Mockingbird’s videos on the Single Stroller and Single-to-Double Stroller, or UPPAbaby’s videos on the Cruz and the Vista.

There are many features we love about both of these brands discussed throughout this review. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider when comparing the two: 


Things We Like

  • Significantly lower cost compared to UPPAbaby and other brands with similar functionality
  • Free shipping with a 30-day risk-free trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • One-handed folding mechanism
  • Sun canopy is water-resistant
  • Leg rest zips open for easier cleaning and crumb removal
  • Single-to-Double Stroller has a 45-pound weight limit on each toddler seat in double mode (compared to a 35-pound limit on the Vista’s lower rumble seat)

Room for Improvement

  • Suspension system on front wheels only reduces maneuverability 
  • Seatbacks are less supportive than those on UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz
  • Infant bassinet is not included with either Mockingbird stroller and not approved for unsupervised sleep
  • Single-to-Double Stroller cannot accommodate two bassinets
  • When combining a toddler seat and an infant bassinet on Single-to-Double Stroller, the toddler faces the bottom of the bassinet and has limited space
  • Rotating handlebar is more limited in parent height options compared to the Vista and Cruz
  • Car seat adapters are always needed, no matter which car seat is used
  • Toddler seat harness requires rethreading

UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz

Things We Like

  • Easy for shoppers to see strollers in person at nearby stores 
  • Premium four-wheel suspension and larger rear wheels make for unparalleled shock-absorption
  • Infant bassinet, included with purchase with Vista, is approved for overnight sleep
  • Many configurations for twins including two simultaneous bassinets on the Vista
  • Toddler has more space when toddler seat is paired with infant bassinet on the Vista
  • Telescoping handlebar accommodates a wider variety of parent heights than with the Mockingbird
  • No car seat adapter is needed when paired with UPPAbaby Mesa
  • Sun canopy extends upward for growing children
  • No-rethread toddler seat harness
  • Higher-end fabrics are softer than Mockingbird’s according to reviewers, with real-leather accents

Room for Improvement

  • Higher cost (Vista is more than double the price of the Mockingbird Single-to-Double)
  • When Vista is in double configuration, lower toddler seat weight capacity is only 35 pounds
  • 3-year warranty is shorter than Mockingbird’s lifetime warranty

Features that Matter

Let’s take a closer look at all the features you’ll appreciate from Mockingbird and UPPAbaby. We’ll specifically be comparing Mockingbird’s most popular model, the Single-to-Double Stroller, and UPPAbaby’s flagship stroller model, the Vista V2, but many of these similarities and differences apply to the Mockingbird Single Stroller and the UPPAbaby Cruz V2.


While the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller starts at about $450, the UPPAbaby Vista typically sets parents back more than $1000.

Although more than double the amount, the Vista does come with the infant bassinet and other extra accessories, while parents needing a Mockingbird bassinet can expect to spend an additional $100+ for this clutch add-on.

For parents not needing double stroller capability, opting for the Mockingbird Single Stroller or the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 (without bassinet included) can cut back the price by about $50 and a whopping $400, respectively.

Size and Weight

The Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller and UPPAbaby Vista are similar in size and weight.

Weighing about 27 pounds, both are heavy strollers that are not easy to carry up the stairs or load into and out of the car.

They are large when folded (34” x 25.5” x 18” for Mockingbird and 33.3” x 25.7” x 17.3” for the Vista), taking up a significant amount of trunk space.

The Mockingbird Single Stroller and the UPPAbaby Cruz are slightly smaller and lighter.

Folding Mechanism

UPPAbaby and Mockingbird strollers are easy to collapse. When folded, both strollers stand independently, but the Vista’s seat folds a bit tighter to the body of the stroller which makes for easier lifting and stowing.

Mockingbird folded

While UPPAbaby has a two-handed folding mechanism, Mockingbird incorporates a convenient one-handed fold, meaning you can fold the stroller with one hand while holding precious cargo in the other. 

UPPAbaby stroller folded

Sun Protection

These two strollers have large UPF 50+ sun canopies with mesh panels for airflow and peekaboo windows to allow you to check on your child while you stroll.

As your child grows taller, the Vista’s sun canopy, which zips out to cover the entirety of your child, can extend upward so as not to encroach on precious headroom.

The Mockingbird’s sun canopy is water-resistant and comes with an attachable magnetic sun shade to provide complete coverage. 

Infant Options

Both brands make an infant bassinet to allow your baby to stretch out comfortably.

The Vista’s bassinet comes included and snaps off the stroller with one hand, a huge win when returning home with a sleeping infant. It is approved for overnight sleep and attaches to a sleek bassinet stand that converts to a hamper post-babyhood. 

UPPAbaby Vista V2

While the Vista can accommodate two infant bassinets for twins, the Mockingbird can only accommodate one bassinet at a time. Each brand’s bassinet is designed specifically for its own strollers and cannot be used with other stroller brands.

Both strollers can fit one or two infant car seats for a convenient travel system and are compatible with car seats from various popular brands including UPPAbaby.

Parents can alternatively purchase an infant seat insert for either stroller, which makes for a cozy, reclined spot for your newborn to lounge.

Seating Configurations

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 and the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller have over a dozen seating arrangements with the purchase of adapters or additional seats, but the Vista has some configurations that the Mockingbird does not.

While both strollers can accommodate two reversible toddler seats, two car seats, or a combination of a toddler seat and car seat or bassinet, only the Vista can carry two bassinets.

When using the Mockingbird stroller with a toddler seat and a bassinet, the toddler sits on the bottom facing the bassinet, limiting their space. When the Vista is in this configuration, the toddler can sit on the top seat, reducing visual and spatial blockage.

Although not an additional seat, both strollers can support an older sibling on a ride-along board, available for separate purchase. 

Weight Limits

The toddler seats on the Mockingbird can each hold up to 45 pounds. The Vista’s upper toddler seat can hold 50 pounds, while the lower rumble seat can hold 35 pounds.

Some parents find this rumble seat capacity to be limiting because larger toddlers and older children often need to ride in the upper seating position.

Storage Capacity

Both strollers have great storage capacity in the roomy basket underneath the seats.

Mockingbird basket

While the Mockingbird holds up to 25 pounds of cargo, the UPPAbaby Vista holds up to 30 pounds. That’s a lot! This means you can load your diaper bag, groceries, or other cargo without worrying about space.

Wheels & Suspension

One element that sets UPPAbaby apart from other stroller brands is its premium, spring-action shock absorption on all four wheels.

The UPPAbaby Vista creates an exceptionally smooth ride for your child, meaning you don’t have to worry about them being uncomfortable on long strolls or bumpy terrain. The Mockingbird stroller incorporates suspension on the front wheels only.

Wheel size also has an impact on handling rough terrain. While the Mockingbird’s rear wheels are 9” in diameter, the Vista’s rear wheels (which are softer according to reviewers) are 11.5” in diameter, giving the stroller superior maneuverability that parents love.

Convenience Accessories

Both brands sell several accessories that add convenience for parents and children. These include a snack tray for toddlers, a parent organizer, and a cup holder to tote mom or dad’s drink of choice.

UPPAbaby also offers a stroller travel bag with the option to register with the brand’s TravelSafe Program, which reimburses for any damage incurred via air travel.

In addition to the infant bassinet, the UPPAbaby Vista comes with several accessories not available for the Mockingbird, including a bug shield for the toddler seat and bassinet, a rain shield for the toddler seat, and a storage bag for the bassinet.

Adjustable Features

Mockingbird and UPPAbaby have thought of almost everything to help their strollers adapt to the comfort of parents and growing children. Both have easily adjustable reclines and footrests on their seats so your child can lay back and snooze or sit up and see the sights.

UPPAbaby stroller footrest

UPPAbaby’s toddler seats are more supportive, while Mockingbird’s toddler seats are softer and can be pushed inward from the back. 

While the Mockingbird’s handlebar rotates depending on parent height preference, UPPAbaby’s handlebar telescopes upward, allowing it to accommodate a wider array of height levels. 

UPPAbaby handlebar

Both strollers have harnesses that can adjust for growing toddlers, but UPPAbaby’s hassle-free no-rethread system makes for easier adjustments than Mockingbird’s, which requires rethreading.

The Final Verdict

Both UPPAbaby and Mockingbird make sleek, modern, convertible strollers that accommodate growing families. The Single-to-Double Stroller from Mockingbird and the UPPAbaby Vista are two excellent options for families looking for a stroller to seat two children. 

The Vista’s capacity to hold two bassinets makes it more appealing as a twin stroller, and higher quality materials and maneuverability put it ahead of Mockingbird when compared head-to-head.

For parents looking for a durable, sophisticated, supportive stroller, the Vista is hard to beat. But for those wanting the features of a luxury stroller without wanting to break the bank, the Mockingbird is a great choice.

To learn more about UPPAbaby strollers, read our reviews on the Best UPPAbaby Strollers, as well as reviews on the UPPAbaby Vista and UPPAbaby Cruz specifically.

To compare these strollers against other convertible options, check out our post on the Best Convertible Strollers.

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