Maclaren Mark II Stroller Review | The lightest umbrella stroller ever!

The engineers and designers at Maclaren were inspired to revisit their past and look again at the original umbrella stroller design from the mid 1960s. They updated the look, and with using today's more advanced materials, they redesigned that original stroller into the new Maclaren Mark II.

Maclaren Mark II with Recline, Black
  • Basic weight of 7.3lb; Ideal for children 6 months and up to 55lb.
  • A two-position recline seat with breathable mesh center panel inserts
  • Includes: coordinating liner, buggy ID tag and premium wind-resistant raincover

This little stroller weighs only 7.3 pounds, just a tad more than the original, which came in at 6 pounds. And yet the Mark II holds your child up to 55 pounds! That a stroller can weigh so little hand hold so much is astounding!

Reviews so far are coming in at a solid 4 stars. Parents are in love with the convenience: the easy fold, carrying strap, and feather light weight. It is a stroller for getting around the city and to take traveling.

As you read this review, you will come to the conclusion that this little buggy is going to be the most convenient grab-n-go item you have for travel and errands. Read on for the features and what the Maclaren Mark II stroller offers you and your child.

Maclaren Mark II Features:

  • High-strength lightweight aluminum frame
  • One-hand collapse and fold
  • Carry strap and handle for easy transport
  • Storage basket under seat
  • Ergonomic foam handles
  • Water resistant removable sun canopy with flip-out visor
  • Lockable front swivel wheels
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness
  • Foot operated linked parking brakes
  • Removable washable seat
  • JPMA Certified
  • Rain cover included with purchase
Maclaren Mark II with Recline, Black

Durability & performance

I like how this stroller has convenient, comforting features while maintaining an astonishing light weight of only seven pounds because of the high strength aluminum frame. Your baby must be six months old at a minimum to ride because there is no seat recline in this model. But be prepared to use this stroller til they are in kindergarten, because the Mark II holds a child up to 55 pounds. This is remarkable considering the fact that other umbrella strollers this size can only accommodate a child between 30 and 40 pounds.

The smooth ride and maneuverability is a pleasure to take on long walks. Since the front wheels have the option to lock into place, you'll have more stability on slightly bumpier surfaces.This stroller is best for smoother pavement and floors, though. Think of city walks and inside airports.

However, all the wheels have suspension, so if you do take it over some bumpy sidewalks, your child will ride through it smoothly.

What's the seat like?

Maclaren is keeping things real simple with the Mark II. There is no padding on the sear or shoulder harness, no recline and no leg rest. But of course your child has a foot rest so little legs don't dangle!

Maclaren Mark II with Recline, Black

Do you see the white strip going down the middle of the seat back in the photo below? That's mesh! Your child will keep cool and well-circulated in hotter climates, so the Mark II is the perfect summer-time stroller and for going to places in warmer climates like Disney World.


While this fabric on the seat is thin, it is very high quality! It's very strong, and will clean up any spills and mess easily. Best of all, it will dry fast, too. Keeping it clean will be a breeze.

If you want a seat liner and more padding, then Maclaren's got four colorful linersdesigned specifically for the Mark II.

The shoulder straps are still adjustable, and in the photo you can see the buckle is a sturdy, heavy-duty buckle that little fingers aren't going to be able to figure out. For us adults, though, it's easy to pop open. I like that the seat back is 19 inches, to give lots of growing room.

How about the sun canopy?

I was quite pleased when I saw that the canopy on the Mark II is bigger than other Maclaren models. They are waking up to the fact that we parents want a full-coverage canopy!

While still not as big as something like the UPPAbaby G-Lite, this canopy is certainly adequate, and I also like the flip-out visor. A mesh peek-a-boo window is at the top and for extra protection, the canopy has SPF 50.

What's the fold like?

Folding can be tricky the first time, but I got it right after a few practice runs. A recent review said that the fold takes only five seconds and weighs less than the diaper bag! Several reviews remark at how easy the fold is, and it can be done one-handed.Keep in mind that you have to empty the storage basket first. I made that mistake once and squished my purse!

Maclaren Mark II with Recline, Black

Once your stroller is folded, an automatic lock holds the frame in place. A carrying strap on the side of the frame is so easy to carry around with you, making it a popular stroller for travel.

Comforts for parents, too!

Your child's not going to be the only one comfortable using this stroller.The Mark II has both safety features and amenities you will enjoy and give peace of mind as you and your child are out and about.

The handles, for example, are made of a new material, not the usual foam found in the other Maclaren models, and they are more durable.

These handles are anti-microbial, to keep them as sanitary as possible. Maclaren knows we parents are not perfect and can't wash our hands or we sometimes forget the hand sanitizer.

The handles are at a good height, too, at 40½".

Keep in constant contact with your child by looping the safety tether around your wrist, just below the handle. I like this, especially while waiting at curbside intersections when crossing a street. It makes a nice hand-hold for your toddler when he or she'd rather walk, too.

Maclaren Mark II with Recline, Black

The one-step linked brakes are super easy to engage and disengage. Nicely designed!

The basket is tiny, but that is to be expected in such as small stroller, right? If you need extra space to carry more stuff, I recommend the Maclaren Universal Organizer. It has a big storage pocket and two bottle holders.

Caught out in the bad weather? A rain cover is included as part of your purchase, however there are no storage pockets to keep it in. Either store it in the little basket or get the organizer and put it in the large pocket.

How much should I pay?

Most places online charge the same price; about $195. At the time of writing, most retailers have only the navy blue, pink and silver colors available, but orange is another option.

My favorite place to get strollers is on Amazon, and most of the Mark II's are available through Prime, so if you're a Prime member you'll get it in two days!

What others are saying

Since this stroller is still relatively new to the market, there aren't many reviews out yet. But of the reviews already out there, parents give it 4 stars for the light weight and easy one-handed fold.

A New York City mom got this stroller for the subway and carrying up and down the stairs. Another NYC mom named Rebecca needs the one-handed fold as she waits for, then boards the bus, holding her child in her other arm.

Maclaren Mark II with Recline, Black

A couple of reviewers also mentioned that they took their Mark II with them on a flight with great ease. One mommy blogger said that going to a place like Disneyland where it is super crowded was more convenient because she could just fold up the stroller one-handed and carry her child through the crowd instead of backing up in the bottleneck.

The maneuverability is also getting lots of positive feedback from several reviews. One parent says: "This stroller is SO easy to steer. I had no idea how easy it could be, as I only owned two other strollers previously for comparison, but it felt just as maneuverable whether my 30 lb. two year old was in the stroller or not."


A stroller so small is inevitably going to have some things about it that some consumers will feel dissatisfied. Here are a few points to consider.

The canopy could be a little bigger.

The angle of the back of the frame causes taller people to kick the wheels when walking. UPPAbaby strollers are angled just a little more and you won't kick their wheels- so if you're taller than average, take this into consideration.

Where can I buy the Maclaren Mark II?

Maclaren Mark II with Recline, Black
  • Basic weight of 7.3lb; Ideal for children 6 months and up to 55lb.
  • A two-position recline seat with breathable mesh center panel inserts
  • Includes: coordinating liner, buggy ID tag and premium wind-resistant raincover

The best place to go for the widest range of color choices of this stroller has got to be on Amazon. You cannot go wrong with the prompt service and free shipping.

Just imagine pushing your toddler around in this super-lightweight, elegant little stroller and the convenience you will feel as you're on the go. Order it today!

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