Stroller Guide: Can You Jog With the UPPAbaby Vista?

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Looking to get some exercise in and wondering if you can use your UPPAbaby Vista to jog with your little one?

Although it would be nice to have one stroller that can do it all, ditching your Vista for a dedicated jogging stroller for your post-baby runs is a safer move.

Read on to learn what defines a jogging stroller and why the Vista isn’t suitable for running.

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Does UPPAbaby Recommend the Vista as a Jogging Stroller?

New parents learn pretty quickly that baby gear adds up, especially when it comes to strollers!

When you’re investing in high-quality strollers that will last, it’s natural to wonder if the expensive stroller you already own can double as a jogging stroller.

Well, while these luxury strollers seem like they can do it all, it’s better to avoid running with them for the safety of your little one. 

UPPAbaby makes two full-size convertible everyday strollers, the single-to-double stroller UPPAbaby Vista V2 and the single stroller UPPAbaby Cruz V2.

In the support section of the UPPAbaby website, the brand explicitly states that “Running is not recommended with the Vista or the Cruz stroller.” This applies to both the Vista and the Vista V2, as well as the Cruz and Cruz V2.

UPPAbaby Vista

Why Can’t the UPPAbaby Vista Serve as a Jogging Stroller?

After reading this blurb on the company’s website, I reached out to UPPAbaby directly to learn more about why they recommend avoiding running with the Vista, especially when the stroller’s shock absorption is so great.

The brand’s response focused on the wheel system used in the stroller. I was informed that the Vista’s shock absorption system and large rear wheels (which are larger than the Cruz) are top-of-the-line for rugged terrain, but that the Vista shouldn’t be used as a jogging stroller because it has a four-point instead of three-point wheel configuration.

It turns out there are several important features that make a stroller safe for running with a baby…

What Makes a Stroller Safe for Jogging?

First, as UPPAbaby stated in their customer service response, jogging strollers have one wheel in front instead of two. This protects the stroller from easily tipping over at high speeds.

According to Healthline, jogging strollers are even safer if you can lock the front wheel so that it can’t wiggle from side to side while running.

Healthline also specifies other safety features including a wide, sturdy base, a secure five-point harness system to keep the baby safe, and a wrist strap to prevent the stroller from picking up speed and getting away from parents.

Some jogging strollers also have a convenient hand brake, which prevents them from going too fast when running downhill.

Tires on jogging strollers are typically different from those on everyday strollers. Air-filled tires deliver greater suspension and help jogging strollers remain more comfortable for your little one, especially on gravel or rough terrain.

Finally, your baby needs to be old enough to have proper head and neck control before adventuring out on a run with mom or dad.

Mayo Clinic and other experts recommend waiting until your baby is 6-8 months old, checking the stroller manufacturer’s recommendations, and receiving pediatrician clearance before attempting to jog.

This is primarily due to the limited recline of most jogging strollers and the bumpy ride when at a running pace.

Can the UPPAbaby Vista Go on Grass? 

The UPPAbaby Vista has a premium four-wheel shock absorption system suitable for various terrains, including grass, at a walking pace.

As stated by UPPAbaby customer service, the Vista’s advanced suspension system and larger wheels make it suitable for off-roading and uneven surfaces.

How Do I Find a Safe Jogging Stroller?

There are many reasons people love running with their children in tow. Experts suggest that it improves physical and mental health, boosts mood, and helps to manage stress. It even delivers better night-time sleep (if your baby lets you get any!). 

If you’re ready to reap the many benefits of exercising with your baby—or babies—and need to find the jogging stroller that’s right for you, we have resources to help. 

Parents who own the UPPAbaby Vista and are interested in buying another UPPAbaby product should check out the brand’s full-size dedicated jogging stroller, the UPPAbaby Ridge.

The Ridge boasts a responsive two-stage suspension system, three large never-flat tires, a reliable disc hand brake mechanism, and a swivel-locking front wheel.

To learn more about what makes jogging strollers special, check out our guide on Jogging Strollers vs Regular Strollers.

To explore other jogging stroller models, read our articles on the Best All Terrain Strollers, the Best All Terrain Double Strollers, or the Best Budget Double Jogging Strollers

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