25 Brilliant Rock Painting Ideas For Kids – Fun Family Craft Project

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School holidays seem to come around more and more frequently these days! So, what can you do to keep your kids entertained when school’s out?

Here are 25 fantastic ideas for rock painting projects that are guaranteed to keep your children busy for hours! And there’s plenty of scope for kids to get creative and use their imagination to come up with their own unique designs too, once they get the basic idea.

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Project #1: Emoji Rock Painting

Everyone loves emojis, and your kids will enjoy creating these characters from rocks you can find almost anywhere.

Emoji rock painting is a simple project that’s suitable for older children who enjoy getting creative and undertaking art projects.

Check out our video tutorial and an easy step-by-step guide to find out how to make these cheeky characters!

Emoji Rock Painting Tutorial

Project #2: Cute Painted Rock Faces

If you have a garden or decking area with potted plants around it, you’ll love these cute painted rock faces that will hide in your shrubbery and peek out!

All you need for this project are a few smooth, face-shaped rocks, some paint, and some kids who enjoy art. Use rocks of different sizes to create a complete family!

Project #3: DIY Fairy Doors from Painted Rocks

If your kids are into fantasy movies, they’ll go crazy for these fairy doors made from painted rocks! Use the painted rocks to create a village of magical fairy houses in your backyard.

Use round rocks of different sizes, hide them among rockery plants or between tree roots for maximum effect.

Project #4: Unicorn Rock

When your kids have finished creating a fairy village from painted rocks, why not add a fantasy unicorn to the mix?

Unicorn rocks are totally cute and surprisingly simple to make by using easy block painting techniques. With this project, your kids will learn a new skill, and they’ll have a beautiful piece of artwork to display when they’ve finished. It’s a win-win!

Project #5: Animal Rock Painting

If your kids are into animals, this animal rock painting project is the perfect way to keep them busy during the holidays. Rock painting is simple, cheap, fun, and it encourages creativity in your children. What could be better?

You can create a crab like the one in the image or choose your favorite critter to paint. Why not paint the family dog or cat?

Project #6: Painted Rock Hyacinths

Rocks don’t always belong in the backyard! With this project, older kids and teens can create gorgeous painted rock hyacinths that will add a touch of chic elegance to your home interior décor scheme.

All you need is some rocks, paint, and a little enthusiasm for creating things of beauty!

Project #7: Beautiful Mermaid Stones

Older kids will enjoy creating these beautiful mermaid scale stones that you can use to decorate your home or patio.

You’ll need small pebbles and metallic paint for this project. Making the stone scales is simple but time-consuming; the perfect way for bored teens to while away a wet afternoon!

Project #8: “I Love You” Rock Painting

When Valentine’s Day comes around, and your love-struck teen is wondering what gift to buy for their sweetheart, why not suggest this super-cute, hand-painted collection of I-love-you rocks?

A hand-made gift always means much more than something bought at the store, and is way cheaper too!

Project #9: Seasonal Tree of Life Painted Rocks

To create this collection of seasonal tree of life painted rocks you’ll need a paint pen and a dotting tool. Although this may sound challenging, this is a simple project that allows older kids to use their imagination and choose colors to represent every season and the days in between!

Project #10: Happy Valentine’s Day Painted Rocks

Valentine’s Day gifts can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t send a Valentine to their sweetheart!

This Valentine’s rock painting project is simple to do, cheap, and very effective. And a hand-made gift always means so much more than a shop-bought one.

Project #11: Easy Rock Painting Ideas

Rock painting can be a daunting proposition for kids, but this is a simple project that makes an ideal introduction to the craft.

Your children can create effective, professional-looking scenes in just a few hours with this art project. All you need are a few rocks and some paint, so this project is perfect for parents who are looking for a low-cost form of holiday entertainment for their kids.

Project #12: Festive Santa Painted Rocks

If you want something a little different for your Christmas décor this holiday season, why not ask your kids to paint a set of Santa painted rocks?

You can use pebbles or small, smooth stones for this project or perhaps rocks of different sizes to create a whole Santa family. Line the Santa family up on your mantelpiece or use them to surround candles in your fireplace.

Project #13: Sparkly Snowman Painted Rock

You can add a touch of bling to your Christmas décor scheme this holiday by creating this delightful sparkly snowman painted rock.

Older kids will love getting into the festive spirit by making this ornament for your home or for their room.

Project #14: Silly Monster Rocks

If you’re looking for a simple rock painting project that you can do with your kids in an afternoon, check out this simple idea for a family of silly monster rocks. These adorable silly monsters make a super-fun Halloween craft project that all your family can enjoy.

Project #15: Inspiring Painted Rocks for Spreading Kindness

The idea of spreading kindness inspires this collection of painted rocks. Some of the designs featured here are simple and uncomplicated, making them perfect for younger kids to try. Other designs are more complex and would suit an older child with the help of a parent.

Project #16: Puffy Paint Easter Egg Rocks

Puffy paints are the ideal medium for rock painting projects, especially this one for painting Easter egg rocks.

All you need to create these beautiful decorations are a few egg-shaped rocks and a set of colored puffy paints. These pretty painted rocks are so beautiful that you might decide to keep them on display the whole year round!

Project #17: Marble Painted Rocks

You don’t have to be a talented artist to create some gorgeous painted rocks. Follow this tutorial to find out how to create these pretty, multicolored marbled pebbles.

This project makes a great introduction to rock painting for kids who prefer their art to be a little more freestyle!

Project #18: Acrylic Pour Painted Rocks

For a rock painting project with a difference, why not try acrylic pour painting? Pour painting means your kids can enjoy creating something beautiful without having to paint a precise image. That’s perfect for those who aren’t naturally good at art!

Acrylic pour painted rocks make a stunning display for your patio or fireplace, or perhaps you may prefer to put them in a glass bowl in a spot where they will catch the sun.

Project #19: Christmas Rocks!

If you’re looking for a simple project that your non-artistically gifted family members can successfully attempt, look no further!

Your kids can make these stunning poured paint Christmas rocks by using acrylic paint and a kid-safe, thickening agent. Pour painting is a super-fun method that will mesmerize!

Project #20: Metallic Rocks, Without Paint!

If your kids are desperate to get into rock painting but you’re concerned about the mess potential, this project will suit both parties!

These shiny rocks can be embellished to make lovely Christmas decorations, or they could just form an eye-catching display in your arty child’s bedroom. Check out the tutorial to find out how to paint gold and silver rocks, without using any paint!

Project #21: Bowl Full of Bug Rocks

A bowl full of colorfully painted bug pebbles makes a beautiful piece of interactive artwork that everyone will want to touch!

This is quite a time-consuming project that will keep older kids amused for hours. You don’t need to spend a fortune on materials either. All you need are a few little pebbles and some basic craft supplies.

Project #22: Sporty Painted Rocks

If you have a family full of sports lovers, this project is tailor-made for them! Sporty guys and girls will love creating sport-themed decorations for your yard and home, using just a few rocks and some paint!

Project #23: Glitter Unicorn Rock Painting

Girls of all ages love unicorns! So, if you have youngsters who are into these beautiful fantasy creatures, why not help them to create this stunning piece of rock art that will look great on any bedroom dresser.

If you want to, you can embellish your unicorn with some sparkles or go for a more subdued effect and keep it matte! This is an easy project that would be ideal for a beginner or younger child with a little help from you.

Project #24: Glitter Butterfly Painted Rock

This glitter butterfly painted rock project makes the perfect garden or patio ornament. Alternatively, put the butterfly rock on a sunny windowsill and watch him sparkle!

This is an easy but time-consuming project that would suit an older child, perhaps with a little help from mom or dad.

Project #25: Easy Glitter Stones – Toddlercraft

Toddlers love to get involved in art projects, even though they may not be old enough to create a recognizable image! This glitter stones project is ideal for very young kids; it’s simple, fun, and very effective.

Small stones of any shape and size will do for this project, together with some glitter and paint. A bowl of glitter pebbles makes a lovely gift for Mother’s Day too!

Wrapping it up

Rock painting is the perfect creative craft project to keep kids amused during the holidays. Art projects such as those we’ve included here can make a refreshing change from computer games and will keep kids busy indoors when the weather is too bad for them to play outside.

All these projects are safe and child-friendly, and we’ve included something suitable for kids of all ages. Best of all, you don’t need to spend a fortune on materials for any of these projects! Rocks can be found in your own backyard, and the craft supplies you’ll need will only cost a few dollars.

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