20 Cool & Creative Pumpkin Painting Ideas For Kids

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Here are 20 creative ideas for fantastic pumpkin painting projects that’ll keep your kids entertained for hours. Use the pumpkins to make a stunning Halloween display that’s the envy of all your neighbors!

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Project #1: Easy DIY Glitter Pumpkin Video Tutorial

Brighten up damp, dark days with jazzy glitter pumpkin Halloween decorations that you can make for just a few dollars.

You can get the glitter and glue that you need for this project from good craft supplies outlets. You can buy the pumpkins from most grocery stores or local growers. Why not have fun by challenging your kids to find the most unusual-shaped pumpkin they can!

Check out our video tutorial and step-by-step guide to see how to create a little more sparkle for your home this fall!

DIY Glitter Pumpkin Tutorial

Project #2: Space Painted Pumpkins

If your family loves colorful, no-carve pumpkin decorations, you definitely need to add a space painted pumpkin to your kids’ list of must-makes this fall. These outer space themed pumpkins are perfect for kids of all ages, and you can use pumpkins of different sizes to create the look.


Project #3: DIY Disney UP Pumpkin

If your kids enjoyed the Disney Pixar movie, UP, they’ll just love to make this DIY Disney UP pumpkin!

The pumpkin is created by painting a large pumpkin blue and adding multi-colored, wooly pom-poms to represent balloons.


Project #4: Pour Art Pumpkins

Super-easy and delightfully messy, these drippy, no-carve pour art pumpkins use washable paint, so your kids can have fun creating perfectly spooky Halloween decorations without fear of ruining their clothes or your carpets with spills!

This pumpkin painting project is absolutely ideal for very young kids, as you don’t even need a paintbrush to create the melted wax effect.


Project #5: Jack Skellington Glow-in-the-dark Pumpkin

If you want to display a super-spooky Halloween decoration on your porch this fall that’s sure to have neighborhood trick-or-treaters green with envy, check out this Jack Skellington pumpkin mask that glows in the dark!

The impressive project is deceptively simple to achieve and is perfect for kids of all ages to have a go at.


Project #6: Glitter Decorated Pumpkins

Why not add a touch of bling to your Halloween decorations this year by creating these fun, sparkling pumpkins? Pumping painting is much less messy than carving and still means lots of fun for the kids.

You and your children can really get into the spirit of the spooky season by spending an afternoon decorating a few pumpkins with ghosts, ghouls, bats, and creepy spiders!


Project #7: DIY Unicorn Pumpkin

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween!

Why not take advantage of the glut of pumpkins when fall arrives by helping your kids to create a unique unicorn pumpkin? There’s no messy carving involved, and all you need to create a magical unicorn are a few arts and crafts basics, a pumpkin, and a party hat that you’ll find in most stationery supplies stores.


Project #8: Easy Pumpkin Painting For Toddlers

Toddlers love to help! And although helping to carve pumpkins for Halloween is not practical for your little ones, painting pumpkins is safer and just as much fun.

All you’ll need for this simple freestyle decorating project is some paint, brushes, and pumpkins.


Project #9: Magical Unicorn Pumpkin

Older kids might like to try something different from pumpkin carving this fall. And girls are sure to love this gorgeous, magical unicorn pumpkin creative project. Pretty, girly, and a rewarding challenge to create; you’ll wish this pumpkin would last all year long!


Project #10: Cute, Non-scary Pumpkin Monsters

Young kids will love making these cute, fun pumpkin monsters that will make a bright, adorable front porch display for Halloween. These non-scary characters are easy to make, so even young kids can join in the fun.


Project #11: Squeeze Paint Pumpkin Art

Squeeze paint is the perfect medium to use for pumpkin painting projects. It’s so easy to create these bright, fun pumpkins for fall or Halloween that even your youngest kids can join in too.

And these jazzy painted pumpkins won’t cost you a fortune to create!


Project #12: No-carve, Emoji Pumpkins

You can bring your kids’ Halloween decorations right up to date by creating these super-cute, fun emoji pumpkins.

All you need are some basic craft supplies, and you can brighten up those dark fall days with a display of these cheeky characters.


Project #13: Funny Painted Pumpkins

If you’re looking for a quick, simple, pumpkin decoration, these funny painted pumpkins are the perfect solution. There’s no messy carving involved, and your kids will be entertained for hours thinking up funny slogans to paint onto the pumpkins.

These pumpkins also make original and cute centerpieces for occasions such as Thanksgiving, weddings, and birthday parties.


Project #14: Dinosaur Pumpkin

If your kids are into dinosaurs and want to create a fun, wacky Halloween party decoration, why not help them to make this scary dinosaur hatching from an egg?

This project is perfect for an older child to complete alone or for younger kids with help from you.


Project #15: Sports Pumpkins

If you have a sporty family, why not help your kids make these fun, sports-themed pumpkins. All you need for this project is a few pumpkins, some paint to decorate them, and a team of little sports star wannabes!


Project #16: Painted Mini Pumpkins

Preschoolers just adore painting! So, this fall, why not buy some mini pumpkins from your local grocery store for your youngsters to have fun decorating. Mini painted pumpkins make an attractive display for your porch or fireplace, and painting them helps to make them last longer too.


Project #17: Mini Pumpkin Prints

While older children amuse themselves creating space pumpkins and unicorns, their younger siblings can have fun making mini pumpkin prints.

Pumpkin prints are inexpensive and super-simple to do, making them perfect for little kids! All you need is water-based paint, a couple of mini pumpkins, and plenty of paper.


Project #18: Nail Polish Marbled Pumpkins

You and your kids can upcycle your bottles of old nail polish by using the leftovers to create some stunning marbled pumpkins for Halloween.

You’ll need to do this project somewhere well-ventilated because the nail polish fumes can be rather strong and smelly, so pick a dry fall day and get creative in your garden or garage! The nail polish seals the pumpkins so that they will last for ages after Halloween.


Project #19: Water Marbled Pumpkins

If you don’t like traditional, spooky Halloween decorations, you can still join in the fun by making these beautiful water-marbled pumpkins. These attractive decorations are so easy to make, your kids will love to take charge of this project!

You can use fresh, seasonal pumpkins to create these elegant ornaments, but cheap, dime store plastic pumpkins work just as well, and they last forever too!


Project #20: Glowing Crayon Pumpkins

For an unusual and fun project, create mesmerizing, glowing crayon pumpkins this Halloween.

You’ll need to use a black light for this project, and your kids will love this! We also recommend that you use UV safety glasses to protect your kids’ eyes if they shine the black light flashlights at each other!


Project #21: Melted Crayon Rainbow Pumpkins

If you have creative teens in your household who enjoy art, this project is perfect for them!

All you need are a few pumpkins of different shapes and sizes and some cheap wax crayons. Melted crayon pumpkins are simple to make and stunning to look at. Every pumpkin is unique too, so it’s easy to create a bright, eye-catching rainbow display that none of your neighbors will have!


Project #22: Mini Ghost Pumpkins

Halloween decorations don’t have to be garish to be effective! These white mini ghost pumpkins will add a touch of sophisticated chic to your fall party.

They’re simple, quick, and cheap to make, and the kids can join in too. What’s not to like?


Project #23: Minion Pumpkins

Everybody loves minions, so why not invite these quirky, kooky, characters to your Halloween party this fall?

These minion pumpkins are surprisingly easy and quick to make and will make an eye-catching, fun display for your front porch or backyard party. This is a challenging project for older kids and teens (with a little help from you!)


Project #24: Teal Tissue Paper Pumpkins

For Halloween decorations with a difference, check out these beautiful tissue paper pumpkins.

This project is perfect for teens and their younger siblings to work on together, and the result is stunning! You can use any color tissue paper you like; it doesn’t have to be teal. So, your finished pumpkin can be chic and understated or bold and scary; the choice is yours!


Project #25: Wax Resist Pumpkin Painting

If you’re looking for a no-carve alternative for Halloween pumpkins this year, check out this super-spooky wax resist pumpkin project.

This decorated pumpkin craft idea is simple and fun to do and is suitable for kids of all ages, including moms, dads, and grandparents!


Wrapping it up

Pumpkins aren’t just for carving on Halloween!

As you can see from the projects we’ve included in this listicle, you and your kids can craft some truly amazing, beautiful decorations that will add lots of sparkle and bling to your fall décor scheme. Best of all, although these pumpkins look out of this world, the cost of creating them is very down to earth!

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