Phil And Teds Verve Stroller Review: Cruising Around In Style

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If you’re looking for “a genius buggy in a little black dress,” look no further than Phil and Teds Verve stroller.

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If you have the good fortune to be raising two young infants, then you already know that this blessing needs a bit of resourcefulness. One of your best helpers is a compact double-stroller that can accommodate both kids. That’s where the Verve comes in.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this urban stroller to see if it’s worth the buzz!

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Double Stroller

If you plan on buying a single stroller that can transform into a double stroller, then you’d need to plan this move a bit. There are so many alternatives for handling two kids simultaneously.

Let’s explore all that in full detail.

Comfort and Safety

Your babies’ comfort and safety are of paramount importance, especially when you have two infants on board.

The stroller should be sturdy enough to carry all the weight, and you’ll want to make sure that the harness is well-padded and locks in place securely. The brakes are essential, too, and keeping the stroller in place is especially important as you drive around the city streets.


Handling double strollers and the kids sitting inside them could be more than a handful. That’s why intuitive usage is always preferred.

If a stroller requires moving five levers to fold or unfold it, then that’s too much work. The same goes for changing the main seat position, braking the stroller, or adding the second seat. The biggest test of all is transforming the stroller into a travel system, which often involves attaching adapters.

Weather Protection

Your baby will be out in the sun, wind, and rain, so there should be a covering made of a material that can protect your little one from all kinds of weather.

A canopy that extends sufficiently to cover the seat or cot is imperative. And if that’s not available, try to add a suitable covering to the stroller.

Good Ergonomics for Parents

Finally, the parents’ comfort should be considered as well. Pushing two babies shouldn’t be overly exhausting, so a lightweight stroller that folds easily is always a good option.

A handlebar with adjustable height is a feature that’s now appearing in many strollers. It’s particularly useful for tall parents who would otherwise need to bend down to push their little ones.

Phil & Teds Verve Overview

Some parents prefer the side-by-side twin strollers, while others like the tandem type better. Both options have an extended size though, whether in their width or length.

The Verve Stroller inline option offers easy seating for two kids, without extending too much in either direction. That’s why it can easily be used for one child just as well.

This stroller is categorized among the luxurious buggies, and it shows in its appearance, finishes, and overall design. Its compact size and ease of maneuvering make it perfect for the bustling city streets.

This model is rather unique and compares in some ways to Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller which is much larger. Also, the Baby Jogger City Select LUX Double Stroller can be a possible peer. However, the Verve remains the smallest in the bunch, and the most economic.

Things We Like

  • The versatile functionality of the stroller
  • It’s quite easy to drive around
  • It has amazing aesthetics
  • Vast storage area if you’re using it as a single stroller
  • The safety features of the stroller

Room For Improvement

  • The tires and tubes might need frequent maintenance
  • The full reclining position is supported by straps only, rather than a solid structure.
  • It doesn’t have a footrest or cup holders

Features and Benefits

Before committing to any stroller, it’s best to go its main features from tip to toe. Here are the ones that stand out the most on the Verve.

Works as a Single or Double Stroller

In my opinion, this is the best feature of the Verve. It’s not too bulky if you use it for one child only, and it has ample space for two when you add the second seat. This fine balance is hard to achieve, and I haven’t seen it in many other strollers.

Easy Transformation Into a Travel System

The basic function of this elegant stroller is to roll about the city in style. However, there are situations when you might need to have a handy and practical travel system.

Luckily, you wouldn’t need to buy a new one, as the Verve can easily accept a carrycot or car seat. Both are available from Phil and Teds, and you’d just need a couple of simple car seat adapters. Folding the frame is no hassle at all, and you can store it in the trunk of your car without much trouble.

Exceptional Aesthetics

Going out in style is refreshing and exciting. And that doesn’t just mean wearing a nice outfit. Elegance covers all the aspects of our life, and our kids learn about good taste from all the beautiful things around them.

I’ve always admired good form that goes hand in hand with functionality and efficiency. And this stroller has all that and more.

Multiple Seating Modes

This stroller boasts several seat positions to adequately suit your babies’ requirements. The seats can be forward or rear-facing, depending on which arrangement would keep your kids the most amused and comfortable.

The top-level can be used for a baby in the bassinet configuration or regular buggy form. So if you have an infant and a toddler, you can easily carry both in one stroller! If you have two toddlers, you can transform the stroller into an in-line double-decker of sorts, and it would still stake up just a little more than a regular stroller.

The double-kit seat can be adjusted in any one of three recline positions, from sitting upright to lying flat. So napping is always on the menu, as well as enjoying the view as mommy drives the stroller around. The best part is that you can recline the seats with one hand, so you can tend to your children without having to put down any of the gear in your other arm.

You can also use the Verve as a travel system after attaching the necessary car seat adapters. So, in all, this product provides about 23 different riding options.

Suitable for Children From Newborn to Toddler

The Verve is designed to carry children, from the newborn stage up to around three years of age. It can easily accommodate kids up to 44 pounds in each seat. Weight capacity, size, and safety, are all set to be convenient for children in all their developmental stages.

Adjustable Sun Canopy

The covering is easily adjustable to tilt with the direction of the sun, so it would always provide the necessary shade. It doesn’t contain a peekaboo window, since the canopy is already not-too-big, and shows what the baby is up to.

The Verve is sometimes a bit ‘too’ concerned about looks, and the hood is one of these instances. For the sake of keeping the stroller slender and well-proportioned, the hood size was made rather small.

It might not provide the best protection from the wind or rain, so it’s recommended to add an extra cover when the weather isn’t too bright.

Compact With a Simple Folding Mechanism

This stroller is 25 inches wide x 17 inches deep and stands at about 33 inches high. These dimensions coupled with its weight of just 28 pounds make it quite small for a double stroller.

And to make it totally portable, it folds easily and neatly. Even when both seats are installed, it still flips into a manageable package, through a simple sequence.

Practical Handlebar, Brakes, and Curb-Pop

The adjustable handle doesn’t telescope vertically to accommodate parents’ stature, but rather tilts downwards to vary its height. It’s actually easier this way, especially with average-sized folks.

There’s a red button in the middle of the handlebar, and that’s the brake for the stroller. This is rather unique, as most strollers utilize a foot pedal for that. The button isn’t large or exposed, so it’s improbable to press it by accident.

The streets aren’t all flat and smooth, and quite frequently you have to go up steps and curbs. The curb-pop certainly helps with that, and it’s all by pressing the handlebar down and pushing forward.

Smooth Driving and a Sturdy Suspension System

Going about the bustling streets requires large wheels, steady brakes, and of course a reliable suspension system.

The 12-inch pneumatic air-filled rear tires provide the necessary stability and driving power, while the 7-inch EVA front wheels enhance the maneuverability of the stroller. For added safety, the back wheels have plastic covers inside to protect little fingers that reach for them from getting hurt, and the front wheels are lockable.

Alternatives and Conclusion

The Phil and Teds Verve stroller is a great option if you have two kids already or have just one child and another one coming soon. In either of these cases, you’re getting the full benefit of a single stroller that easily transforms into a smooth double ride.

The Verve, however, has been discontinued by the manufacturer, so if you’re looking to purchase one, you’ll need to do so from a third-party manufacturer. The UPPAbaby strollers are also gaining in popularity, with many new parents becoming loyal customers of the brand, so you might want to check out their product line to search for a suitable alternative.

You might also want to consider a tandem stroller for extra space. Also, if you find yourself wishing to venture a bit more outdoors, an all-terrain double stroller may be a wise investment for you and your babies.

Phil And Teds Verve Stroller Review: Cruising In Style
Phil And Teds Verve Stroller Review: Cruising Around In Style 1

If you have two kids already or have another child on the way, this stroller is a great option. Read more in our Phil and Teds verve stroller review.

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