Phil And Teds Promenade Stroller Review: A Family Essential

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Being a parent has its challenges, especially if you have two kids that are only one or two years apart. In this case, you’ll need a special double stroller to enable your little buddies to join you while you go shopping or run errands.

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One of the best options on the market is the all-new Phil and Teds Promenade buggy. So, let’s find out all about its qualities in this review.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Double Stroller

Because they’re handy and they usually offer good value for the price, double strollers could be a great investment for small families. So, if you have a toddler and ready to welcome a new baby, getting a double stroller is an excellent idea.

Yet, before you buy the first double stroller that you see, you may want to think about the following things first.


It’s important that you determine which type of double stroller you’ll need.

For instance, some strollers, like the Phil and Teds Promenade, are convertible from single to double. Thus, they can be especially useful if you already have a baby and are expecting another.

While it might be a cool option for twins, the majority of twin parents would prefer a side-by-side stroller.


The terrain on which you’ll push the stroller is another factor to keep in mind. Once you’ve determined the type of terrain, you’ll get to choose a stroller to match it, enhancing your baby’s safety.

For instance, there are all-terrain and street strollers. Our Promenade buddy here is an urban stroller, making it perfect for city-dwellers and slightly rougher terrain.

Your Everyday Use

Most double strollers are great options for everyday activity. Yet, some products are more suitable for things like jogging and running.

Therefore, before making up your mind about a stroller, look for options that’ll suit your lifestyle. The Promenade can do great with a busy mother. It’s convertible, offers multiple storage spaces, and has admirable versatility.

A Quick Overview of Phil and Teds Promenade Stroller

Phils and Teds Promenade isn’t their first single-to-double creation. Yet, when compared to its other siblings, you’ll find that its features are one step ahead.

For example, the Promenade features a reversible seat, which is a first in the brand’s line of double strollers. Plus, this stroller offers you the chance to convert its seat to a horizontal carrycot for infants.

When compared to the market leader, the UPPABaby Vista stroller, you’ll find that both have many things in common. Both strollers come with strong frames, applaudable flexibility, and awesome glide on city streets.

Yet, the UPPABaby Vista is slightly more convenient since it’s convertible to a triple stroller.

Still, the Promenade has maintained its popularity for its sleek modern design and useful features. Besides, let’s not forget its much-needed maneuverability.

Now, let’s find out more about the upsides and downsides of Phil and Teds Promenade stroller.

Things We Like

  • On-trend design that suits a dynamic city life
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • A comfortable baby seat with 3 positions
  • A convertible lie-flat carrycot ensures a sound sleep
  • Impressive front-wheel suspension

Room for Improvement

  • A bit bulky when you fold it
  • Could be hard to wedge into public transport because of its size
  • The seat height might be short for 4-year-olds, which can make using the footrest awkward

The Noteworthy Features of Phil and Teds Promenade Stroller

It’s about time that we address the amazing features and benefits of the Promenade stroller. To each active family that resides in the city, the following qualities may speak to you on a personal level.

Single-to-Double Conversion

In our opinion, the best thing about the Promenade is that you can transform it from a single to a double stroller with the addition of a second seat. This degree of flexibility is especially useful if your routine changes every day.

More often than not, your two children will have to join you on your weekly grocery shopping journey. But some days you’ll have to put your infant alone in the stroller, and other times you’ll need the bigger sibling alone.

Therefore, it’s easy to admire the Promenade for keeping up with each of the previous scenarios. Plus, not only will you be able to take both of your kids along, but you can also make each one of them comfortable according to their individual needs.

Multiple Seating Positions

When we talk about comfort and convenience, we have to discuss the various seating and recline positions that this stroller can offer you. The main seat is padded and reversible, so whether your child is forward-facing or not, he or she will be comfortable. There are three one-hand recline positions for you and your baby to utilize, including lying flat for newborns.

Once you add the second seat to the buggy, you can have both children sitting upright, lying horizontally, or a mix of these two postures. Additionally, both seats are reversible so that your babies can make eye contact with you and ultimately feel safer.

Speaking of feeling safer, utilize the removable bumper bar on your Phil and Teds Promenade stroller to give your baby an added level of protection. But if you find this detail bothersome, simply swing it out of the way.

The Promenade’s various seating options are especially wonderful if you have an older child who enjoys the view and another baby who needs to sleep. Even better, you can change positions using one hand. Again, that’s perfect if your other hand is always occupied with your purse, phone, or groceries.

Knowing deep down that you can customize this stroller based on your and your children’s needs, it’s hard not to consider this stroller as a viable option.

Design and Materials

The makers of the Promenade have put so much thought into each design consideration to make things easier for the parents and the babies.

First off, the harness material is plush, yet it’s strong enough to keep your baby from rattling in his or her seat. Also, the shoulder pads are adjustable. It’s important to note that the front of the seat houses a bracket on which you can hang toys to keep your little one entertained.

Secondly, we couldn’t help but admire the canopy, which offers plenty of protection against the weather. It helps keep away direct sunlight, wind, and rain so that your little one doesn’t become annoyed by the elements. There’s even a zip-out extension that’ll allow you to pull the hood out even further.

The push-seat and hood are made of durable polyester, which is easy to clean with mild water and some soap.

The stroller is also available with a sturdy frame. Along with its other high-quality components, you can expect the Promenade to last for years of wear-and-tear.

Suitable for a City That Buzzes With Life

Maneuvering this stroller through store aisles, posts, and tight alleys aren’t as tough as it might seem. While it’s a bit on the bulky side, the Promenade has swiveling front wheels to grant you a nice level of control.

No, the Promenade is not exactly the best stroller for public transportation because of its size. However, you should keep in mind that it’s still a double stroller. Therefore, it’s only natural that it’s slightly larger than a standard stroller, with a weight of 28 pounds.

Easy to Assemble and Fold

One of the Promenade’s best features is that assembly is a piece of cake as long as you take a good look at the instructions included. It can take several minutes to set up. Once you’ve purchased the second seat with Phil and Teds Promenade double kit, adding the second seat is a snap — literally.

When it comes to folding this beauty, many parents admired that it was an easy task. However, it can be quite an issue that this stroller is a bit bulky when folded.

For those who have large houses or big apartments, storing this stroller may not be a problem. Yet, people with smaller apartments or vehicles might struggle a wee bit with space. Still, we don’t think that’s a deal-breaker.

Much-Needed Storage Space

Shopping, taking a walk in the park, or going to the salon can be remarkably easier if you have some additional space next to your own purse. For this reason, the Phil and Ted Promenade stroller comes with a storage basket.

Here, you can put your stuff as well as your baby’s belongings. Thus, you wouldn’t need to clatter your handbag with too many items, making it challenging to rummage through them.

Still, while the included basket is helpful, it tends to tilt a little bit. So, you’ll need to be extra careful not to have your things falling from it as you push the stroller.

Alternatives and Conclusion

Phil and Teds Promenade buggy includes many features that any city-dwelling parent can appreciate. It can act both as a single or double stroller. Plus, it comes in modern design and helps you glide seamlessly down busy streets while keeping your baby secure.

However, if you’ve made it this far in our Phil and Teds Promenade stroller review and found this product isn’t exactly what you’ve been hoping for, that’s okay. We’d be glad to introduce a few alternatives that could be more suitable.

For example, a lot of people would rather choose a side-by-side stroller over a single-to-double stroller. In this case, you can use the help of this guide to make your decision.

On the other hand, you might appreciate another double stroller with more seating options. In this case, we advise you to go for Thule Sleek for bringing even more versatility to the table.

Last but not least, many parents want to get their hands on a Bugaboo stroller. If you fit into that category, then you may want to invest in the awesome Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus.

Phil And Teds Promenade Stroller Review: A Family Essential
Phil And Teds Promenade Stroller Review: A Family Essential 1

Our Phil and Teds Promenade stroller review speaks on the many features this buggy inherits that any city-dwelling parent.

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