25 Low-Cost & Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas – Indoor and Outdoor

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Finding low-cost, fun activities to keep your kids occupied during the long summer vacation can be challenging. These days, parents are being advised to limit the number of hours their children spend engaged in online gaming, chatting on social media, and watching TV. So, what can you do when it’s raining outside and “back to school” feels like a million years away?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you in this list of 25 brilliant scavenger hunt ideas for kids. Scavenger hunts are also a fantastic birthday party activity, and you can give prizes to the winners too to add to the excitement.

Don’t worry if you live in a condo or apartment that doesn’t have a backyard or garden. There are plenty of ideas for indoor scavenger hunt games included in our list.

So, without more ado, let the fun begin!

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Project #1: Rhyming Riddle Scavenger Hunt

This indoor scavenger hunt will keep your kids amused for hours, guessing and working out the riddles. All the questions are created for you; simply print and cut!

If you have a good imagination and you’re handy with words, why not compose your own riddles and add them to the mix to make the game last longer?


Project #2: Summer Nature Scavenger Hunt

You can live in the city or the countryside and still enjoy this summer nature scavenger hunt.

All you have to do is print out the prepared sheet and take a walk with your kids, either to the park or along a hiking trail. This scavenger hunt adds an educational element to exploring the Great Outdoors for younger kids.

Project #3: Wilderness Nature Scavenger Hunt

If you and your family enjoy taking day trips out into the wilderness or you’re planning an outdoorsy vacation this summer, this printable nature scavenger hunt is a must-do for your family!

This scavenger hunt is perfect for older kids who have an interest in nature and wildlife.


Project #4: Find Things Treasure Hunt

If you’re stuck for ideas for indoor birthday party games, this Find Things Treasure Hunt could be just what you’re looking for. This scavenger hunt makes a wonderful game for very young kids, as all the clues are simple and straightforward.

Simply print out the treasure hunt sheet and give one to each child. The person who finds all the items first is the winner!

Project #5: Backyard Treasure Hunt

25 Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you have a big backyard with lots of places to hide treasure, this backyard treasure hunt will make a perfect birthday party game for younger children.

Complete with a pirate map, treasure chest, and “pieces of eight,” you can make the whole scavenger hunt for just a few dollars and a little of your time.

Why not make your child’s next birthday party fancy dress with a pirate theme?

Just follow the instructions in our tutorial and watch the video guide at this link.

Project #6: Photo Scavenger Hunt

This photo scavenger hunt is a brilliant idea for kids who enjoy snapping away with a camera or phone. This boredom buster will keep children of all ages occupied for hours, and this photo scavenger hunt is also great for encouraging creativity.


Project #7: Easter Scavenger Hunt

Children of all ages love an Easter egg hunt, and you can add to the eggcitement, by incorporating this fun Easter scavenger hunt into the mix.

Hide your kids’ Easter eggs where the scavenger hunt clues will take them and watch their faces light up when they find their prize!


Project #8: Five Senses Nature Scavenger Hunt

For a scavenger hunt with a difference, why not try this Five Senses Nature game? To play the game, kids have to find nature items that relate to their five senses. This is a fun, educational game that’s great for younger children.


Project #9: Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

This printable Gratitude Scavenger Hunt is a lovely way of teaching young kids about the concept of gratitude and being grateful for the little things in life and the big things too.

Project #10: Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

On the most romantic day of the year, your kids will love this Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt game. The printable game contains 24 mix-and-match clues and some blanks too so that you can make up a few extra clues yourself.

February can be cold and dreary, so why not brighten up Valentine’s with this cheery indoor game?


Project #11: Fall Scavenger Hunt

Fall is such a beautiful season, and there’s nothing nicer than taking a walk through the park with your family on a sunny afternoon. This Fall Scavenger Hunt focuses on lots of commonly seen items that your kids will have fun tracking down.

Simply print out the scavenger hunt page, wrap up warmly, and get out there!


Project #12: Winter Adventure Hunt

When the snow’s falling outside and the world has turned white, it’s time for you and your kids to venture out for a Winter Adventure Hunt.

This scavenger hunt features everything you would expect to find in a countryside winter landscape, but it can work just as well in your backyard or school playground.

For extra fun, you could add Santa Claus to the list of treasure your kids have to find!

Project #13: Holiday Scavenger Hunt

As if Christmastime wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve found this wonderful Holiday Scavenger Hunt for you to play with your kids. Hide lots of presents close to some of the 46 clues provided, and enjoy your kids’ delighted laughter as they crack the clues and find their gifts.


Project #14: Elf on the Shelf Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt

Still in the Holiday spirit, check out this Elf on the Shelf Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt!

“Elfie” has come up with eight clues to hidden candy canes for your kids to find. Simply print out the cards, hide the candy, and let the fun commence!


Project #15: Indoor Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt

The idea for this Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt was conceived by a home-school Mom who wanted to combine teaching her kids about the Bible and amusing them indoors when the weather was too bad for them to play outside.

This scavenger hunt is ideal for older children as a fun, learning game.


Project #16: Family Night Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Many families enjoy a dedicated family night once a week or so. Sometimes it can be challenging to think up new ideas for entertainment, especially when you’ve already watched the latest movies. This printable Family Night Indoor Scavenger Hunt is the perfect solution to your dilemma!

Print the cards out, hide them around the house, and award a prize to the winner of the game.


Project #17: Disney Scavenger Hunt

Most kids love Disney, so why not entertain your family with this Disney Scavenger Hunt? This scavenger hunt is perfect for a birthday party, family night, or for a rainy day when your children don’t want to play outside.


Project #18: Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Sometimes, the road trip from your home to your vacation destination can be long and tiring for your kids. This clever Road Trip Scavenger Hunt can provide a welcome distraction for bored children. Just print off the scavenger hunt page and remember to pack plenty of snacks, drinks, etc. for a smooth trip!


Project #19: Printable Indoor Scavenger Hunts

This selection of Printable Indoor Scavenger Hunts will provide your kids with plenty of entertainment while you’re waiting for the rain to stop! Here you’ll find lots of great ideas that are sure to keep your little ones occupied for hours.


Project #20: Camping Scavenger Hunt

If you and your family are off on a camping trip this vacation, here’s a brilliant idea for some good, old-school entertainment! This Camping Scavenger Hunt will have campers of all ages searching high and low for some easy-to-find stuff, and some downright weird things too!


Project #21: Halloween Treasure Hunt

When the veil is at its thinnest on the Eve of All Hallows, ghosts and ghouls are around! Why not include this Halloween Treasure Hunt as one of the games at your Halloween party this year?

Kids of all ages will have a spectacularly spooky time, playing this game, especially if you make scary fancy dress a rule!


Project #22: Room on the Broom Scavenger Hunt

Here’s another brilliant Halloween scavenger hunt that will appeal to kids who love the Room on the Broom books. Have fun making the crafts with your kids, and then hiding their works of art all around the house!

Project #23: Great Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

If you want to make some wonderful memories this summer, you’ll need to print out this Great Outdoor Scavenger Hunt. This outdoor scavenger hunt, complete with buried treasure, has been a massive hit with kids of all ages and is so much fun, this scavenger hunt could become an annual family tradition in your home!


Project #24: Scavenger Hunt for Young Kids

This is a fun, printable scavenger hunt, especially for young kids. This game is the ideal boredom buster for those snowy, rainy days when kids don’t want to play outside. Alternatively, use this scavenger hunt outdoors on sunny summer days!

Kids can either take photos of the treasure when they find it or perhaps draw pictures instead and then create a book of their great adventure.


Project #25: Glow in the Dark Scavenger Hunt

Kids of all ages will love this exciting Glow-in-the-Dark Scavenger Hunt!

This versatile scavenger hunt can be held indoors and outdoors, whatever the weather. Play the game on vacation or at home, use it for birthday parties, Halloween get-togethers, or just for fun!


Wrapping it up

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt, and we’re sure you’ve found plenty of inspiration in our selections.

Most of these games are printable and free, making them perfect for those on a tight budget. And they all provide valuable physical and mental exercise for your kids too!

If you’ve never held a scavenger hunt before, you have to try one! Whether you’re looking for ideas for birthday parties, Halloween, Holidays, vacation, or just to help keep your kids busy on rainy days when they can’t play outside, there’s a scavenger hunt in our list to suit all ages and occasions.



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