DIY Girl Baby Shower Party Favors

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When you know that your new baby is going to be a girl, you can plan your baby shower especially to suit! As well as decorations, a centerpiece, and maybe some fun games for your guests to play, you’ll want to give party favors to everyone who comes to your celebration for them to keep as a memento of your special day.

You might not want to give a traditional candy or cake party favor, as not everyone has a sweet tooth. So, what can you do?

Are you stuck for ideas? Well, look no further!

We’ve got the perfect DIY girl baby shower party favor how-to guide for you! This party favor is practical, useful, won’t spoil anyone’s diet, and is inexpensive to make, as well as looking great on your baby shower centerpiece table. What’s not to like?!

Our girl baby shower party favor tutorial is based on this YouTube video brought to you by The Makeover Mom.

So, let’s get to it!

Table of Contents

What you’ll need

Everything you need for this project can be bought from your local drug store, online at the handy links we’ve included above, or from Dollar Tree if you have an account with them.

You’ll need one of everything per guest.

DIY Girl Baby Shower Party Favors

Step 1: Prepare the Mason jar

Start by taking a Mason jar and removing the inner liner disc from the lid. The liner should just pop out easily. Discard all the lid liner discs, as you’re not going to need them.

Step 2: Add padding to the Mason jar

Now, place a few cotton balls into the jar so that it’s about half full. Don’t use too much cotton or you won’t have room for everything else! Tamp down the cotton balls.

Next, place a small amount of shredded paper packing on top of the cotton balls and tamp it down. You can use any color paper you like, but we think pastel pink or blue looks pretty!

Step 3: Replace the lid

Now, put the lid back onto the jar, allowing the nail file and cuticle stick to poke out of the top.

Step 4: Fill your jar with nail-care gifts

Finally, place each of your gifts into the jar, taking care to arrange each item so that the favor looks good from all sides.

And that’s it!

In just 15 minutes, you can create these inexpensive, super-pretty, practical party favors that make perfect gifts for your girl baby shower guests!

To see how The Makeover Mom created this simple and extremely effective decoration, check out her video at this link!


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