30 Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

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If you’re planning a baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of your new baby girl, you’ll be looking for some neat ideas for your party.

Whether you want concepts for décor, food, drinks, favors or party games, you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration in our list of 30 super projects for a girl’s baby shower. Buying everything that you’ll need for your new baby is a costly business, so, for those on a budget, we’ve made sure to include lots of projects here that look great and won’t cost you a fortune.

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Project #1: DIY Party Favors for Girl’s Baby Shower

DIY Girl Baby Shower Party Favors

You’ll want to give each of your guests a party favor to take away with them from your baby shower. Here’s an idea that’s super-simple to make, practical, feminine, and looks pretty on your centerpiece table too!

And don’t worry if you’re pressed for time; these favors take only a few minutes to make! Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in our tutorial and take a look at the video guide at this link

Project #2: First Shoes Baby Shower Centerpiece

Your centerpiece is an essential part of your baby shower. Here’s a great idea for an eye-catching centerpiece that’s simple, quick, and inexpensive to put together.

The bell cloche and cute shoes are both items that you can use after the party too, so this stunning centerpiece is practical, and nothing goes to waste.

Project #3: Cherry Blossom Welcome Sign

If you want to create the perfect first impression and set the tone for a romantic, enchanted garden themed baby shower, check out this beautiful cherry blossom welcome sign.

Overflowing with gorgeous pink blossom, this welcome display looks expensive, but it really isn’t. And the best part of all is that you can make the whole thing yourself!

Project #4: Rustic Girl Baby Shower Table Decorations

For a country-girl feel and rustic-themed baby shower, these pretty, floral table decorations are ideal.

You can use silk or fresh pink carnations and white baby’s breath to create these super-simple, effective arrangements that will grace your party tables. If you use fresh flowers, remember to add water to the jars so that the blooms stay fresh!

Project #5: Pink Mason Jar Table Decorations

If you have a larger budget, you might want to splash out on a few of these stunning, pink Mason jar table decorations.

These pretty, sweet pea-filled jars are perfect for a country-themed girl’s baby shower table decoration but would also make great gifts for close relatives and friends. Again, you could use fresh, scented sweet peas if they’re in season.

Project #6: Floral Letters Baby Name Decoration

If you’ve already chosen your baby girl’s name but kept it a secret, you may want to announce it at your baby shower. So, why not make these simple yet extremely effective floral letters to spell out your little girl’s name as a stunning reveal at your baby shower?

Everything you need for this project can be sourced from your local craft store. Just choose your favorite silk blooms and get crafty!

Project #7: DIY Balloon Table Decorations

No celebration is complete without a few balloons! These cute, inventive balloon party decorations are simple and cheap to make, and they’ll make your party shower tables look fantastic.

Project #8: Elephant Baby Shower Guestbook

Every baby shower should have a guestbook so that Mom and Dad will have a souvenir of the occasion to look back on in years to come.

This printable elephant-themed baby shower guestbook is really quick and easy to make, and since the guestbook is framed, you can proudly display the whole thing on your wall after the event.

Project #9: Party Favor Pamper Gift

Although you can invite guys along to your baby shower, the chances are that most of your guests will be ladies. You can create a lovely baby shower gift for the special girls in your life by putting together these pink, pamper party favors.

These favors are super-quick to make, and you can choose to fill them with lotions and potions that fit your budget and your friends’ tastes.

Project #10: Pink Clouds and Showers Decoration

We love this idea for a pink clouds and showers over-table decoration.

All you need to create this low-cost arrangement are some pale pink balloons, nylon fishing line, and some cut-out card or tissue paper raindrops in pink and white. Why not place a bowl of pink party punch underneath the clouds to give the effect that the clouds are raining a refreshing fruity drink?

Project #11: Tutu Marshmallows

If you’re looking for a sweet treat to grace your party table, these pretty ballerina marshmallows could be just what you need.

You don’t need to be a star baker or accomplished confectioner to create these cute nibbles. You’ll need wooden kebab sticks, large marshmallows, edible pink glitter or crushed sugar, and some pink paper cupcake cases. Genius!

Project #12: Baby Succulent Party Favors

If you have green-fingered baby shower guests or you’re looking for something a little different to give as gifts to your friends, you might like to use this idea.

The little baby succulent plants are super-simple to grow and care for, and your guests will be able to watch their baby grow, just as you will when your little girl arrives!

Project #13: Sweet Pea Party Favors

Party favors are a longstanding tradition at baby showers. These sweet pea party favors are cheap and easy to put together, but they look lovely displayed on your party table, and your guests will adore them.

You’ll need access to a home computer and a printer so that you can produce your personalized gift cards to attach to the favors.

Project #14: Bow Tie Cutlery Holders

If you’re serving food at your girl’s baby shower, you’ll love this idea! These cute, pink bow tie napkins make the perfect holder for cutlery sets. They also create a very effective table display for your guests to enjoy when they arrive at your celebration.

Everything you need for this project can be found at your local dollar store, making this the ideal creative idea for parents on a tight budget.

Project #15: “Pop It When She Pops” Party Favors!

If you have a larger budget for your baby shower, you might want to splash out on these “pop it when she pops” bottles of champagne party favors.

With these luxury party favors, your friends and family can celebrate the arrival of your little girl by popping a cork and raising a glass!

Project #16: Sweet Hershey’s Party Favors

If your friends have a sweet tooth, you’ll please everyone with these uber-simple Hersey’s party favors. Not only are these favors really easy to make and very cost-effective, but they’ll also appeal to the guys and kids too!

Project #17: Pink Tutu Centerpiece

Your girl’s baby shower table will need an eye-catching centerpiece, and this pink tutu idea certainly fits the bill. You can put this centerpiece together in an hour or so before your celebration. On the day, fill the tutu’s bodice with gorgeous fresh flowers of your choice.

Project #18: Photo Booth

Everyone will want to take a selfie with you at your baby shower celebration. So, you’ll need a photo booth that will make the perfect frame for your pics!

This is a simple but very effective idea for a photo booth that you can put together yourself with a little time and effort for just a few dollars.

Say “Cheese!”

Project #19: DIY Rustic Photo Booth

Here’s another photo booth that you might like to create if you’re planning a rustic-themed baby shower.

This photo booth is perfect for use all year round, and you can choose your favorite floral embellishments for the wooden frame, according to what’s in season. Pick a dramatic, neutral background for your photo booth for best effect.

Project #20: Butterfly Photo Booth

Why not get hearts fluttering with selfies taken in this gorgeous, butterfly photo booth?

The photo booth is simple to create but super-effective. Even better, you can size the booth up or down, depending on how much space you have available at your baby shower venue.

Project #21: Simple, Paper Plate Photo Backdrop

If you don’t have much time or money to spend on creating decorations for your girl’s baby shower party, this paper plate photo backdrop could be the answer to your prayers!

You can choose paper plates in an array of bright colors or keep it simple and stick with shades of pink. Whichever you choose, you’ll find folk flocking to take their snaps in front of this stunning background!

Use non-marking pads to fix the plates to the wall so that they won’t ruin your paint when you remove them after the party!

Project #22: Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails

These cotton candy champagne cocktails are the perfect way for your guests to toast your new arrival at your baby shower.

You can make the cocktails at home without breaking the bank too!

Project #23: “Place Your Bets!”

Everyone loves a flutter, and this baby shower guessing game is an excellent way of creating a fun, party atmosphere at your celebration.

All you need for this project is a large piece of white card, some fancy metallic gold pens, and a little artistic flair to make this guessing game calendar board. Ask each of your guests to choose the day on which they reckon your little girl will be born and write their names on the board in the appropriate place.

You can play for fun, or ask each player to put down a dollar as their stake. Then, it’s winner takes all for the person who guesses correctly, or you could perhaps choose a small prize for the winner if you prefer to keep money out of it!

Project #24: Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you enjoy baking, you might want to tempt your guests with these delicious, pink chocolate chip cookies.

The recipe for these sweet treats is so simple; even a novice baker can make them! Pile a plate high with sweet-smelling, tasty cookies to create a mouth-watering centerpiece for your party table.

Project #25: Citrus Water Punch

For a non-alcoholic drink that’s refreshing and healthy too, why not make a pitcher or two of this delicious citrus water punch?

You’ll need a large beverage dispenser; if you don’t have one, you can hire them from catering companies. Fill the dispenser with sliced lemons, oranges, and grapefruit, add mineral water and ice cubes, and then finish off with a few sprigs of fresh mint and a dash of pink food coloring. Perfect on a hot summer’s day!

Project #26: Baby Bottle Cocktails

Your thirsty girl’s baby shower guests won’t be able to resist non-alcoholic pink cocktails served in baby bottles with pretty paper straws!

You can use any drink to fill the bottles, from fruit cordial to milkshake, as long as it’s pink!

Project #27: Diaper Wreath Dream Catcher

Who would have thought that you could create this stunning dream catcher wreath from diapers?!

If you enjoy crafting and making things, this could be the perfect project for you. As well as diapers, you’ll need some ribbon, silk flowers, and a little time to spare.

Project #28: Watermelon Baby Carriage

Wow! How cute is this watermelon baby carriage?

If you’re planning on holding your girl’s baby shower in the summertime when watermelons are in season in your region, this could be the perfect centerpiece for your party table. Everything in the baby carriage is edible, apart from the baby’s pacifier and her ribbon! That said, if you’re into baking, you could make the pacifier and ribbon from pink marzipan.

Project #29: Photo Backdrop

Every party should have a focal point for your guests’ selfies, and this floral photo backdrop creates the perfect place for posing!

You can make the backdrop yourself easily by using giant silk roses and lots of pink ribbons. Hang your creation from a flat wall in good light, and practice your best pout!

Project #30: Pink Pompom Decorations

For a perfect, pink finishing touch to your baby shower décor scheme, you might like to try making some pompom decorations. You can use the pompoms to brighten up dull areas around the room you’re using for your party, and they also work well outside when hung from trees or dotted around a patio.

Wrapping it up

We hope you’ve had fun looking over these projects and recipes for your girl’s baby shower! There are ideas here to suit every budget and taste, so why not get busy planning which projects you’re going to use to make your girl’s baby shower truly memorable.



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