Best 100th Days of School Ideas for Preschoolers

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Once the holidays are over, many schools look forward to finishing the first 100 days of school. The precise date varies between schools, but most reach the 100th day at the end of January or in early to mid-February. In the dull days of winter, the 100th-day celebration can help to brighten the days for pupils and teachers alike.

In this fun article, we present to you 25 exciting projects to mark the 100 days of school. These projects can be done at home, in class, or as a craft project that the whole family can take part in.

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Project #1: 100 Days of School Balloon Ride Card

This bright and cheerful balloon ride card celebrates the 100 days of school in style! The card is easy to make and can be scaled up or down to suit the space you have for display.

Be sure to put your child’s image riding in the balloon basket!


Project #2: 100th Day of School Gumball T-shirt

Kids of all ages love to wear bright colors! This colorful, fun 100th Day of School Gumball T-shirt is easy to make and won’t break your budget either.

Tip: Your child will love this shirt so much we suggest you buy an oversize T-Shirt so it’ll last for next year and more!

100th Day Of School DIY Shirt Tutorial

Check it out here.

Project #3: 100 Days of School Goldfish Bowl

For a super-bright, cheerful and quirky display that celebrates the 100th Day of School in style, check out this goldfish bowl.

th100 little fishes swimming in a pretty blue bowl will brighten up any school notice board.


Project #4: 100 Days of School Learning Tree

This classroom project combines learning with art, craft, and fun, making it the perfect indoor activity for very young kids. Brightly colored handprints help pupils learn how to count right up to 100, and their handiwork looks great on your classroom walls.


Project #5: Ice Cream Cone 100 Days of School T-shirt

If you enjoy making things, this Ice Cream Cone 100 Days of School T-shirt could be the perfect project for you. Your child will love this funky, super-sweet T-shirt so much they’ll never want to take it off!


Project #6: 100 Days of School Centipede Project

This super-fun project makes a wonderful display for the classroom. The happy, smiling, rainbow centipede is easy to make and won’t cost the earth. All you need are some multicolored pipe cleaners, Styrofoam balls, and poster paints.


Project #7: 100 Days of School and Loving It!

This is a great project for moms who love to get creative and crafty. You’ll need a plain, white “T,” 100 felt hearts, and some fabric puff paint. Every little girl would love to go to school to celebrate 100 days wearing this wonderful 100 Days of School and Loving It shirt!


Project #8: 100 Days of School Gumball Poster

If you’re looking for a project for young kids to work on in art class, this 100 Days of School Gumball Poster could be just what you’re looking for!

You can buy the pom-pom gumballs in volume for a few dollars, and the final effect is stunning!


Project #9: 100 Days of School Up, Up & Away Cape 

Every kid wants to be a superhero, and your child will love this easy-to-make costume. All you need are some pom-poms and felt, and you can create a stunning cape complete with white fluffy clouds and one giant balloon filled with 100 little ones!


Project #10: 100 Days of School Captain America Shield

This 100 Days of School Captain America Shield is the ultimate superhero accessory that your child will be thrilled to take into school for the 100 Days celebration.

Although it looks very impressive, the shield is easy to make. One hundred stars represent the 100 days on the shield’s surface.


Project #11: 100 Dots on Spot Kindergarten Poster

Kindergarten kids will go wild for this fun and educational spotty dog poster. The idea is simple. You start with a white dog called Spot, and the kids add the 100 dots!


Project #12: 100 Days of School Old Lady Costume

Older kids will adore this 100th Day of School Old Lady Costume! If your school celebrates 100 Days with fancy dress, check out this simple idea for an old lady who’s at least 100 years old!

Why not put on a play to celebrate 100 Days and incorporate the fancy dress into a drama class?


Project #13: 100 Days Smarter Crown

Young children who enjoy the fun challenge of undertaking a craft project will surely love this easy to make, 100 Days Smarter Crown.

The crown is made from strips of colored paper decorated with pom-pom embellishments and shiny paper jewels. Kids can express themselves by choosing their unique trimmings. You could add feathers or fake fur to complete your Little King’s regal look.


Project #14: 100 Days of School Rhyming Words Poster

This 100 Days of School Rhyming Words Poster is a brilliant idea that combines learning with a fun activity. Rhyming Words is perfect for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd-grade students. Turn education into a party with this simple project!


Project #15: 100 Days Brighter Jeweled T-Shirt

Older kids will go crazy for this blingy 100 Days Brighter Jeweled T-Shirt. Although it looks crazy expensive, this shirt really isn’t.

All you need is a cheap, plain T-shirt, some fabric paint, and an assortment of 100 jewels and beads that you’ll find in a good craft shop.


Project #16: Which Jar Has 100?

You can include this simple puzzle game in your students’ 100 Days of School celebrations and turn the classroom into a party!

You’ll need three Mason jars, pom-poms, beads, and M&Ms. Label the jars 1, 2, and 3, fill one with 100 items and the others with less. The kids have to learn how to estimate the number of items in the jars and try to work out which jar has 100 inside.

This puzzle is ideal for kindergarten kids or first graders.


Project #17: 100 Days Sharper Shark T-shirt

Sharks get a lot of bad press, but these magnificent creatures are crucial to the ecosystem of our oceans.

You can use this easy to create, effective 100 Days Sharper Shark T-shirt as the inspiration for a lesson where pupils learn about sharks, how endangered they are and why, and what makes sharks so vital for the health of the oceans.


Project #18: 100 Days Rainbow

This 100 Days Rainbow project makes the perfect way to brighten up a classroom. Kindergarten kids will enjoy creating the pretty rainbow design with its fluffy white clouds and blue skies.


Project #19: Time Flies 100 Days of School T-Shirt

100 Days of School shirts are very popular with all kids, and this bright blue shirt with its jolly, fly-catching frog is sure to delight your child. The shirt is easy to make, and your child can join in by helping to count the 100 flies that form the frog’s dinner.


Project #20: Adventure Is Out There 100 Days of School Fun Poster

If you want a 100 Days of School Poster that will really catch the eye, look no further!

Every day of school, nominate one pupil to inflate one of the balloons until all are done on the 100th day of school. This is a 3D interactive project that kids love!


Project #21: Magical First 100 Days of School Poster

Your pupils will love creating this beautiful unicorn poster to celebrate their first 100 Magical Days of School. The design is quite complex, so the project is best-suited to older kids or younger pupils under supervision.


Project #22: Thumbs Up! 100 Days Smarter T-shirt

This Thumbs Up! 100 Days Smarter T-shirt is simple and cheap to make. Your kids are sure to enjoy helping to create the shirt by putting 100 thumbprints all over it!


Project #23: Bee Hive 100 Days of School Sweatshirt

This quirky, cute shirt says, “I can’t beelieve it’s been 100 days.” Your child will love sticking 100 buzzing honey bees onto their shirt once you’ve made the beehive.

Choose a bright color for the shirt that shows off the honey bees such as pink, blue, or green.


Project #24: 100 Days of School and I Had a Ball T-shirt

This 100 Days of School and I Had a Ball T-shirt makes a wonderfully themed shirt for a child to wear to their school’s 100th-day celebration. Sporty kids will love this design with its 100 balls representing different sports and physical education activities.


Project #25: I Ninja’d My Way to 100 Days T-shirt

For kids who want to be a hero, this Ninja-inspired T-shirt is perfect! All you need to create this design is some felt, some pom-poms, fabric paints, and a plain black T-shirt.

Your child will look and feel like a superhero in this cool shirt with its clever design.


Wrapping it up

We’re sure you’ve found a few projects in our list that would be perfect for young kids to get involved in. Everything in our list is simple and inexpensive to do, so why not plan to include a few of these activities in your child’s 100th Days of School celebrations this year?


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