50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With S for Your Little Signorina

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Choosing the perfect name for your future little girl is like embarking on a magical quest. Our list of 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With S isn’t just about names, it’s about dreams, happiness, and a unique heritage waiting to be embraced!

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With S

There are many famous and influential figures sporting Italian girl names starting with S. Sophia Loren, an iconic Italian actress renowned worldwide, epitomizes grace and talent. Then we have Serena Williams, a powerhouse athlete with an Italian moniker that signifies “serene” or “tranquil”. Such inspirational women could lend more than just a name for your little girl – they represent strength, success, and tenacity.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. SabinaSabine, Bina“Sabine”
2. SerenaSerene, Serina“Serene, calm”
3. SilviaSylvia, Silvie“From the forest”
4. SofiaSophia, Sophi“Wisdom”
5. StellaEstella, Stellina“Star”
6. SerafinaSeraphina, Fina“Burning one, Seraphim”
7. SelenaSelene, Selina“Moon”
8. SamantaSamantha, Sam“Listener”
9. SimonaSimone, Mona“Heard”
10. SirenaSerena“Siren, mermaid”
11. SusannaSusan, Anna“Lily flower”
12. SandraSandrina, Andra“Defender of mankind”
13. SalomeSalomé“Peace”
14. SidoniaSidonie, Donia“From Sidon”
15. SovranaSovrane“Sovereign”
16. SperanzaEsperanza, Anza“Hope”
17. SeverinaSevrin, Verina“Stern”
18. SibillaSybille, Bella“Prophetess, Seer”
19. SvevaSvea“Of the Swabians”
20. SanciaSancha, Sansa“Holy”
21. ScevolaScevolina“Left-handed”
22. SavinaSabina, Vina“Sabine”
23. SvevaSvea“Of the Swabians”
24. SibyllaSybille, Sibelle“Prophetess, Seer”
25. StellaEstelle, Stelle“Star”
26. SiraSiri, Siria“Sun”
27. SibillaSybille, Sibelle“Prophetess, Seer”
28. SimonettaSimona, Neta“God has heard”
29. SanciaSansa, Sanzia“Holy”
30. SestinaSestin, Tina“Sixth”
31. SorayaSoraiya, Raya“The Pleiades”
32. SigismondaSigismunda, Monda“Victorious protector”
33. SidoniaDonia, Sidonie“From Sidon”
34. SperataEsperata, Rata“Hoped-for”
35. SvevinaSveva, Vina“Of the Swabians”
36. SilvanaSilvania, Vana“Forest, woods”
37. SvevolaSveva, Vola“Of the Swabians”
38. SorellaSolella, Rella“Sister”
39. SvevolinaSveva, Lina“Of the Swabians”
40. SibellinaSibella, Lina“Prophetess, Seer”
41. SalviaSalvina, Via“Healthy, wholesome”
42. SissinaSissi, Sina“Blind one”
43. SireniaSiren, Enia“Siren, mermaid”
44. SivigliaSeville, Lia“From Seville”
45. SanciaSanzia, Sancha“Holy”
46. SerenellaSerena, Nella“Serene, calm”
47. SeforaSephora, Ora“Bird”
48. SivillaCivilla“From Seville”
49. SerafineSerafina“Burning one, Seraphim”
50. SoraSorana, Ora“Sorceress”

We hope you enjoyed our curated list of 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With S. Choosing a name is an important part of your baby’s journey and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. Don’t forget to explore more of our thoughtfully crafted baby name idea lists for more inspiration. Remember, each name carries a story, and your little one is about to start writing hers. Happy naming!

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