Unearth Heritage With 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With S

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Choosing the perfect name for your little bundle of joy can feel like a beautiful, yet challenging journey. Our tailor-made list of ’50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With S’ is here to inspire and guide you in making that special choice!

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With S

Several famous personalities bear the charm of Italian baby boy names starting with S! One standout is Salvatore Ferragamo, a renowned Italian shoe designer who significantly influenced the fashion world. Another is Sergio Leone, a legendary film director whose work on Spaghetti Westerns is globally acclaimed. Choosing such a name may set your child on a path of distinction!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. SalvatoreSalvator, SalvatoraSaviour
2. SergioSergiusServant
3. StefanoStephan, StephenCrown
4. SilvioSilviusWood, forest
5. SebastianoSebastian, SebastienRevered
6. SamueleSamuel, SamualGod has heard
7. SaverioXavier, XaviNew house
8. SiroSirioFrom Syria
9. SimoneSimon, SymonHe who listens
10. SantoSantos, SantinoSaint
11. SaturninoSaturninDedicated to the god Saturn
12. SavinoSabin, SabinoSabine
13. SeverinoSeverin, SeverusStern
14. SilverioSilver, SilvariusWood
15. SilvanoSylvano, SylvanOf the forest
16. SistoSixtus, SextusPolished, elegant
17. SettimioSeptimius, SeptimusSeventh
18. SandroAlessandro, AlejandroDefender of mankind
19. SebastianoSebastian, BastianVenerable, revered
20. ScipioneScipionStaff, scepter
21. SecondoSegundoSecond
22. SerafinoSerafin, SeraphimFiery ones
23. SeveroSeverus, SevrinSevere, stern
24. SolideoSolideusSun of God
25. SpartacoSpartacusFrom Sparta
26. StanislaoStanislas, StanislausStand + Glory
27. SulpizioSulpicius, SulpiceThe one who is pulled
28. SabatoSabbath, SabathSabbath
29. SabazioSabazios, SabaziusTo revere
30. SabinoSabin, SabinusSabine
31. SaccoSaccoSack, bag
32. SafiroSapphire, SaphirusSapphire, blue stone
33. SagaroSagarOcean
34. SalomoneSolomon, SalomonPeace
35. SanteSant, SantaSaint
36. SantinoTin, TinoLittle saint
37. SaroCyrus, CyroThrone
38. SaturnoSaturn, SaturnusGod of agriculture
39. SavoSavas, SavoieKnowledge
40. SciroccoSirocco, SciroccusWarm wind
41. SegestoSegestus, SegestHero
42. SelmoAnselmo, AnselmDivine protector
43. SemedoSemedus, SemedOneness, peace
44. SemplicioSimplicius, SimplícioSimple
45. SerenoSerena, SerenusCalm, serene
46. SestoSextus, SextonSixth
47. SidonioSidonius, SidonieFrom Sidon
48. SilaSile, SilesWoods
49. SinibaldoSinibaldus, SinibaldBold in victory
50. SommoSommus, SommeSupreme

Thank you for taking the time to explore our thoughtfully curated list of ’50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With S’. We hope it sparked some ideas and made your exciting journey of choosing a name a bit easier. For additional inspiration, don’t forget to check out more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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