50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With T: Unique and Charming Suggestions

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Choosing your baby’s name is like opening a treasure chest of family heritage, personal preferences, and shared stories. This list of 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With T is sure to inspire you, as each name carries its own rich tradition and distinct Italian charm.

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting with T

Italy has given us many luminaries with ‘T’ names. Think about the gifted Tiziano Vecellio, known as Titian, who led the Venetian school of the Italian Renaissance. On a different note, there’s Torquato Tasso, a renowned Italian poet famous for his epic poem ‘Jerusalem Delivered.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
TaddeoTadeo, Taddéo, TadioOne who praises
TaloTalon, TalosLife’s dew
TancrediTancred, TancredoWise counsel
TarquinioTarquin, TarquinoFrom the name Tarquinius
TazioTaziano, TaziaFrom the name Tatius
TeodoroTeodor, Théodore, ThéodorGod’s gift
TeodosioTheodosius, TeodosieGod’s servant
TeofiloTeófilo, TeofiliusFriend of God
TerenzioTerentius, TerenceTender, Gracious
TeseoTheseus, ThéseusFrom the hero Theseus
TiberioTiber, TiberiusOf the Tiber (River)
TimoteoTimo, TimothyHonoring God
TitoTiton, TetonGiant
TizianoTitian, TizianusFrom the name Titianus
TobiaTobias, TobiGod is good
TomasoTomas, ThomasTwin
TonioTonius, ToniPriceless one
ToreThor, ThorrGod of thunder
TullioTullius, TullyPeaceful
TuribioTuribiusHe who disturbs
TiberinoTiberinusFrom the Tiber (River)
TobaldoTheobald, ThibaultBold people
TimoloTimolusHonoring God
TelemacoTelemachusFar from battle
TimoleoneTimoleonHonoring God and lion
TommasinoLittle ThomasTwin
TaurinoTaurusResembling a bull
TrasimondoTrasimund, TrasimundusBeyond protection
TancredoTancrèdeWise counsel
TertullianoTertullian, TertullianusThird
TizianelloLittle TitianFrom the name Titianus
TelemachosTelemachus, TélémaqueFar from battle
TerenzianoTerentian, TerentianusTender, Gracious
Tito-SestoTitus SextusSixth Giant
TheodosioTheodosius, ThéodoseGod’s servant
Tommaso-PietroThomas PeterTwin stone
TrifoneTrifon, TrifónDelicate, Soft
TarcisioTarcisius, TarsicioCourageous
TorquatoTorquat, TorquatusTorc, Necklace
TironeTyro, TyroneLand of Eire
TarpeioTarpeiusFrom the Tarpeian Rock
TeofrastoTheophrastusDivine speech
TrionfoTriumphant, TriompheTriumph
TiberianoTiberianus, TiberianFrom the Tiber (River)
TertullinoLittle TertullianThird
TelesforoTelesphorusBringing to light, or end

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With T. It’s been a delight sharing these unique and captivating names. Remember, naming your baby is an exciting journey, not just a destination. Feel free to explore more of our baby name lists for added inspiration. We’re here to help you find that perfect name to celebrate your little one’s arrival with joy and love.

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