50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With T: Travel Through Traditions

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Hey there, future mama! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect name for your little girl, our list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with T is just what you need. It’s a delightful mix of the traditional and trendy, each name brimming with the charm and mystique of Italy.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with T

Bellissimo! It’s time to unveil some stellar personalities who carry Italian names beginning with T. Talented actress Tea Leoni has won millions of hearts through her brilliant performances. And let’s not forget the iconic designer, Tina Lutz, whose work beautifully complements her elegant Italian name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
TeresaTereza, TheresaHarvester
TatianaTatianna, TatyanaFairy Queen
TizianaTiziane, TizianneHonored
TommasaTomassa, ThomassaTwin
TeodoraTeadora, TheodoraGod’s Gift
ToniaTonnia, TonaInvaluable
TristaTrysta, TrystanSorrowful
TabitaTabitta, TabithaFemale Gazelle
TamaraTammara, TamerraDate Palm
TulliaTulia, TulyaQuiet, Peaceful
ToscaToska, ToscanaFrom Tuscany
TorianaToreana, TaurianaVictorious
TaviaTavie, TavyaGood, Beautiful
TessaTressa, TessHarvester
TashaTashia, TashyaBorn on Christmas Day
TorinaTorinna, TorrineLittle Hills
TindaraTyndara, TindairaSparkling
TimoteaTimothia, TimotheaHonoring God
TirzahThirzah, TierzaShe is my delight
TorildaTorrilda, TorildBattle Maiden
TarsiliaTarsyla, TarciliaSpirit of Tar
TaylaTaela, TalaTaylor
TancredaTankreda, TanckredaThoughtful Counselor
TrilbyTrilbie, TrilbieySinging Voice
TorquataTorquatta, TorkwattaNecklace
TeleriTelerie, TyleryFrom the River Teleri
TulliolaTulliola, TulliyolaLittle Quiet One
TelmaThelma, TelmahWill, Volition
TamirraTamyrra, TamiraRich
TirciaTyrcia, ThircciaPleasant
TrixTrixx, TrixxieBlessed
ToscaneToskane, TosccaneFrom Tuscany
TristanaTrystana, TristainaSorrowful
TilleyTillie, TilieBattles with strength
ToriellaTorriella, TorellaSmall Winner
TosiaToscia, TossiaFrom Tuscany
TarquiniaTarquinnia, TarkuiniaFrom Tarquinia, Italy
TindaroaTyndaroa, TindairoaSparkling
TorildeTorrilde, TorildaBattle Maiden
TiberinaTyberina, TiberinnaFrom the River Tiber
TullianTulliane, TulliannQuiet
TertiaTercia, TertciaThird
TizianaTiziane, TizianneHonored
TauraTorra, TawraGoddess of Thunder
TercillaTercylla, TerzillaThird Child
TranquillinaTranquilina, TranquillineCalm
TimotheaTimotheia, TimotheeHonoring God
TerpsicoreTerpsicoree, TerpsicoriaEnjoying the dance
TucciaTucia, TuccyaHonest
TanaquilTanakil, TanaquylTranquil
TempestTempyst, TempesttTurbulent, Stormy

And, there we have it! Thank you for journeying with us through this exquisite list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with T. We hope the tapestry of these names has inspired you, and one of them may just be the perfect fit for your bundle of joy. Don’t forget, this is just one of our many lists of baby name ideas. So, why stop the exploration here? Delve into more captivating compilations right here on our site and keep bubbling with inspiration!

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