50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With P: Inspiring Picks for Your Baby

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Discovering the perfect name for your little one is a beautiful journey. As you embark on this adventure, let us guide you through a list of 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With P, each brimming with history, charm, and a unique personality.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With P

A sparkling example of someone with an Italian name starting with P is Priscilla Presley, the American actress known for her role in the “Naked Gun” films and as the wife of music icon, Elvis Presley. Another is popular Italian actress, Paola Cortellesi, celebrated for her film and theater work in her home country.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. PaolaPaula, PaolettaSmall
2. PriscillaPrisca, CillaAncient, venerable
3. PatriziaPatricia, TrishNoblewoman
4. PiaPie, PiahPious, devout
5. PieraPiers, PierRock
6. PerlaPearl, PerlPearl
7. PhebePhoebe, PhebyShining, pure
8. PalmiraPalmyra, PalmieraCity of palms
9. PenelopePenny, NellieWeaver
10. PetronellaPetronilla, NellaRock
11. PippaPip, PhilipaLover of horses
12. PhilomenaPhillie, MenaBeloved
13. PietraPetra, PiRock
14. PilarPillar, PiliPillar
15. PrimaveraVera, PrimaSpring
16. PrudencePrudy, PrueCaution, discretion
17. PalomaLoma, PalomitaDove
18. PandoraDora, PandieAll gifted
19. PaolinaPaulina, LinaSmall
20. ParisParisa, ParysThe capital city of France
21. PavlinaPavla, PaulaSmall
22. PeppinaPepa, PeppaGod will add
23. PetalPet, PetalyFlower petal
24. PiccolaPiccy, PicoSmall
25. PippinaPippa, PhillipinaLover of horses
26. PisaPisana, PisoFrom Pisa, Italy
27. PiscinaPisi, CinaPool
28. PipistrellaPipi, StrellaBat
29. PoesiaPoesy, PoePoetry
30. PolinaPolly, PaulinaSmall
31. PrinciaPrincy, PrinciePrincess
32. PriyaPria, PrissyBeloved
33. ProserpinaProser, SerpieTo emerge
34. ProsperaPros, ProssieFortunate
35. PrudenzaPru, PrudyPrudence
36. PucciPuch, PooNickname without specific meaning
37. PumaPum, PoomMountain lion
38. PaulettePaula, PaulySmall
39. PierinaPier, PieraRock
40. PaminaMina, PamiN/A
41. PasquaPasqualina, QuaEaster
42. PrimarosaRosa, PrimFirst Rose
43. PreciosaPrecia, CiosaPrecious
44. PalmataPalma, MataPalm-like
45. PervincaVinca, PerviPeriwinkle flower
46. PatrizianaTrizia, TrizianaNoblewoman
47. PrunellaPrune, NellaLittle plum
48. PapaveroPappa, VeroPoppy
49. PrincipessaPrincy, PessaPrincess
50. PasqualinaPasqua, LinaEaster

We hope you’ve found inspiration in our list of 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With P. Thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful journey to motherhood. Explore more naming idea lists on our site to help guide you in selecting the perfect name for your little one.

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