50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With O for the Trendy Mom-to-Be

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Hey there, expectant mama! Naming your little one is a significant journey filled with love and anticipation. If you’re longing to preserve your Italian heritage or simply seeking a unique ‘O’ name, this list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with O is here to inspire you.

Notable People with Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With O

Meet some remarkable women who carry Italian names beginning with ‘O’. Acclaimed Italian actress Ornella Muti has graced both European and Hollywood film. Opera singer Olivia Stapp established her dazzling career in the US and Europe, while Olimpia Carlisi is celebrated for her roles in European cinema. These influential figures remind us of the charm and strength of Italian names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. OliviaOliviana, OlivettaOlive tree
2. OrlaOrlina, OrlanthaGolden woman
3. OrianaOrianna, OriettaDawn
4. OlimpiaOlympia, OlimpiadaFrom Olympus
5. OrnellaOrnelia, OrnettaFlowering ash tree
6. OtaviaOctavia, OtavianaEighth
7. OrsolaUrsula, OrsolinaLittle she-bear
8. OfeliaOphelia, OfelianaHelper
9. OsannaHosanna, OsannahPraise
10. OdiliaOdila, OdiliahnWealthy
11. OmbrettaOmbrelle, OmbraShadow
12. OndinaUndine, OndynaWave
13. OriettaOriette, OriatLittle gold one
14. OrtensiaHortensia, OrtensianaGardener
15. OrettaOra, OrethaPrayer
16. OdettaOdet, OdetahMelody
17. OrabellaOrabela, OrabellBeautiful altar
18. OrtenciaOrtense, OrtenziaGarden
19. OvidiaOvi, OvidianaShepherd
20. OnellaOnelle, OnelinaLight
21. OrsinaOrsine, OrsiniaLittle she-bear
22. OpalinaOpal, OpalineJewel
23. OnoriaHonoria, OnorinaHonor
24. OrsaOrsah, OrsanaShe-bear
25. OnestaHonestah, HonestinaHonest
26. OrtalinaOrthalina, OrtalynaFrom Orta
27. OppidanaOppidania, OppidonnaFrom Oppidum
28. OrsyaOrsiah, OrsyaanaLittle she-bear
29. OscaraOska, OskanaGod’s spear
30. OxanaOksana, OksanahPraise be to God
31. OretanaOretania, OretannaFrom Oretania
32. OpiaOpya, OpiannaPlenty
33. OperataOpera, OperanaWorks
34. OgnianaOgni, OgniaFiery
35. OrfeaOrpheus, OrfiaDarkness
36. ObducentaObducente, ObducentiaShe who leads away
37. OkontiaOkonta, OkontyaShe who is content
38. ObaiaObaya, ObaiyaShe who prospers
39. OzanaOzanna, OzanahPraise
40. OdaOdaia, OdahWealthy
41. OlivieraOlivera, OliveriaOlive tree
42. OrlanthaOrlanthaia, OrlanthinaGolden woman
43. OrlandaOrlandia, OrlandinaFamous land
44. OstiaOstianna, OstinaMouth of a river
45. OstraOstranna, OstranaFrom Ostia
46. OvaniaOvanna, OvaniahBorn from an egg
47. OvaziaOvaziah, OvazanaGod’s help
48. OziaOzya, OziaanaStrength
49. OraisaOraisah, OraisaanaLittle prayer
50. OrtalissaOrtalisa, OrtalissiaFrom Orta

Thank you for letting us join your exciting naming journey! We hope our list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with O has sparked ideas and inspiration. Continue your exploration with our other curated baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming, mama!

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