Find Uniqueness with 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With O

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Hey there, mama-to-be! If you’re reading this, you’re probably on the thrilling journey of choosing a name for your baby boy. Let’s dive in and explore 50 Italian baby boy names starting with ‘O’, a delightful mixture of traditional charm and modern flair.

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With O

Picking a name starting with ‘O’ can put your baby boy in some esteemed company. Think about Olivier Martinez, a French-Spanish actor who’s made his mark in Hollywood, or Octavio Paz, the Nobel laureate in literature. With a name starting with ‘O’, who knows, your son could be the next big thing!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. OrlandoRoland“Famous Land”
2. OctavioOctavius“Eighth”
3. OvidioOvidius“Shepherd”
4. OsvaldoOswaldo“God’s power”
5. OrsinoOrsenio“Bear”
6. ObertoAlberto“Bright or Famous”
7. OnofrioOnofre“Peaceful strength”
8. OtelloOthello“Wealthy”
9. OlindoOlinde“He who praises God”
10. OttavianoOctavian“Eighth”
11. OrazioHoratio“Man of time”
12. OrfeoOrpheus“Darkness of Night”
13. OttoneOttoni“Wealth”
14. OresteOrestes“To stand”
15. OlivieroOlivier“Olive tree”
16. OrtonOrten“Bear Spear”
17. OronzoOrenzio“Exalted one”
18. OmertoUmberto“Bright Support”
19. OresteOrestus“Mountain dweller”
20. OldrichUlrich“Rich and Powerful”
21. OsmondoOsmund“God’s protection”
22. OrvilleOrvel“Gold town”
23. OrnelloOrnelo“Auspicious”
24. OdoardoEdward“Wealthy guardian”
25. OrsiniOrseni“Little bear”
26. OrlandinoRolando“Famous Country”
27. OrioOrri“Golden-colored”
28. OmeroHomer“Pledge”
29. OsbertoOsbert“God’s brightness”
30. OvidianoOvidian“Shepherd”
31. OrsucciOrsucci“Bear”
32. OthoOtto“Wealth”
33. OsmarOsmer“Divinely brilliant”
34. OrlinOrlyn“Eagle”
35. OrsenOrson“Bear cub”
36. OgnenOgden“Fire”
37. OlintoOlinto“From Olympus”
38. OtomarOttomar“Wealthy and Famous”
39. OratioHoratio“Timekeeper”
40. OrkneyOrkney“Seal island”
41. OsgoodOsmond“God is good”
42. OssiaOssia“Blessing”
43. OlinOlen“Holly”
44. OrinOren“Mountain of strength”
45. OrmanOrmand“Mariner”
46. OrmondOrmand“Spear protector”
47. OtaOtha“Prosperity, fortune”
48. OdirOddr“Point of a sword”
49. OrtensioOrtensius“Gardener”
50. OslacOsgar“Servant of victory”

And that, dear mama, is our roundup of 50 Italian baby boy names starting with ‘O’. We hope you’ve found some inspiring options to consider. Remember, the perfect name for your little one is out there, and we’re here to help you uncover it. Explore more of our baby name lists and continue your exciting journey towards motherhood. Thanks for joining us today!

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