50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With N, A List to Cherish Forever

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Choosing a name for your bundle of joy is no small task. It’s the first gift you give them that sets the tone for their life. That’s why we’ve put together an exciting list of 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With N, sure to inspire and delight as you embark on this beautiful naming journey.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With N

Nicole Kidman, the remarkably talented actress, and Nadia Comaneci, the first gymnast to score a perfect 10, both carry Italian names starting with N. Their achievements resonate globally, making these ‘N’ names not just beautiful, but powerful too.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NarellaNarelle“Bright one”
NatalinaNatalie“Christmas Day”
NerinaNerine“Sea Nymph”
NicolettaNicholette“Victorious people”
NorabellaNorabelle“Northern beauty”
NovabellaNovabelle“New beauty”
NitaliaNatalya“Born on Christmas”
NucciaNucci“Little nut”
NeriyaNeria“Lord’s Candle”
NuccolaNicola“Victory of the people”
NessaNesa, Nessi“Pure, chaste”
NettaNeta, Nettie“Plant”
NelleNella, Nellie“Bright one”
NesiNesa, Nesia“Holy”
NilaNeila, Nilah“Succeed”
NimaNima, Nimah“Blessing”
NinaNinah, Ninna“Little girl”
NiraNirah, Niria“Plowed field”
NitaNita, Nitah“Friend”
NolaNolah, Nolana“Famous”
NonaNonah, Nonia“Ninth”
NoraNorah, Noria“Honor”
NormaNormah, Normia“Rule”
NovaNovah, Novia“New”
NovalieNovali, Novalia“New strength”
NoviaNoviah, Novina“New”
NylaNylah, Nylia“Achiever”
NevinaNevinah“Little saint”
NiaNiah, Niazia“Bright”
NiecaNiecah, Niecia“Pure”
NielaNielah, Nielia“Champion”
NieraNierah, Nieria“Light”
NikaNikah, Nikia“People’s victory”
NikitaNikitah, Nikitia“Unconquered”
NikkaNika, Nikka“Victory of the people”
NikolNiccola, Nikole“People of Victory”
NorinaNorinah, Norinia“Honorable”
NucciaNucciah, Nuccina“Winner”
NunziaNunziah, Nunzia“Messenger”
NerioNeriah, Nerio“Sea nymph”
NicchiaNicchiah, Nicchia“Victory of the people”
NormanaNormanah, Normania“Woman from the north”

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring our carefully curated list of 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With N. Choosing a baby’s name is a significant moment, and we’re thrilled we could be a part of your journey. Continue to fuel your inspiration by checking out more of our varied and exciting baby name idea lists on our site. Here’s to finding the perfect name that will be a gift to your little one for a lifetime!

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