Discover Tradition: 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With N

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Hey Mama, ever thought of giving your little one a name that’s rich in history and overflowing with charm? Dive into our collection of 50 Italian baby boy names starting with ‘N’—each one is a little jewel packed with tradition and uniqueness, just waiting to shine on your baby!

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With N

Stepping into the limelight with ‘N’ names, let’s find inspiration from remarkable figures like Nobel Prize-winning Enrico Fermi, and fashion icon Nicola Trussardi. These names don’t just stand for achievements and fame, but also for perseverance and style – truly a name for your baby to grow into.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NicoNiccolo, NikoPeople’s victory
NaldoRonaldo, EinaldoPowerful ruler
NinoNinetto, AntoninoGod’s grace
NebbioNebbioloLittle fog
NiloNeil, NylesChampion
NazarioNazarius, NaseerFrom Nazareth
NanniNanny,NanGod is gracious
NazzarenoNazarena, NazarioFrom Nazareth
NorbertoNorbert, BertoBright north
NataleNoel, NatalinoBorn at Christmas
NinoNinetto, NiniChild
NovelloNouvel, NovelloNew, Young
NapoleoneNapoleon, LeonLion of the new city
NerioNerius, NerysSea god
NataleNatal, NoelBirth
NestoreNestor, NesterTraveler
NoeNoah,NoeTo comfort
NicodemoNicodemus, NicoVictory of the people
NatalinoNatalin, NatalLittle Christmas
NuncioNunzio, NuncieMessenger
NicomedoNikomedes, NicoVictory and sweetness
NazarenoNazario, NazzarenoFrom Nazareth
NuccioNunzio, NuncioLittle nut
NicastroNikastro, NikoVictory of the castle
NereoNere, NereusWater god
NapoleoneNapoleon, NapoLion of the new city
NumidioNumidius,NumiFrom Numidia
NumaNumas,NumanLaw, custom
NautilusNauty, NautiSailor
NeroneNero, NeronMighty power
NiloNiles, NileRiver
NorinoNorin, NoranFrom the north
NizzardoNizard, NizFrom Nice
NumaNumas,NumanLaw, custom
NereoNere, NereusWater god
NoldoNaldo, ArnaldoEagle power
NavarroNavarr, NaviPlains
NobileNobil, NobiNoble
NivardoNivard, NivVigilant
NemesioNemi, NemesioJustice
NuncioNunzio, NuncieMessenger
NautaNaut, NautiSailor
NotaroNotar, NotoNotary
NatanieleNathaniel, NatanGod has given
NotoNotti, NottoKnown

Thank you for venturing into the world of N-starting Italian baby boy names with us. We hope this list has given you inspiration and guidance in your naming journey. Remember, the perfect name is out there, just waiting for you to discover it. For more unique and beautiful baby name ideas, don’t hesitate to explore more articles on our site. Happy naming!

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