50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With M: Discover Charming Classics

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Ready to embark on a delightful journey through traditional Italian baby boy names that start with the letter ‘M’? Our handpicked list is a treasure trove of charming, unique, and historically rich names that will give your baby boy an unforgettable identity.

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Italy has a treasure trove of notable personalities sporting these mesmerizing ‘M’ names. Take, for example, Marco Polo, the world-renowned explorer whose name symbolizes adventure and discovery. Then there’s Matteo Renzi, Italy’s youngest-ever Prime Minister, whose name exudes leadership and determination.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MatteoMateo, MattiaGift of God
MarioMarius, MarianoWarlike
MarcoMark, MarkusGod of War
MaurizioMaurice, MauritzDark-skinned, Moorish
MassimoMaximus, MaximeGreatest
ManuelEmanuel, MannieGod is with us
MartinoMartin, MartenGod of Mars, Warlike
MauroMaurice, MoritzDark-skinned, Moorish
MirkoMiro, MiranPeace, world
MichelangeloMichael, AngeloAngel, Messenger of God
MarinoMarin, MarineOf the Sea
MarcelloMarcel, MarcellusYoung warrior
MarzioMarcius, MarcioWarlike
MurizioMaurits, MauriceMoor
MelaniaMelanija, MelanyaDark, Black
ModestoModestus, ModestModerate, Humble
MuzioMutius, MuciusFortunate
ManfredoManfred, ManfriedStrength, Peace
MedardoMaynard, MaynardusBrave, Hard
MinoMinor, MinosDefender
MontanoMontanus, MontanaMountain
MonaldoMenaldo, MenaldusBold
MaccusMaik, MakisHammer
MorelloMorelli, MorellDark-skinned
MassimilianoMaximilian, MaximilianusThe greatest
ManlioManilius, MannlyMorning light
MarcellinoMarcellin, MarcelinusBelonging to Mars
MassimoMaxim, MaximusThe greatest
MaceoMace, MaceyGift of God
MaximilianoMaximilian, MaximilianusThe greatest
MontagueMontagu, MontacutePointed hill
MirandaMirandus, MirandasAdmirable
MercurioMercury, MercuriusRoman god of trade
MarianoMariyan, MarianusMale, Virile
MircoMirk, MircPeace
MoseMoises, MosesDrawn out of water
MelchiorreMelchior, MelkerCity of the king
MichelinoMicheletto, MicheletWho is like God?
MacarioMacarius, MakariosBlessed
MaffeoMaffeus, MaffetusGift of God
MaddalenoMaddalen, MaddalenusFrom Magdala
ModestinoModestinus, ModestinModest, moderate
NoeNoah, NoakRest, repose
NicodemoNicodemus, NikodemosVictory of the people
NapoleoneNapoleon, NapoleonusLion of the forest
NiccoloNikolas, NicolausVictory of the people
NestoreNestor, NesterHomecoming
NuncioNuncius, NunziusMessenger

Thank you for exploring our thoughtfully curated list of 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With M. Choosing a baby’s name is a momentous task, and we hope our collection has brought you closer to finding that perfect name for your little one. For more inspiration, don’t forget to check out our other baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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