Exploring 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With P

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Are you expecting a bundle of joy and searching for a distinctive name for your little guy? Look no further than our curated list of 50 Italian baby boy names starting with P. These names are a perfect blend of tradition and charm, just waiting to be discovered!

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Across the world, there are influential figures and celebrities who carry Italian baby boy names that start with P. Paolo Sorrentino, an acclaimed Italian film director, and Pier Paolo Pasolini, an iconic poet and filmmaker, are just two of the many notable individuals who carry this initial with pride.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PietroPeter, Petro“Rock”
PaoloPaul, Paulie“Humility, Small”
PioPious“Devout, Faithful”
PrimoPrimus, Prim“First”
PatrizioPatrick, Pat“Aristocrat”
PasqualePascal, Pasquall“Easter”
PlacidoPlacid, Plassid“Serene, Calm”
PerseoPersius, Persio“Destroyer”
ProsperoProsper, Prospere“Fortunate”
PellegrinoPelle, Grino“Pilgrim”
PiersPierce, Piersson“Rock”
ProtasioProtase, Protas“First In Importance”
PacianoPaciane, Pacien“Peaceful”
PalatinoPalatin, Pal“Palace”
PanfiloPanphilius, Panny“Friend To All”
PantaleonePantalaimon, Panta“All-Compassionate”
ParideParis, Pari“Paris of Troy”
PaternoPaternus, Patern“Fatherly”
PavelloPavel, Pavy“Small”
PavlePavel, Pavo“Small”
PeppePeppi, Pepito“God Will Add”
PierangeloPier, Angelo“Angel Rock”
PierfrancescoPier, Francesco“Free Man Rock”
PierrelioPierre, Elio“Rock Sun”
PierstefanoPier, Stefano“Crowned Rock”
PinoPinus, Pinot“Pine Tree”
PippoPippin, Pippot“Horse Lover”
PirroPyrrhus, Pyrrho“Flame-Colored”
PlinioPliny, Plinian“Lucky, Fortunate”
PompeoPompeius, Pompei“Five”
PonzioPontius, Poncio“Of The Sea”
PorfirioPorphyrios, Porphy“Purple Clad”
PorzioPorcius, Porcio“Swine, Pig”
PranzoPranz, Pranzi“Lunch”
PreziosoPreziosus, Prezie“Precious”
PrimianoPrimian, Prim“First”
PrioloPriolus, Prio“Small Pear”
ProboProbous, Probi“Good, Excellent”
ProculoProcula, Procul“Far Away”
PrudenzioPrudentius, Prudi“Caution, Discretion”
PuccioPucius, Puci“Small Boy”
PulcherioPulcher, Pulch“Beautiful”
PupoloPupolus, Pupi“People”
PurelloPurell, Purelli“Pure, Clean”
PuttinoPuttin, Puttini“Little Boy”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a momentous responsibility and a wonderful journey. Thanks for considering our list of 50 Italian baby boy names starting with P. We hope it has sparked inspiration for your naming adventure. Don’t forget to explore more unique and enchanting baby name ideas on our site. Happy naming!

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