Expecting a Baby? Explore 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With M

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When it comes to naming your bundle of joy, nothing beats the charm and elegance of Italian names. If you’re looking for unique and enchanting ideas, here’s a list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with M, each one carrying a story and tradition.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With M

There’s a host of famous figures who bear Italian names starting with ‘M’. Renowned actress Monica Bellucci portrays the allure and dynamism associated with her name. We can’t forget the legendary fashion designer, Miuccia Prada, whose name reflects creativity and sophistication. These high-profile personalities affirm the beauty and depth found in these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. MariaMarie, Mariah“Wished-for child”
2. MartaMartha, Martina“The lady”
3. MargheritaMargarita, Rita“Pearl”
4. MaddalenaMagdalene, Maddie“From Magdala”
5. MilaMilla, Milana“Gracious”
6. MarcellaMarcelle, Marcellina“Warlike”
7. MirabellaMira, Bella“Wonderful”
8. MariannaMariana, Mariam“Grace”
9. MonalisaMona, Lisa“Noble”
10. MichaelaMichaela, Michelle“Who is Like God”
11. MarisaMarissa, Maris“Of the sea”
12. MelaniaMelaina, Mel“Black, dark”
13. MirellaMira, Ella“To admire”
14. MirandaMirandola, Mira“Admirable”
15. MartinaMarta, Tina“Warlike”
16. MarcellinaMarcella, Lina“Young warrior”
17. MatildaMathilda, Tilda“Mighty in battle”
18. MafaldaMaffie, Alfa“Strong in combat”
19. MorenaMora, Rena“Brunette”
20. MalvaMalvina, Vina“Soft, slender”
21. ModestaModesty, Desi“Moderate, sober”
22. MariettaMary, Etta“Rebelliousness”
23. MarcellineMarcella, Lina“Young warrior”
24. MelindaMel, Linda“Sweet”
25. MaiaMay, Maya“Great”
26. MarziaMartia, Zia“Warlike”
27. MauraMaureen, Maurie“Dark, Moorish”
28. MirellaMira, Ella“To admire”
29. MoriahMaria, Ria“Teacher”
30. MilagrosMila, Rosie“Miracles”
31. MarciaMarcy, Cia“Warlike”
32. MarianneMari, Anne“Beloved”
33. MilenaMilla, Lena“Love, warmth, grace”
34. MoanaMona, Ana“Sea”
35. MirelaMira, Ela“Peace”
36. MireiaMira, Rea“To admire”
37. MiriamMaria, Mira“Rebelliousness”
38. MoniqueMona, Nique“Advisor”
39. MinervaMina, Verva“Of the mind, intellect”
40. MyraMira, Arya“Admirable”
41. MiroslavaMira, Slava“Peace and glory”
42. MarilenaMaria, Lena“Sea and light”
43. MaristelaMaria, Stella“Star of the sea”
44. MaddalinaMadda, Lina“From Magdala”
45. MariangelaMaria, Angela“Angel”
46. MargaritaMargherita, Rita“Pearl”
47. MelusinaMel, Sina“Noble”
48. MariposaMaria, Rosa“Butterfly”
49. MafaldaMaffie, Alfa“Powerful battler”
50. MarilouMaria, Lou“Speculated to mean “bitter” or “rebellious” and “famous warrior”

Thank you for exploring our carefully curated list of 50 Italian baby girl names beginning with M. We hope these unique options inspire you in the exciting journey of naming your little one. Keep this memorable experience going by checking out more of our baby name idea lists on our site – there are countless more gems waiting to be discovered!

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