Fall in Love With 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With L

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There’s a certain allure to Italian names, isn’t there, ladies? They’re just like a sweet melody, combining a rich history and a unique flair. If you’re searching for a distinctive and charming name for your little girl starting with the letter ‘L’, this list of 50 Italian baby girl names is perfect for you!

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With L

Famous figures with Italian girl names starting with the letter ‘L’ continue to inspire and shape our world. Actress Livia Giuggioli, for instance, offers a delicate name with a powerful presence. Then there’s Laura Pausini, the Grammy-winning singer whose name evokes echoes of elegance. Let’s not forget Luisa Spagnoli, the pioneering entrepreneur whose name signifies strength and resiliency.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LunaLunetta, LunellaMoon
LuciaLuciana, LuciannaLight
LiviaLiviana, LivLife
LiaLya, LeaWeary
LaraLarissa, LarinaProtection
LinaLinae, LynaTender
LorenzaLoren, EnzaFrom Laurentum, Italy
LuisaLouisa, LuiseRenowned warrior
LorettaLora, LoritaSmall sage one
LuiginaGina, LuigiaFamous warrior
LucillaLucila, LuciliaLight
LudovicaLouise, VicaFamous warrior
LetiziaLettie, LetyJoy, gladness
LivianaLivia, AnaLife
LucreziaLucrecia, CreziaGain, profit
LeliaLeila, LiaFair speech
LeontinaLeona, TinaLion-like
LeonildaLea, NildaLion, battle
LaurentiaLauren, TiaFrom Laurentum, Italy
LeonardaLeo, NardaBrave lion
LucinaLucy, CenaLight
LeopoldinaPola, DinaBold leader
LaviniaLavi, ViniaWoman of Rome
LilianaLily, LianaLily, a flower
LauraLaurel, LoraLaurel tree
LucianaLucia, AnaLight
LonaLorna, LinaSolitary
LorettaLora, EttaPure
LeonoraLeonie, NoraLight
LazzaraLazara, ZaraGod is my strength
LiciaAlicia, LiseNoble kind
LilithLily, LiliGhost
LeocadiaCady, LeoBright, clear
LaurettaLaura, EttaLaurel
LavenaVena, LavPurified
LeonidaLeonie, IdaLion-like
LudmilaLuda, MilaPeople’s favor
LeonziaLeon, ZiaLion-like
LuminosaLumi, OsaBright, light
LeliaLele, LiaFair speech
LorenzinaLoren, ZinaFrom Laurentum
LavandaLava, VandaLike the plant
LornaLori, RonaSolitary
LitaLeta, LiaJoy
LinneaLina, NeaLime tree
LovisaLovi, IsaRenowned warrior
LidaLidia, LiaPeople’s favor
LucastaLuca, CastaPure light
LoretinaLore, TinaSmall sage one

Well, that’s a wrap, mamas! We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with ‘L’. Finding the right name for your precious little one is a significant journey, and we’re honored to be a part of it. Don’t forget, we have plentiful lists on other unique baby name ideas on our site. Go ahead, continue your exciting exploration!

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