Find His Legacy: 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With L

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Hey mama-to-be, searching for the perfect name for your little one is such an exciting journey, right? Let’s dive into the world of Italian baby boy names starting with L and maybe you’ll discover a name that strikes a chord, a name that’s just ‘him’.

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With L

From the artistic genius of Leonardo da Vinci to the musical brilliance of Luciano Pavarotti, Italian names starting with ‘L’ have been carried by some of the most influential figures globally. Let’s explore these names, and who knows, maybe your son will be the next inspiring person to carry such a remarkable name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LucaLucas, Luka“Bringer of light”
LeonardoLeo, Leon“Bold lion”
LorenzoEnzo, Renzo“From Laurentum”
LuigiLuis, Gino“Renowned warrior”
LazzaroLazarus“God has helped”
LambertoLambert, Berto“Bright land”
LeandroLeandros“Lion man”
LanfrancoFranco, Lan“Frankish man”
LandoLandus“From the land”
LaudominoLudo, Dom“Praising protection”
LetoLetus“The hidden one”
LiborioLibor“Free one”
LudovicoLudivico, Ludo“Famous in war”
LeopoldoLeo, Leopold“Brave people”
LionelloLionel, Lio“Young lion”
LotarioLothar, Lot“Army of people”
LuccaLuka, Lucas“From Lucca”
LudanoLudo, Dano“People’s fame”
LudgeroLudger, Ger“Spear of the people”
LuminosoLumi“Bright, shiny”
LuchinoLuchi, Kino“Light”
LugerioLug, Ger“Oath of the spear”
LuganoLugo, Gano“From Lugano”
LusianoLusi, Siano“Light”
LuteroLuther, Lute“People’s army”
LazzarinoLazz, Rino“God has helped”
LicinioLicinius“Bent, twisted”
LonzoAlonzo, Lon“Ready for battle”
LorisLor, Ris“Laurel”
LucinoLucci, Nino“Bringer of light”
LumenoLume, Meno“Light”
LuvinoLuv, Vino“Friend”
LyrioLyri, Rio“Lyre”
LancelottoLancelot, Lotto“Servant”
LanfrancoLan, Franco“Frankish man”
LazzaroLaz, Zar“God has helped”
LeandroLeo, Andro“Lion man”
LeopoldoLeo, Leopold“Brave people”
LiberatoreLib, Tor“Liberator”
LucianoLuci, Nino“Light”
LudovicoLudo, Vico“Famous in war”
LuigiLuig, Gi“Renowned warrior”

Thank you for joining us in exploring these 50 Italian baby boy names starting with L. Choosing a baby’s name is a monumental task, but we hope our list has sparked ideas and inspiration for your little one’s moniker. Keep your name hunt going! Check out more of our baby name idea lists on our site and discover countless possibilities awaiting you.

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