Revel in Beauty with 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With K

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Selecting your baby girl’s name is a joyful and exciting journey. Our curated list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with K offers a rich array of meaningful and beautiful options waiting to be discovered by you.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with K

Many notable women proudly bear Italian baby girl names starting with K. Celebrated opera singer Katia Ricciarelli and renowned author Kuki Gallmann are just two of the many who’ve lifted these names to great heights.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KatianaKatia, Katiane“Pure”
KlementinaClementina, Klemensia“Merciful, gentle”
KarolinaCarolina, Karol“Free woman”
KatarinaCaterina, Katrina“Pure”
KristinaCristina, Kristine“Follower of Christ”
KlaraClara, Klare“Bright, clear”
KassandraCassandra, Kassie“Prophetess”
KapriciaCapricia, Kaprisha“Whimsical, unpredictable”
KanishaKanicia, Kanise“Black”
KeniaKenna, Kenya“Animal horn”
KalistaCalista, Kally“Most beautiful”
KamillaCamilla, Kamille“Perfect”
KorneliaCornelia, Kornelie“Horn”
KaritaCarita, Karyta“Love”
KlarisaClarisa, Klarise“Bright, clear”
KlaudetteClaudette, Klaudie“Lame, crippled”
KesiaKesiah, Keshia“Cinnamon-like spice”
KallipsoCallipso, Kallypso“She that conceals”
KyniskaCyniska, Kyniske“Puppy”
KiriakiKyriaki, Kiriakie“Belongs to the lord”
KanoniCanonie, Kanone“Law”
KoleteColette, Kolet“Victory of the people”
KyrieleisonKyrie, Kyrielle“Lord, have mercy”
KarydiCarydi, Karydae“Walnut”
KoraliaCoralie, Koraly“Coral”
KleoneCleone, Kleonie“Renowned, famous”
KoraloCoral, Koral“Coral”
KyrosaCyrosa, Kyrose“Like the sun”
KalliroiCalliroi, Kallirhoe“Beautifully flowing”
KleopatraCleopatra, Kleopat“Glory of the father”
KenelmiKenelm, Kenelme“Helmeted”
KarmeliCarmeli, Karmelie“Garden, orchard”
KyraniCyrani, Kyranie“Like a lady”
KlytiaClytia, Klytie“Famous, noble”
KiriaziCyriazi, Kiriazie“Belongs to the lord”
KerkyraCorfu, Kerkyre“Cork tree”
KleioClio, Klyo“Made famous”
KoryneCoryne, Korynee“Maiden”
KoreneCorinne, Korenn“Maiden”
KharisCharis, Khariss“Grace, kindness”
KadmeCadme, Kadmy“From the east”
KirkeCirce, Kirkee“Bird”
KallistrateCallistrate, Kallistrat“Beautifully strong”
KrystianaKristiana, Krystiane“Follower of Christ”
KassandrahKassandria, Kassandra“She who entangles men”
KirianiCyriani, Kyriani“Belongs to the lord”
KleonikeCleonice, Kleonika“Glory of victory”
KeairaCeara, Keirah“Dark-haired”
KlaodiaClaudia, Klaudea“Lame, crippled”
KassiopieaCassiopiea, Kassiopie“Cassiopeia (Queen of Ethiopia)”

Thanks for exploring our list of charming baby girl names starting with K. Every name comes with its own unique story, ready to be a part of your little one’s life journey. Feeling inspired? Discover more beautiful baby name ideas on our site, carefully curated for you, the modern, expecting mom.

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