Explore the Beauty of 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With K

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As an expecting mom, choosing your baby’s name is one of the first exciting steps on your motherhood journey. Our list of 50 Italian baby boy names starting with K is like a treasure chest, full of unique gems ready to be discovered by you.

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Versatility and charisma define many of the famous individuals named after these Italian baby boy names starting with K. Take, for instance, famous opera singer Kristian Benedikt, or soccer star Kevin-Prince Boateng, whose names have added flair to their notable careers.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KajetanoCaietanus, Gaetano“From Gaeta”
KarmeloCarmelo, Carmine“Garden”
KlementeClemente, Clement“Merciful, gentle”
KonstantinoConstantino, Costantino“Constant, steadfast”
KornelioCornelio, Cornel“Horn”
KristoforoCristoforo, Christopher“Bearer of Christ”
KlaudioClaudio, Claude“Lame, crippled”
KallistoCallisto, Calisto“Most beautiful”
KortezCortez, Cortes“Courteous”
KiroCiro, Cyrus“Like the Sun”
KunibertoCuniberto, Kunbert“Brave, daring”
KarlinoCarlino, Carlin“Free man”
KajetanGaetan,Gaetano“From Gaeta”
KapriCapri, Caprie“Island dweller”
KaroloCarolo, Carlo“Free man”
KlementClement, Clem“Mild, merciful”
KostantinoCostantino, Kostantin“Constant”
KirkKyrk, Kyrck“Church”
KajusCajus, Gaius“Rejoice”
KatoCato, Caton“Wise, knowledgeable”
KenzoCanzo, Kenz“Strong and healthy”
KalligeroCalligero, Caligero“Beautifier”
KlodenCloden, Clodens“Green land”
KordellCordell, Korde“Cord maker”
KastorCastor, Kastorius“Beaver”
KreszentioCrescentio, Creszenz“Increasing”
KalinCalin, Kallin“Pure”
KonsalvoConsalvo, Gonzalo“Battle genius”
KalogeroCalogero, Kaloger“Monk”
KeroneCerone, Kerones“Creation”
KorneliusCornelius, Cornel“Horn”
KelvinCalvin, Kalvin“From the river clyde”
KamilianoCamiliano, Kamillian“Helper to the priest”
KeledonioCeledonio, Keledon“Swallow (bird)”
KastorioCastorio, Kastorius“Beaver”
KelianCaelan, Kelan“Slender”
KeridoQuerido, Keridos“Beloved”
KeranoCerano, Keranos“Thunder”
KildarioCildario, Kilario“Church’s wood”
KarmineCarmine, Karmin“Song”
KelestoCelesto, Kelestos“Heavenly”
KephasCephas, Kepha“Rock”
KlarindoClarindo, Klarindus“Bright, clear”
KrescentoCrescento, Krescent“Growing, increasing”
KletosCletus, Kletus“Summoned, called”
KeledCeled, Keledus“Swallow (bird)”
KiprianoCipriano, Kiprian“From Cyprus”
KalliasCallias, Kallius“Beauty”
KtesiphonCtesiphon, Ktesifon“Retribution”

Thank you for taking the time to explore our list of unique baby boy names starting with K. Remember, each name carries its own special charm and meaning, just waiting to be bestowed on your little one. Feel inspired? Discover even more beautiful baby name ideas on our site, perfectly curated for expecting moms like you

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