Journey to Joy: 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With J

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Hey, fellow momma-in-the-making! In search of a beautiful name that starts with J for your baby girl? You’re in for a treat! We’ve curated 50 absolutely charming Italian baby girl names starting with J, all laden with the irresistible charm of Italy.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with J

Bearing a J-name has its own unique charm! Renowned actress Julietta Masina is an Italian icon who beautifully flaunts a ‘J’ name. Then there’s Jasmine Trinca, a stunning Italian actress whose on-screen performances have left audiences worldwide in awe!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
JuliaGiulia, JulianaYouthful
JolandaYolanda, IolandaViolet flower
JuditaGiuditta, JudithWoman of Judea
JoanaGiovana, JoannaGod is gracious
JoyaGioia, JoyJoy, Jewel
JustinaGiustina, JustineJust, Fair
JuniaGiunia, JunieYouthful
JemmaGemma, JeminaPrecious stone
JovitaGioviata, JovieJoyful
JeseniaGessenia, YaseniaFlower
JacintaGiacinta, HyacinthHyacinth flower
JoselinaGiuseppina, JosieGod will add
JeovanaGiovanina, JeovannaGod is gracious
JanineGianina, JaninaGod’s gracious gift
JericaGerica, JerikaRuler with a spear
JovenaGiovena, JoveniaYoung
JaniraGianira, JaneraJanus – God of beginnings
JannaGianna, JannahGod is gracious
JuninaGiunina, JunieJune
JaiaGia, JaiahAlive
JeremiaGeremia, JeremiahGod will uplift
JustaGiusta, JustinaJust, Fair
JocelinaGioselina, JosieLittle Goths
JeanetteGianetta, JeannetteGod is gracious
JairaGaira, YairaHe enlightens
JoannaGiovanna, JoanaGod is gracious
JovianneGiovianna, JoviannaYoung
JoleneGiolene, JoleenPretty
JesseniaGessenia, YeseniaFlowering plant
JovitaGioviata, JovitanaJoyful
JuniperGiunipera, JuniperaJuniper tree
JelenaGelena, HelenaBright, shining light
JessamynGessamyn, JasmineJasmine flower
JeraldinaGeradina, GeraldineRuler with a spear
JeunesseGioventia, JunessiaYouth
JunetteGiunitta, JunettaYoung
JarviaGarvia, JarvinaSpear, sharp
JalesiaGalesia, JaleshaCheerful, merry
JentinaGentina, JentanaWhite wave
JeminaGemina, JemenaDove
JolentaGiolenta, YolentaViolet flower
JessieGessie, JessaWealthy
JoaninaGioanina, JoanninaGod is gracious
JoquimGioquima, JoaquimaGod will establish
JovinaGiovinia, JoviniaYoung
JoyannaGioianna, JoyanaJoyful grace
JovicaGioviaca, JovitaJoyful
JarmilaGarmila, JarmilSpring beauty
JunellaGiunella, JunelleYoung
JonicaGionica, JonikaDove

We’ve reached the end of our list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with J. Thanks for joining us on this naming journey! Your next burst of inspiration is just a click away – explore our other baby name idea lists on our site. Here’s to finding that perfect name!

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