50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With J for Joyous Beginnings

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Hello, soon-to-be mama! If you’re as obsessed with baby names as I am, you’ll love this list. We’ve curated 50 swoon-worthy Italian baby boy names starting with J, each with a rich cultural heritage and a unique charm of its own!

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting with J

J names aren’t just joyous, they’re also worn by some of Italy’s most famous figures! For example, renowned filmmaker Joe D’Amato, born Aristide Massaccesi, is a memorable icon. Or consider international soccer star Jacopo Sala, whose elegance on the field is as captivating as his name!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
JacopoGiacomo, JamesSupplanter
JenoGeno, GinoWell-born, noble
JovanniGiovanni, JohnGod is gracious
JonathonJonathan, JonatanGod has given
JulioGiulio, JuliusYouthful
JovanyGiovani, JovanGod is gracious
JustinoGiustino, JustinJust, fair
JermalGermano, GermanFrom Germany
JenoahGenoah, GenoaFrom the city Genoa
JossipGiuseppe, GiuseppiHe shall add
JugenEugen, EuginWell-born, noble
JullioGiulio, JuliusYouthful
JuginoEugenio, EugeneWell-born, noble
JariGari, GarySpear ruler
JorianoDoriano, DorianChild of the sea
JangeloAngelo, AngelusMessenger of God
JertanGertan, GertanaSheaf of corn
JuventinoGioventino, GioventinYouthful
JesiGesi, JesseGod’s gift
JiccardoRiccardo, RichardBrave ruler
JustianGiustian, GiustinianoJust, fair
JovanzioGiovanzi, GiovanzioYoung boy
JantoGanto, GantonFrom the town Ganto
JencarloGiancarlo, John CharlesGod is gracious
JenarioGennaro, JanuariusOf Janus
JenesienoGennaro, GennariusBorn in January
JavaroGavaro, GavaronSpear servant
JugurtaJugurtus, JugurthaName of a king
JacintusGiacintus, HyacinthFlower
JapixJapixus, JapixosName of a king
JovinusGovinus, JovinYouthful
JucundusGiucundus, JucundDelightful
JoviliusGovilius, JovilYouthful
JolliusGollus, JolliJoyful
JunianusGiunianus, JunianYoung
JulusGiulus, JuliusYouthful
JamblichusGiamblichus, IamblichusName of a philosopher
JeruculaGerucula, GeruculusOld man
JeroGero, JeronHoly name
JattusGattus, GattususName of a king
JovitusGovitus, JovitYouthful
JeroxGerox, GeroxeHoly name
JuvencusGiovenzio, GiovenzusYoung boy
JodocusGodocus, JodocWarrior
JolusGolus, JolusoJoyful
JovencioGiovenzio, GiovenzusYoung boy
JovilusGovilus, JovilusoYouthful
JocundusGiocundus, JocundJoyful
JovinusGovinus, JovinusoYouthful
JuturnaGiuturna, JuturnaName of a nymph
JovencusGiovenzio, GiovenzusYoung boy

And there you have it, moms-to-be! A charming list of 50 Italian baby boy names starting with J, just for you. Thanks for joining us on this journey through captivating names. We hope it sparked inspiration for your little one’s identity. Remember, we have many more baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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