Immerse in Italy: 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With I

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Hello, future mama! Looking to give your baby boy a name as unique and charming as he is? Step into the world of Italian legacy and explore 50 Italian baby boy names starting with ‘I’, each beautifully unique in its own way.

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With I

From the world of arts, literature, and sports, names starting with ‘I’ have been carried by notably inspiring figures like Italian film director Italo Zingarelli and renowned Italian novelist Italo Calvino. These influential figures echo the uniqueness and charm of ‘I’ names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. IgnazioIgnazia, IgnaciaThe one who is fiery
2. IlarioHilario, HilarionCheerful, Joyful
3. ImmanuelEmmanuel, EmanuelGod is with us
4. IncendioIncendius, IncendiusoFire
5. IndalecioIndalecios, IndaleciousGenerous, Kind
6. InocenzioInnocenzio, InocencioInnocent
7. IsaccoIssaco, IsaacHe will laugh
8. IsidoroIsidoros, IsedoroGift of Isis
9. IsmaeleIsmael, IshmaelGod will hear
10. ItaloItalos, ItalusFrom Italy
11. IgnacioIgnacia, IgnaciThe one who is fiery
12. IppolitoHippolite, HippolitosFree horse
13. IvoIvano, Ivos, EvoYew wood, Archer
14. IacopoJacopo, IakopoSupplanter
15. IcaroIkarus, IkarosFollower
16. IppodamoHippodamos, IppodamusMaster horse
17. IrzioIrzius, IrziosGod’s Peace
18. IzanoIzanos, IzanGrace of God
19. IeremiaJeremia, JeremiahExaltation of the Lord
20. IscariotaIscariotus, IscariotaTraitor
21. IevenaliIevenalis, IevenaleYounger or Junior
22. IosephIosephus, Iosep, JosephGod will increase
23. IonasIonae, JonasDove
24. IulioIulius, JuliusDowny-bearded
25. IsandroIsandros, IsandrusMan’s liberator
26. IudocoIudocos, IudocusFamous warrior
27. IacobusJacobus, Jakobus, JacobSupplanter
28. IpseoIpseos, IpseusHimself
29. InesioInesios, InesiusHoly
30. IdolfoIdolphos, IdolphusNoble wolf
31. IpsitoIpsitos, IpsitusThe very person
32. IustinusIustin, Justinus, JustinJust, Righteous
33. IppoIpposHorse
34. IndioIndios, IndiusIndian, From India
35. IezokieleIezokiel, EzekielGod will strengthen
36. IllarioneIllarion, HilarionCheerful, Happy
37. IfigenioIfigenios, IfigeniusNoble-born
38. IodocoIodocos, IodocusArcher
39. IndacoIndacos, IndacusIndigo
40. IppasoIppasosHorse pace
41. IdelmoIdelmos, IdelmusNoble protector
42. ImmigdioImmigdios, ImmigdiusSurrounding God
43. IumeoIumeos, IumeusLighted, Bright
44. IominiIominis, IominusPeople
45. ItzkoItzkos, ItzkusGod will laugh
46. IdoxIdoxus, IdoxosVisionary
47. IaleIales, IalusHealer
48. IppolocoIppolocos, IppolocusHorse freer
49. IsmaelloIsmaellos, IsmaellusGod will hear
50. IvannoIvannos, IvannusYew wood

Thank you for venturing into our collection of 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With I. We hope this list helps you in your journey to find the perfect name for your little one. Want more? Don’t hesitate to explore other carefully curated baby name lists on our website. Happy naming!

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