Infuse Charm with 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With G

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Hey momma! Choosing your baby’s name is like choosing her story—the story of her roots, her personality, and her future. Let’s dive into a list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with G, each one a small piece of Italy’s rich culture and charming tradition.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With G

Over the years, names starting with G have graced numerous influential women. Gianna Bryant, the late daughter of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, carries a beautiful Italian name meaning ‘God is gracious’. Another notable bearer of a G name is Giuliana Rancic, an Italian American television personality known for hosting E! News. Then there’s the iconic Gina Lollobrigida, an internationally renowned actress, photojournalist, and sculptor, who brought a touch of Italian glamour to Hollywood.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. GiuliaJulia, GiulianaYouthful
2. GiannaGiovanna, JoannGod is gracious
3. GiovannaJoann, GiovanaGod is gracious
4. GinevraGinny, GenevraWhite wave
5. GabriellaGabriela, GabbyGod is my strength
6. GraziellaGraziela, GracielaGrace
7. GraziaGracia, GraceGrace
8. GisellaGiselle, GissellePledge
9. GinaGeena, GiniaQueen
10. GaiaGaya, KaiyaEarth
11. GemmaJemma, GemaGem, jewel
12. GiadaJade, JadaJade
13. GloriaGlori, GloryGlory
14. GiuseppinaGiuseppa, PinaHe will add
15. GertrudeGert, TrudySpear of strength
16. GalileaGalilee, GalliaFrom Galilee
17. GiovanninaGiannina, NanniGod is gracious
18. GirolamaGiralda, GeraldaHoly name
19. GuendalinaWendaline, WendolinaWhite, fair
20. GelsominaJelsomina, JasminaJasmine
21. GenoveffaGenoveva, GenevieveTribe woman
22. GiustinaJustina, JustineFair, righteous
23. GiacintaJacinta, HyacinthHyacinth flower
24. GildaGildi, GildyGilded
25. GriseldaGrisel, GriselleDark battle
26. GalateaGalathea, GalatiaShe who is milk-white
27. GaetanaGaetane, GaetanFrom Gaeta
28. GalienaGalina, GalianaCalm, healer
29. GeltrudaGertie, GertrudaSpear of strength
30. GilbertaGilbarta, GilberthaBright pledge
31. GiseldaGiselda, GizeldaPledge
32. GuglielmaGuglielmina, GugliaResolute protector
33. GundaGundel, GundiWarrior
34. GavinaGavinia, GavineWhite hawk
35. GiacomaGiacomina, GiacommaSupplanter
36. GustavaGusta, GustavaStaff of the Goths
37. GuilianaJuliana, GuiliaYouthful
38. GelasiaGalasia, GelasseaTo laugh
39. GraniaGranya, GrainneLove
40. GessicaJessica, JessikaGod beholds
41. GregoriaGregorina, GregorriaWatchful, alert
42. GelindaGelinde, GelindraGentle, soft
43. GiordanaJordana, JordanFlowing down
44. GardaGardia, GardinaProtected
45. GemellaGemelle, GemelliTwin
46. GlennaGlennda, GlenaGlen, valley
47. GildaGildi, GildyGilded
48. GretaGretta, GrettePearl
49. GuidaGuiditta, GuitaGuide
50. GregorianaGregoria, GregorinaWatchful, alert

Thank you, dear reader, for joining us on this journey through 50 Italian baby girl names starting with G. As you uncover the perfect name for your little bundle of joy, let the richness of tradition and the promise of uniqueness be your guide. Explore more of our baby name lists to continue this magical journey. Your perfect baby name is just a click away!

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