Explore Heritage: 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With G

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Hey, beautiful mama-to-be! Hunting for a baby boy’s name that begins with G and exudes a dash of Italian charm? You’ve hit the jackpot! Our carefully crafted list of 50 Italian baby boy names starting with G is designed to sprinkle your naming journey with excitement, tradition, and a touch of the Italian elegance.

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With G

Names starting with G have been borne by numerous influential people across the globe. Italian-American actor George Clooney, with his charm and wit, is a well-known figure. Then, there’s Gianni Agnelli, the influential Italian industrialist and principal shareholder of Fiat. Not to forget, the football legend, Gennaro Gattuso, known for his indomitable spirit on the field. These names not only have a graceful ring to them but also carry a legacy.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. GiorgioGeorge, JorgeFarmer
2. GiovanniJohn, JuanGod is gracious
3. GiulioJulio, JulianYouthful
4. GiuseppeJoseph, JoseHe will add
5. GiacomoJames, JacobSupplanter
6. GabrieleGabriel, GabeGod is my strength
7. GinoGeno, JeenoWell-born, noble
8. GiancarloJohn Charles, GianGracious gift
9. GuidoGuy, WidoForest guide
10. GerardoGerard, GeraldBrave spear
11. GianniJohnny, JaniGod is gracious
12. GianlucaJohn Luke, GianLight of grace
13. GianJohn, JanGod is gracious
14. GiulianoJulian, JulianoYouthful
15. GianfrancoJohn Frank, GianFree man
16. GianpaoloJohn Paul, GianSmall, humble
17. GiacintoJacinto, HyacinthHyacinth flower
18. GrazianoGraciano, GrazianGrace
19. GiordanoJordan, JordanoDescend, flow down
20. GermanoHerman, GermanBrother
21. GaspareCasper, KacperTreasurer
22. GiustinoJustin, JustinoJust, fair
23. GalileoGalilei, GallileoFrom Galilee
24. GaetanoCayetano, GaetanFrom Gaeta
25. GiacintoJiacinto, JacintoHyacinth
26. GeremiaJeremiah, GeremiasGod will uplift
27. GervasioGervase, GervaisServant
28. GiambattistaJohn Baptist, GianGod is gracious
29. GoffredoGodfrey, GeoffreyGod’s peace
30. GianmarcoJohn Mark, GianWarlike
31. GalloGal, GaulRooster
32. GerolamoJerome, JerolamoSacred name
33. GirolamoJeroen, JeronimoHoly name
34. GualtieroWalter, GualterRuler of the army
35. GavinoGavin, GavynWhite hawk
36. GioacchinoJoaquin, JokinEstablished by God
37. GiorginoGeorgino, GiorgieFarmer
38. GiuseppinoJosephino, GiuseppinHe will add
39. GregorioGregory, GregorioWatchman
40. Giulio CesareJulius Caesar, CesarioYouthful, long-haired
41. GaribaldiGaribaldo, BaldSpear, bold
42. GrimaldoGrimwald, GrimaldMasked power
43. GlaucoGlaucus, GlaukosSea-green
44. GiottoJotto, GiottiGift of God
45. GervasoGervas, GervaseSpear servant
46. GervasoGervas, GervaseSpear servant
47. GianandreaJohn Andrew, GianManly, brave
48. GioeleJoel, JoelleJehovah is God
49. GabinoGabin, GavinoOf Gabium
50. GuerinoWarin, WerinGuard, protector

And that’s a wrap on our list of 50 Italian baby boy names starting with G! We sincerely hope this compilation has offered you some inspiration and perhaps even helped you find the perfect name for your little one. Choosing a name is a significant moment, and we’re thrilled to be a part of your journey. Don’t forget to explore our other baby name idea lists for more inspiration. Happy naming, future mama!

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