Stylish and Unique: 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With H

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Hi there, mama-to-be! Embarking on the journey of finding the perfect name for your soon-to-be bundle of joy could be quite a ride. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 50 Italian baby boy names starting with H, packed full of hereditary significance and resounding charm.

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With H

Beneath the rich tapestry of Italian names starting with H, several notable personalities shine through. Take Hollywood star, Hayden Christensen, or the renowned Italian author, Hermann Hesse – influential figures that lend a touch of glamour and intellect to their names. This could be your baby boy’s inspiration!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. HoratioHoratio, HoratiusTimekeeper
2. HadrianAdriano, AdrianusFrom Hadria
3. HannibalAníbal, AníbaleGrace of Ba’al
4. HeribertoHerberto, HerbertBright army
5. HenricoEnrico, EnricusHome ruler
6. HerculeHercules, HeraclesGlory of Hera
7. HaroldoHarold, HaraldLeader of the army
8. HilarionHilario, IlarionCheerful, merry
9. HumbertoUmberto, HubertBright mind
10. HermanoGermano, HermanSoldier
11. HonoratoOnorato, HonoratusHonored
12. HervalErval, ErvinoStrong boar
13. HerveErve, ErvoBitter
14. HerculanoErkulano, HerculaneumFrom Herculaneum
15. HomeroOmero, HomerHostage
16. HoraceOracio, HoratiusTimekeeper
17. HowardoUord, HowardHeart brave
18. HubertoUberto, HubertBright heart
19. HugoUgo, HuguesMind, intellect
20. HuttonUton, HuttoneSettlement on the bluff
21. HaymitchAimico, HaymitchHome strength
22. HelarioEllario, ElarioCheerful, happy
23. HeliusElius, HeliosSun
24. HensonEnson, HensoneSon of Henry
25. HerminioErminio, ArminSoldier
26. HernandoFernando, FerdinandBold voyager
27. HerodesErode, HerodHeroic
28. HeroldoEroldo, HaroldPower, leader
29. HerveoErveo, HerveBitter
30. HilbertoIlberto, HilbertBright battle
31. HillelIllel, HillelGreatly praised
32. HiltonIlton, HilltownTown on a hill
33. HinrichEnrico, HeinrichHome ruler
34. HiramIrano, HiromExalted brother
35. HiroshiIroshi, HiroshiGenerous
36. HobartOberto, HubertBright mind
37. HolmesOmes, HolmeFrom the river islands
38. HortenOrten, HortenGarden settlement
39. HrothgarRuggiero, RogerFamous spear
40. HugolinoUgolino, HughMind, intellect
41. HumbertUmberto, HumbertBright warrior
42. HumphreyOnofrio, HumphreyPeaceful warrior
43. HunfredoOnofredo, HumphreyPeaceful strength
44. HyacinthGiacinto, HyacinthusHyacinth flower
45. HydeIde, IdeoFrom the hide
46. HyderIder, HaidarLion
47. HyginusIgino, HyginusHealthy
48. HylasIlas, HylasWoodland
49. HymanImano, HymenaeusWedding song
50. HypatiusIpazio, HypatiusSupreme, highest

Thank you for exploring our unique list of 50 Italian baby boy names starting with H. We hope you discovered a name that resonates with your heart and heritage. Ready to uncover more hidden gems? Explore an array of baby name ideas on our site and make your baby’s name a cherished gift for life!

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