Discover the Beauty: 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With H

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Hey there, mama-to-be! We know how exciting yet overwhelming it can be to choose the perfect name for your little one. Dive into our curated list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with H, and let Italy’s charm inspire you.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names H

Some famous women with Italian names starting with H are Hedy Lamarr, the celebrated actress and inventor, and Helena Rizzo, a renowned chef and restaurateur. Their achievements and grace could serve as a beautiful inspiration for your baby girl’s name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HalinaHalena, HalynaSunlight
HeliaHelya, HaliaThe Sun
HillaryHilary, HillariCheerful
HonoriaNoria, HonorinaHonor
HermiaHermya, ErmiaMessenger
HeloiseHeloisa, EloyseHealthy
HelsaElsa, HelzaPledged to God
HortensiaOrtensia, OrtansiaGarden
HaliaHalea, HaliahSea
HadriaAdria, HadreaDark One
HeidaHeda, HeddaNoble One
HesperiaEsperia, VesperiaEvening Star
HermosaHermosah, ErmosaBeautiful
HerminaHermione, ErminaEarthly
HildaHildi, HildeBattle Woman
HolliaHolly, HollieHolly Grove
HeliaHelya, HelyahSunlight
HiberniaYbernía, IberniaWinter
HonestaHonestah, OnestaHonest
HeracleaHeraclia, HeracleahHera’s Glory
HalcyoneAlcyone, HalsyoneKingfisher
HypatiaHyfátia, HyfateaSupreme
HerciliaHercilie, ErciliaHeroine
HecubaHekuba, EkubaFar Off
HerculaHerculla, ErculaStrong
HerenniaHerennyia, ErenniaOf the Master
HildegardaHildegarde, HildegardBattle Guard
HesperaHespira, HesperaaEvening
HortenseOrtense, HortenGarden
HermesiaErmesia, HermesiaaMessenger
HesperinaHesperine, HesperynaEvening
HonoriaHonorria, HonoriaaHonor
HilariaIlaria, HillariaCheerful
HermineHerminee, HerminiaArmy Man
HermildaHermilde, HermildaaBattle Maid
HermilindaHermilinde, HermilindaaSerpent and Shield
HippolytaHippolita, IppolytaHorse Freer
HonorinaHonorrina, HonorrinaaHonorable
HermiaHermea, HermiaaMessenger
HeloiseHeloisa, HeloysHealthy
HelenaHelenna, HelinaLight
HelgaHelgah, HelyaHoly
HonestaHonesta, HonestHonest
HerminiaErminia, HerminiyaArmy man
HesperHespera, HesperaaEvening Star
HermosaHermos, HermosaaBeautiful
HestiaEstia, HestiaaHearth, Fireside

Thanks for exploring our thoughtful list of 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With H. Remember, a name is a beautiful gift you give to your child. We hope this list has sparked some ideas for that perfect name. For more inspiration and ideas, do check out our other baby name lists on our website. Happy naming!

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