Fancy & Fabulous: 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With F

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Hey there, mom-to-be! Are you dreaming of a name as beautiful and enchanting as a Tuscan sunset? Dive into our list of 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With F and find the perfect name for your little princess.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With F

Delve into the lives of admirable women like Francesca Cabrini, a revered Italian-American saint, and Federica Pellegrini, a record-breaking Italian swimmer. Their accomplishments reflect the strength and grace of Italian names starting with F.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FabianaFabienne, FabianeBean grower
FedericaFredrica, FriederikePeaceful ruler
FrancescaFrancisca, FranchescaFree one
FiorenzaFlorenza, FlorentiaBlossoming
FilomenaPhilomena, FilumenaFriend of strength
FelicitaFelicity, FelicitasHappiness, good luck
FlaviaFlavie, FlavianGolden, blonde
FiammaFiammetta, FiamminaFlame
FiorenzaFiorenze, FlorenzaBlossoming
FortunaFortunata, FortuneFortune, luck
FulviaFulvie, FulvianaDusky, yellow
FaustaFaustina, FaustineLucky, auspicious
FolliaFolia, FollyLeaves
FloriaFloriana, FloryaFlowering, blooming
FrancaFranka, FranceFree one
FaustinaFaustine, FaustaFortunate
FioraFiore, FiorinaFlower
FinaFinola, FineWhite, fair
FabraFabrine, FabroniaCraftswoman
FoscaFuscienne, FuscinaDark, dusky
FabiolaFabiane, FabiBean grower
FlorellaFlore, FlorelleBlossoming flower
FloritaFlorina, FlorriFlower
FilippinaPhilippine, FilippaLover of horses
FilaFilia, FiliFriendship, amity
FlavianaFlavianna, FlavianGolden, blonde
FulgenziaFulgencia, FulgenzianeResplendent, shining
FlorianaFloriane, FloriannaFlower
FideliaFidele, FidelisaFaithful
FossettaFossettina, FossetteDimpled
FelipaFilippa, FelipaLover of horses
FilistruciaFilistrucha, FilistrucceSmall fern
FederigaFederique, FredericaPeaceful ruler
FlorisFlorise, FlorissaFlower-like
FernandaFerdinanda, FernandeJourney-ready
FioralbaFior, AlbaFlower of dawn
FabriziaFabrice, FabienneCraftswoman
FiorucciaFiorucci, FiorrusLittle flower
FiordalisaFiordalis, FiordaliceFlower of the lily
FauniaFauna, FaunieFawn
FiammettaFiametta, FiammaLittle flame
FlorindaFlorinde, FloridiaFlowering, blooming
FoscaFoska, FoschiaDark, dusky
FabrianaFabriane, FabrineCraftsman’s daughter
FederiziaFedericia, FederikaPeaceful ruler
FabrizianaFabriane, FabrizianeCraftsman’s daughter
FidelmaFidel, FidelinaGood fame, regarded
FranceschinaFranceshina, FranceschieLittle free one
FidelisaFidelis, FideliaFaithful

Thank you for journeying through our list of 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With F. We hope it’s sparked your imagination and helped you picture the perfect name for your baby girl. Don’t stop here, continue your naming journey by exploring more baby name idea lists on our site. Happy Naming!

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