50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With F: A Festive List

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Hey there, future mama! If you’re dreaming of a name that rolls off the tongue as smoothly as a scoop of gelato, our list of 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With F will fill your heart with joy.

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With F

Famed persons like Fabio Capello, a legendary Italian football manager, and Franco Baresi, renowned footballer, carry the charm of Italian names starting with F. These Italian icons echo the richness and personality of these distinctive names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FabioFabius, FabianoBean Grower
FrancescoFrancis, FrancoFree Man
FedericoFrederick, FerdinandoPeaceful Ruler
FilippoPhillip, FilippinoLover of Horses
FerdinandoFerdinand, NandoBrave Journey
FaustinoFaustin, FaustoFortunate
FaustoFaust, FaustusLucky
FabrizioFabrice, FabriziuCraftsman
FiorenzoFiorenzio, LorenzoBlossoming
FerruccioFerruch, FerrucoIronworker
FortunatoFortunatus, FotunadoFortunate
FlorianoFlorian, FlorinFlower
FulvioFulvius, FulvinoYellow
FrancescoFrancis, FrankFree Man
FoscoFosko, FoscusDusky, Dark
FelicianoFelice, FelicianusFortunate
FlavioFlavius, FlavianGolden, Blonde
FaustusFaust, FaustinoFortunate
FabianFabiano, FabienBean Grower
FlorinoFlorinus, FlorentinoFlower
FilbertoFilibert, FilbertVery bright
FideleFidel, FidelisFaithful
FermoFirmus, FirminoFirm, Steadfast
FeliceFelix, FeliciusHappy, Fortunate
FidelioFidele, FidelisFaithful
FabianoFabian, FabienBean Grower
ForteFort, FortisStrong
FaramundoFaramund, PharamondJourney Protection
FrancoFrank, FrancFree Man
FederigoFederico, FrederickPeaceful Ruler
FulgenzioFulgentius, FulgensBright, Shining
FelicioFelicius, FelixHappy, Fortunate
FidenzioFidentius, FidenzFaithful
FerranteFernand, FerdinandAdventurous, Bold Journey
FoscoloFoscalo, FosculusDark, Dusky
FilbertFilberto, FilibertVery bright
FabrianoFabiano, FabrizioCraftsman
FedeleFidelis, FidelFaithful
FeboPhoebus, FeboBright, Pure
FiroFiroz, FiruzSuccessful, Victorious
FurioFurius, FurioneFurious, Inspired
FerroFerrum, FerrusIron
FedoraFyodor, TheodorGift of God
FinianoFinnian, FinianFair
FioreFiorenzo, FiorenzioFlower
FrontinoFrontinus, FontinoLarge Eyebrow
FerdinandoFerdinand, NandoBrave Journey
FelicianusFeliciano, FelicianHappy, Fortunate
FiorinoFiorinus, FiorenzoFlower
FabrizioFabrice, FabriziusCraftsman
FaustFausto, FaususLucky
FilippoFelipe, PhilipLover of Horses

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With F. We hope it stirred your imagination and boosted your baby-naming inspiration. Don’t stop here! Keep the excitement alive by checking out more baby name idea lists on our site. Happy Naming!

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