Don’t Miss These 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With D

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Hello, gorgeous mamma-to-be! Dreaming of a darling ‘D’ name for your little princess? Let’s journey through 50 captivating Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With D, each brimming with charisma and culture.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With D

Picture your little star sharing her name with influential figures like Daniela Bianchi, the stunning Italian actress known for her role in James Bond, or Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, the talented film director and actress. Not to forget the gifted Donatella Versace, the icon of Italian fashion. These ‘D’ names are not just delightful but also echo the spirit of strength and grace.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DanielaDaniele, Dania“God is my judge”
DelfinaDelphina, Delfa“Dolphin”
DonatellaDona, Tella“Gift”
DomenicaDominica, Mica“Belonging to the Lord”
DoloresLola, Dolorita“Sorrows”
DesideriaDesi, Ria“Desired”
DianaDianna, Dianetta“Divine”
DrusillaDrusi, Silla“Strong”
DeboraDebra, Debby“Bee”
DariaDarya, Dari“Wealthy”
DoroteaDoro, Tea“Gift of God”
DalilaDelilah, Lila“Delicate”
DamianaDami, Ana“Tame”
DafneDaphne, Dafna“Laurel tree”
DucciaDuce, Cia“Leader”
DesdemonaDes, Mona“Misery”
DilettaDili, Letta“Delight”
DinaDinah, Di“Judged, vindicated”
DiamanteDia, Mante“Diamond”
DoraDoro, Ra“Gift”
DelfaDel, Fa“Dolphin”
DavidaVida, Davi“Beloved”
DulcineaDulci, Nea“Sweet”
DinaDinah, Di“Judged, vindicated”
DomitillaDomi, Tilla“Tamed”
DelindaDeli, Linda“Beautiful”
DenisDenise, Denny“Dedicated to Dionysus”
DidoniaDidi, Onia“Woman of Sidon”
DelfaDel, Fa“Dolphin”
DesmaDes, Ma“Vow”
DelfinaDel, Fina“Dolphin”
DespinaDesi, Pina“Lady”
DontaDona, Ta“Gift”
DoraDoro, Ra“Gift”
DuschaDusch, Cha“Spirit”
DuciDuc, Ci“Sweet”
DuniaDu, Nia“World”
DuranteDura, Nte“Enduring”
DiamantaDia, Manta“Diamond”
DynahDy, Nah“Judged, vindicated”
DorianaDori, Ana“Gift”
DonnaDon, Na“Lady”
DruellaDru, Ella“Strong”
DodaDo, Da“Gift”
DaisiDai, Si“Day’s eye”
DelmaraDel, Mara“Of the sea”

Thank you for exploring with us through these 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With D. Remember, the journey of finding the perfect name is just as beautiful as the destination. Feel inspired? Continue your naming adventure with more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Embrace this exciting journey of motherhood and happy naming!

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