Dazzling Choices: 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With D

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Hello, future mamma! Are you dreaming of a delightful ‘D’ name for your little prince? Let’s embark on a journey through 50 Italian baby boy names starting with D, each echoing allure and heritage!

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With D

Imagine your little one sharing a name with the likes of Dante Alighieri, the evergreen poet, or Dario Fo, the Nobel laureate in Literature. Perhaps even the handsome Daniele Liotti, an admired Italian actor. Each ‘D’ name carries a unique charm and is a nod to strength and creativity.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DarioDarius“Possess well”
DamianoDamian, Damon“To tame, subdue”
DonatoDonatello, Donal“Given by God”
DalmazioDalmatius“From Dalmatia”
DemetrioDemetrius, Demetri“Follower of Demeter”
DionisioDionysius, Dion“God of wine and revelry”
DavideDavid, Davis“Beloved”
DomenicoDominic, Dominick“Lord”
DorianoDorian“Child of the sea”
DixonDix“Son of Dick”
DiogeneDiogenes“Born of Zeus”
DimitriDmitri, Dimitrios“Earth-lover”
DioneDion, Dionis“Of Zeus”
DionigiDionysius, Dennis“Zeus’ offspring”
DuranteDurant, Durrant“Enduring”
DanieleDaniel, Danilo“God is my judge”
DinoDinos“Little sword”
DalmaceDalmatius“Peaceful world”
DelfinoDelphin, Delphino“Dolphin”
DeandreDeandreus, Andre“Manly and strong”
DeangeloAngelo, Angel“From the angel”
DelanoDelaney“From the marsh”
DelioDelios“From Delos”
DelmiroDelmar, Delmer“Noble protector”

Thanks for journeying with us through these 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With D. We hope our compilation has sparked some inspiration for you. Take a peek at more baby name idea lists on our site to keep the inspiration flowing. Happy naming!

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