Cute Overload: 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With C

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Hello, lovely mamma-to-be! Dreaming of a captivating ‘C’ name for your little princess? Let’s wander through 50 enchanting Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With C, each brimming with charm and heritage.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With C

Imagine your angel sharing her name with inspiring figures such as Claudia Cardinale, an acclaimed Italian actress, or Caterina Murino, known for her roles in European cinema. Or perhaps, the artistic Camilla Filippi, an Italian actress admired for her roles in theatre, cinema, and television. These ‘C’ names are not only charming but also teeming with the spirit of strength and grace.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ChiaraChiarra, Ciara“Light, clear”
CamillaCamila, Milla“Young ceremonial attendant”
CaterinaCat, Rina“Pure”
ClaudiaClaudie, Dia“Enclosure”
CarlottaLotta, Carla“Free woman”
ConcettaConcie, Etta“Conception”
ConsolataSolata, Lata“Consolation”
CristianaCrista, Ana“Follower of Christ”
CapriCap, Pri“Island”
CarinaCara, Rina“Dear, beloved”
CenzaCen, Za“Harvest”
CarmelaCarme, Mel“Garden, orchard”
CiraCirra, Ra“Sun”
CosimaCossi, Sima“Order, beauty”
CarlaCarlie, La“Free woman”
CieloCieli, Elo“Heaven, sky”
CelestaCele, Esta“Heavenly”
CherChe, Er“Dear, beloved”
CharoChar, Ro“Rosary”
CintiaCin, Tia“Woman from Cynthos”
CleliaCle, Lia“Glory”
ColumbiaColu, Bia“Dove”
CoraCor, Ra“Maiden”
CristalleCrist, Alle“Crystal”
CesarinaCesa, Rina“Long-haired”
CleoniceCleo, Nice“Glory of the father”
ClorindaClora, Rinda“Famous”
ConstanzaCon, Stanza“Steadfast”
CosetteCos, Ette“Tiny, petite”
CressidaCress, Ida“Gold”
CandidaCandi, Ida“Bright, white”
ClementinaClem, Tina“Merciful”
CarlinaCarli, Lina“Free man”
CorinnaCori, Inna“Maiden”
CalidaCali, Ida“Warm, affectionate”
CatalinaCata, Lina“Pure”
CinziaCin, Zia“Moon”
CarmineCar, Mine“Vineyard”
CarissaCar, Issa“Grace, kindness”
CalandraCala, Andra“Lark”
CarlindaCarli, Linda“Free woman”
CandaceCanda, Ce“Pure, innocent”
CorradoCor, Rado“Wise counsel”
CalfurniaCalfur, Nia“Chieftain”
ChristellaChris, Stella“Follower of Christ”
CrispinaCris, Pina“Curly-haired”
CalpurniaCal, Nia“Chalice”

Thank you for exploring with us through these 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With C. We’re here to make naming your little princess an exciting journey. Feel inspired? Continue your journey with more of our baby name idea lists. Enjoy this beautiful adventure of motherhood and happy naming!

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