Charm and Class: 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With C

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Hello, mamma-to-be! Are you dreaming of a charismatic ‘C’ name for your little man? Brace yourself as we explore 50 Italian baby boy names starting with C that are packed with culture, charm, and character!

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With C

Imagine your little one sharing his name with the likes of Cesare Pavese, a renowned Italian poet and novelist, or Carlo Ancelotti, one of the best football managers of his generation. Or even Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, who played a key role in uniting Italy. These ‘C’ names not only resonate with Italian heritage but also symbolize strength and leadership.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
CarloCarlos, Carlino“Free man”
CesareCesario, Cesar“Long-haired”
CosimoCosme, Cosi“Order, beauty”
ClementeClem, Clementino“Merciful, gentle”
CristianoCris, Cristino“Follower of Christ”
CamilloCamillo, Camil“Acolyte”
CorradoCorradino, Cora“Bold counsel”
CiroCirillo, Ciri“Like the Sun”
CalogeroCalo, Gero“Beautiful elder”
CelsoCelsino, Cel“High, lofty”
CiprianoCipriano, Cipri“From Cyprus”
CasimiroCaso, Miro“Commanding peace”
ClaudioClaud, Claudio“Lame, crippled”
CalvinoCal, Vino“Bald”
CopertinoCopert, Tino“From Cupertino”
CapucinoCapu, Cino“Hooded”
CorbinianoCorbin, Biniano“Raven”
CortezoCortez, Tezo“Courteous”
CalistoCalis, Stocali“Most beautiful”
CaffarelaCaffa, Rela“Beaker”
CastoreCastor, Store“Beaver”
CretienCreti, Tien“Christian”
CataleoneCata, Leone“Pure lion”
CordialeCordi, Dale“Heart”
CamillusCamil, Luscamil“Honored and esteemed”
CervantesCervan, Teservan“Deer”
CiriacoCiri, Aco“Lord”
CasildoCasil, CasThe “one who runs the house”
CelidoCeli, Delo“Heaven”
CenobioCeno, Bio“Life of a monk”
CerboneCer, Bone“Raven”
CerinCero, Rin“Little dark one”
CesidioCesidi, Dio“Cut by God”
CettinaCetti, Tina“Little one”
CiroccoCiro, Roc“From the east”
CisaroCisa, Aro“From the east”
ConradoCon, Rado“Brave ruler”
CoralloCoral, Allo“Coral”
CorbinioCorbin, Nio“Raven”
CordellCord, Dell“Cord maker”
CordioCordi, Dio“Heart”
CorenoCore, Reno“Horn”
CornaroCorna, Naro“Horn”
CorneoCorne, Neo“Horn”
CorvoCor, Vo“Crow”
CosmaCos, Ma“Order”
CostanteCosta, Tante“Constant, steadfast”
CostanzoCosta, Stan“Steadfast, constant”
CrescenzoCres, Enzo“Growing, increasing”
CristianoCrist, Tiano“Follower of Christ”

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With C. We hope our list has ignited some inspiration! Remember, picking a name for your baby is a priceless adventure, and we’re here to accompany you. Explore more of our baby name idea lists to keep the inspiration flowing. Happy naming!

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