50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With B: Embrace Bella Vita

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Hello, radiant mamma-to-be! If you’re searching for a beautiful name starting with a ‘B’ for your baby girl, you’re in the right place. Dive in with us as we explore the charm of 50 mesmerizing Italian baby girl names starting with B.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With B

Imagine your little girl sharing her name with influential figures like Bella Abzug, the indomitable American social activist, or Beatrice Borromeo, a successful Italian TV personality and journalist. Or perhaps, the artistic Bella Italia herself, a renowned Italian-American actress. These ‘B’ names carry a unique charm and a strong character that might just suit your little girl.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BelindaBellinda, Belina“Beautiful serpent”
BenedettaBenetta, Beni“Blessed”
BiancaBlanca, Bianchi“White”
BeatriceBea, Trice“She who brings happiness”
BellaBell, Belle“Beautiful”
BertaBertina, Berty“Bright, shining”
BrunaBrunetta, Bruni“Brown-haired”
BarbaraBarb, Barbra“Foreign woman”
BernadettaBerna, Deta“Brave as a bear”
BrunellaBrunelle, Nella“Brown-haired”
BrunhildaBrunhilde, Bruni“Armored warrior woman”
BettinaBetina, Tina“God is my oath”
BonitaBoni, Nita“Pretty, attractive”
BernardinaBerna, Dina“Brave as a bear”
BiceBici, Bea“She who brings happiness”
BrigittaBrigida, Gitta“The exalted one”
BalbinaBalby, Bina“Stammering”
BettaBetti, Eta“God is my oath”
BatildeBatilda, Tilde“Fight”
BasiliaBasila, Silia“Royal, queenly”
BambinaBambi, Bina“Baby girl”
BonfiliaBonfili, Fili“Good daughter”
BereniceBere, Nici“Carrier of victory”
BattistaBatti, Tista“Baptist”
BonariaBona, Aria“Good”
BucolicaBucoli, Coli“Rural, pastoral”
BonaBoni, Ona“Good”
BlandaBlandi, Landi“Charming, gentle”
BinaBinia, Nia“Intelligent, wisdom”
BlondieBlondi, Die“Blonde”
BinaBinia, Ina“Melody, song”
BibianaBibi, Viana“Lively, sprightly”
BethBetti, Eta“God is my oath”
BerenildaBeri, Nilda“Bear’s battle”
BenvenutaBeni, Venuta“Welcome”
BlandinaBlandi, Dina“Mild, charming”
BibiBibia, Bi“Lady of the house”
BernaBernie, Na“Strong, brave bear”
BenedettaBeni, Detta“Blessed”
BertoldaBertol, Olda“Bright ruler”
BiljanaBilja, Jana“Bilberry”
BrigidaBrigi, Ida“Exalted, lofty”
BlancaBlanco, Anca“White, pure”
BerrettaBerre, Etta“The one who harvests”
BonaventuraBona, Ventura“Good fortune”
BuonaBuoni, Ona“Good”
BenvoglienteBene, Liante“Good-willing”
BonanotteBona, Notte“Good night”
BeatrissaBea, Trissa“She who blesses or brings joy”
BerlindaBerli, Linda“Gorgeous snake”

Thank you for journeying with us through these 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With B. We’re here to make naming your little one an exciting adventure. Remember, we have more inspiration for you in our other baby name idea lists. Enjoy every moment of this beautiful journey of motherhood and happy naming!

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