Elegant Options: 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With E

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Hello, parents-to-be! Envisioning an enchanting ‘E’ name for your little champ? Allow us to guide you through 50 Italian baby boy names starting with E, each echoing elegance and charm.

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With E

Imagine your little one sharing a name with notable figures such as Enrico Fermi, the revered physicist, or Elio Di Rupo, the former Belgian Prime Minister. Let’s not forget Ennio Morricone, the legendary Italian composer. An ‘E’ name not only embodies enthusiasm, but these names also resonate with power and prestige.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EdoardoEduardo, Edward“Wealthy guardian”
EnzoEnzio, Lorenzo“Winner, ruler”
EnricoEnric, Henry“Ruler of the home”
EmilioEmil, Emilio“Rival”
EligioEliseo, Elio“Chosen one”
ElmoElmar, Elmer“Protector”
ErcoleErcolo, Hercules“God’s glory”
EmanueleEman, Manuel“God is with us”
ErnestoErnest, Ernestino“Serious, resolute”
EvaristoEvarist, Evris“Well-pleasing”
EttoreEtto, Hector“Hold fast”
EugenioEugen, Eugene“Well-born, noble”
EulogioEulo, Eulogius“Blessing, praise”
EusebioEuseb, Eusebius“Devout, pious”
ErasmoErasmus, Rasmus“Beloved, desired”
EleuterioEleu, Eleutherius“Free”
EustachioEustach, Eustace“Fruitful”
EvelinoEvel, Evelinus“Light”
EleonoroEle, Leonoro“Light”
ElpidioElp, Elpidius“Hopeful”
EudocimoEudo, Docimo“Reputable, esteemed”
EufronioEufron, Fronio“Joyful thought”
ErmannoErman, Hermann“Warrior”
EuodioEuo, Eudio“Good journey”
EsuperioEsuper, Superio“Excellent”
EufemioEufem, Femio“Good speech”
EspeditoEspedi, Spedito“Swift”
ElidoroEli, Lidoro“Gift of the sun”
EpifanioEpifan, Fanio“Manifestation”
EmidioEmidi, Midio“Demigod”
EulalioEula, Lalia“Sweet-speaking”
EsichioEsi, Ichio“Good silence”
EribertoEri, Berto“Bright”
EmilianoEmilian, Milan“Rival”
EustorgioEustorge, Storgio“Contentment”
EvodioEvod, Dio“Good journey”
EuplioEupli, Plio“Well-pleasing”
EtelbertoEtel, Berto“Brilliantly bright”
EverardoEverard“Boar bravery”
EpitaffioEpita, Taffio“Tombstone inscription”
ErminioErmin, Minio“Whole, universal”
EudosioEudo, Dosio“Good gift”
EspositoEspo, Posito“Exposure, exposition”
EsichioEsi, Ichio“Good silence”
EuprepioEu, Repio“Well-pleasing”
EverardoEverett, Eberhard“Strong as a boar”

We appreciate your company in exploring these 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With E. Your perfect name journey doesn’t stop here. Dive into more of our baby name idea lists on our site to keep the inspiration flowing. Enjoy and embrace this magical journey of parenthood. Happy naming!

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