Behold Our List of 50 Italian Baby Girl Names Ending With A

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Hey there, future momma! Are you ready to choose a name for your little girl that echoes with the charm of Italy? Our list of Italian Baby Girl Names Ending with ‘A’ is here to help you discover a name that is as unique and beautiful as your baby.

Notable People with Italian Baby Girl Names Ending With A

Italian names have been carried by many influential figures. Consider the name Allegra, shared by Allegra Versace, an Italian heiress and socialite. Or Isabella, as in Isabella Rossellini, the renowned Italian actress, filmmaker, author, philanthropist, and model.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. AlessandraAlessa, AleandraDefender of mankind
2. GabriellaGabrella, GabrilaGod’s bravest woman
3. IsabellaIzabella, IsabelaDevoted to God
4. SophiaSofia, SophyaWisdom, Wise
5. AmeliaAmilia, EmiliaIndustrious, Striving
6. GiannaGiana, JianaGod is gracious
7. FrancescaFranciska, FranchescaFree one
8. MichaelaMichela, MikaelaWho is like God
9. AntonellaAntonela, AntoneaPriceless one
10. SaraSarah, ZaraPrincess
11. TessaTessia, TesaHarvester
12. ClaudiaClodia, KlaudiaEnclosure
13. DanielaDanella, DanelaGod is my judge
14. VanessaVannesa, VanesaButterfly
15. RosaRosia, RousaRose
16. BiancaBiannca, BeankaWhite, Fair
17. LauraLauria, LaudaLaurel
18. AngelaAngella, AngeleaMessenger of God
19. MonicaMonicka, MonikaAdvisor
20. JuliaGiulia, JuliahYouthful
21. AliciaAlisha, AlyshaOf noble kin
22. RebeccaRebeca, RebekaTo bind
23. PaolaPaula, PavlaSmall
24. BeatriceBeatriza, BeatreceShe who makes happy
25. ValentinaValentinna, ValentineHealth, Love
26. IlariaIlariaa, IlarriaCheerful
27. SerenaSirena, SerenahCalm, Peaceful
28. AriannaAriana, AryanaMost holy
29. LorettaLoreta, LauritaLaurel
30. LindaLynda, LindahBeautiful
31. MartinaMartyna, MartynaWarlike
32. MartaMarhta, MaartaLady; mistress of the house
33. TeresaTheresa, TeressaHarvester
34. ElisaElissa, ElisahPledged to God
35. EmmaEma, EmmahUniversal
36. OliviaAlivia, OlyviaOlive tree
37. ChiaraCiara, ChiarahBright, Clear
38. LuciaLuccia, LucyaLight
39. MelaniaMelany, MelaniyaDark, Black
40. FedericaFrederica, FidericaPeaceful ruler
41. VivianaViviane, ViviannaAlive, Lively
42. NataliaNatalya, NataliyaBirthday of the Lord
43. RobertaRobirta, RobbertaBright fame
44. GiovannaGeovana, JovannaGod is gracious
45. SilviaSylvia, SilvyaWood, Forest
46. VeronicaVeronika, VeronkaShe who brings victory
47. AlessiaAlesia, AleciaDefender
48. MarcellaMarsella, MarcellahYoung warrior
49. GretaGreetta, GrettahPearl
50. CarlottaKarlotte, CarlotaFree woman
Thank you for exploring our list of Italian Baby Girl Names Ending With A. We hope, among these beautiful Italian names, you found one that speaks to you, that resonates with your family, and that will set your precious girl on a path full of joy and discovery. Don’t stop here – continue exploring our site for more baby name inspiration!

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