Dive Into Diversity: 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With C

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Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl feels like the first step in her grand adventure. Our curated list of 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With C is a treasure trove of rich, meaningful names, each telling its unique story.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With C

Though Afghan names starting with ‘C’ are rare, they carry an exotic charm that’s simply irresistible. A notable person with an Afghan name is Christina Lamb, a renowned British journalist who has extensively covered Afghanistan and its rich culture. Their journeys can inspire your little girl’s unique story.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
CahiraKahira, CahirahStrong, Brave
CarishmaKarishma, KarismaMiracle, Divine Sign
ChinarCheenar, CheenaraMaple Tree
CinaSeena, SeanaFemale Child
ChandniChandani, ChandaMoonlight
ChrystalCrystal, KrystalClear, Brilliant Stone
ChloeKhloe, KloeBlooming, Fertility
CylieKylie, KileyBeautiful, Graceful
CamilaKamila, CamillaPerfect, Complete
CindyCindi, CyndiLight
CitraChitra, ChithraPicture, Beautiful Image
CalahCallah, KalahCastle, Fortress
CamishaKamisha, KameshaPerfection
CiliaSilia, ZiliaBlind, Sixth
CyraSyra, SeiraThrone, Sun
ChalinaShalina, ChalinoRose, Dear
CallistaCalista, KalistaMost Beautiful
CelesteCelest, SelesteHeavenly, Divine
ClaraKlara, ClairaClear, Bright, Famous
CarmenKarmen, CarmonSong, Garden
CeciliaCecelia, CecilijaBlind, Sixth
CynthiaCinthia, SynthiaMoon Goddess
CoraKora, KorraMaiden, Young Girl
ChristinaKristina, CristynaFollower of Christ
CadenceKadence, KaidenceRhythm, Flow
CalliopeKalliope, CaliopeBeautiful Voice
CressidaKressida, CresidaGold, Golden
CalidaKalida, KalidahWarm, Loving
CelestinaCelestine, SelastinaHeavenly, Divine
CharleneCharline, SharleneFree Man, Strong
CapriceKaprice, CaprishaWhimsical, Unpredictable
CarolinaCaroline, KarolinaFree Woman, Beautiful
CelinaSelina, SelenaHeavenly, Divine
CassandraKassandra, CassandreaProphetess, Seer
CelineSelene, SelinaHeavenly, Divine
ClementineKlementine, ClementinaMerciful, Gentle
CandaceKandace, KandasePure, Innocent
CatarinaCaterina, KatarinaPure, Unsullied
CelestiaCelestial, SelesteaHeavenly, Divine
ChantalChantel, ShantalStony, Bumpy Place
CarissaKarissa, KarrisaGrace, Kindness
ConnieKonnie, ConniSteadfast, Constancy
ChelseaChelsi, ChelsySeaport, Landing Place
CharmaineCharmayne, SharmaineSong, Ode
CarinaKarina, KarenaDear, Beloved
CharisKaris, KharisGrace, Kindness
ChiaraKiara, CiaraLight, Clear
CourteneyCourtney, KortneyCourtier, Court Attendant

Thank you for trusting us in your quest to find the perfect name for your little one. We hope our list of ’50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With C’ has inspired you. Continue exploring our other curated lists of baby names. After all, every letter of the Alphabet is a doorway to a story. Let’s discover more together!

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